Strike in India affects Bhutanese


Dec 22: The continued strikes in bordering Indian states have badly affected the transportation and economic activities of the country.

Bhutanese have been facing the burnt of strike in Assam shortly after one ended in Gorkhaland. Assam had experienced similar strike some weeks ago as well.

The latest strike called for Monday and Tuesday has turned Gelephu-Samdrup Jongkhar-Phuentsholing highway completely deserted the road.

Due to the 24-hour strike called by armed groups operating in the states, many vehicles have been stranded in Gelephu.

On the other hand, Bhutanese are also facing troubles due to strike in West Bengal called by anti-Gorkhaland movement groups. The strike in Gorkhaland was called on the eve of tripartite talks between the Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha, the central and the state government of Bengal.


  1. Its not an unusual phenomenon in the context of Third-world politics to have indefinite strikes by the vested interest groups. Such strikes are sometime directed towards personal gains, while at others for good cause. Asam strike, strike by the Gorkha Jana Mukti Morcha in West-Bengal and strike by Kamatapur Liberation Organization are for People’s freedom and self-governance. Although there is no cent-percent effect on Bhutan’s economy due to these disturbances, it will gradually face unexpected turbulences in the years ahead if it fails to support its own public will. By now, Bhutan should be able to distinguish between democracy and tyranny. But, at the sametime, I am deeply shocked because some of our Lhotshampa friends are affected by Asam Hartaals. What I feel is that Indian Government must not delay in listening to the voices of these groups and organize formal talks so that people are less victimised.