Student spanks head teacher in Sanischare


By Lakpa Muktan, Sanischare

Feb 3:  A grade nine student of New Horizon Academy in Sanischare Patri camp spanked assistant head teacher Devi Charan Dhungel this morning. Dhungel, who has sustained injuries in his face and nose, is undergoing treatment in Pathri Nursing Home.

According to head teacher Dil Kumar Subba, Kishore Rai of grade nine slapped Dhungel a number of times without a serious reason.

File photo: A shool girl in her school uniform in Beldangi camp

“Kishore was hiding from the morning assembly in his class. When Dhungel asked him to attend his regular sessions, he attacked Dhungel,” said the head teacher Subba.

Following the attack, camp-based security force arrested Rai, who managed to escape the scene, with the help of school management and camp watch team.

The whole day in school remained tensed when teachers organized protest programs demanding their security and punishment for the culprit.

Camp secretary Champa Singh Rai, who was present during all party meet including officials from Caritas Nepal, said this reporter that he was serious regarding the attack.

“The camp committee will forward this case to concerned authority to punish the culprit,” secretary told.

Dhungel, who played a crucial role in establishing schools in camp in the early 90s, is one of the longest serving members in camp education.


  1. The attack on Mr.Devi Charan Dhungyel, at NHA,Sanischare has pinched me so hard.
    Only coward and non-human can imagine raising evil hands upon such social Volunteer
    This incident is a clear picture of the security situation in the refugee camps in Nepal. As per my knowledge Mr. Dhungyel deserves recognition rather than physical assult, for he has given all his 18-year long miserable refugee life in educating refugee children. He, so far has no any record of punishing any kids- rather he visits children’s huts to see their needs and problems.
    Its nice to hear culprit is caught. But, doubt is still alive for the action.
    This is the case of attempt to finish his life so concern authority should deal this case promptly and compensate the victim. I pray for Mr.Dhungyel’s speedy cure and sound health.

  2. ”Charity begins at home”. Parents have greater role in the upbringing of their children. I am sorry to hear this news.
    Devi Charan Dhungel cammands high respect in the community for his contribution for such a long time.
    I would request the Sanichare camp committee and the dwelleres of the camp to ask student Kishor Rai and his parents to seek public apology in the camp on this incidence.
    Dhungelji and tachers of New Horizon Academy, it would be your greatness if you could forgive this boy of his evil act with a message to him and the camp students that they should develop to be good citizens of tomorrow.

  3. Its the result of weak camp administration….these two so called camp secretary Champa singh rai who became secretary after all good people left the camp and that head master dk tamang must be responsible for this………we are also hearing that the racial discrimation is at the peak in the camp…..iam very sorry to hear this news…in the time of getting some life time achivement awards he got such pain from that raskal..GET WELL SOON DC DHUNGYEL SIR>>>WE LOVE YOU>>>>>

  4. Dear Students,

    It is the right time for you to learn something for your future. The education you are getting in the camp helps you to build your life in TCR when you come to Australia, US or any other countries.
    You should know how to respect your teacher.

  5. It was not a good news for all students. I graduated from sanischare camp and now i am in united state. He is a really good teacher who try to solve the students’ problems and also he is one teacher stablished school in sanischare camp. Firstly, teacher need medical treatment and stupid students need punishment. So, nepal government and Caritas nepal take this as a serious problems. Thank you.

  6. It is hard to believe. But a bitter truth, that a guy hit his reverend teacher, who was committed and dedicated for the cause of upbringing the refugee students in education.

    Come on guys try to be humane. Learn to be civilized and neve ever thinks of committing such cowardly act again.
    I appreciated the selfless, volunteer service rendered to the Bhutanese community for the past 18 years. He deserved applause and honor for his great task.
    Devi Charranji, get well soon. God will of course, reward U for your unfathomed service for the refugee community.
    DB Adhikari, Arizona

  7. I am very sorry to hear this news.I know that Devi Charan Dhungel has been struggling in camp school for a long time.He should get honored at time for his dedication rather he got injuries from his student.I appriciated his selfless dedication to the bhutanese refugees education.
    This incident really discourage the present and uncoming teachers in camp schools.If they keep on doing such unwanted activities against teacher,they may not get teachers in the future.So student should be careful for their future.
    This is really a serious time to give attention from all organizations working in the camp.
    Govinda Gautam;Denver, Colorado