Srimad Bhagavat Purana for spiritual healing concludes in NH


July 18, New Hampshire

A week long Srimad Bhagavat Saptaha Maha Gyan Yagya concluded in Concord, NH on July 14, 2015. It is the second time that such a spiritual congregation organized in the Granite State.
The cultural event was organized by the Hindu Faith Trust of New Hampshire as a means to offering spiritual healing to those who have been separated for years, way to reducing culture shock to new arrivals from Bhutan, Nepal and India, calling to maintain global peace, and promoting emotional wellbeing, brotherhood and spiritual enlightenment.

Kalash Yatra to mark the beginning of Puran/ Photo Tilak Nirola
Kalash Yatra to mark the beginning of Puran/ Photo Tilak Nirola

Pundits Laxmi prasad Niroula and Haribinod Adhikari led a team of four priests to accomplish the Purana.
The event was open to public from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm where devotees listened to the spiritual discourse, chanted kirtans and bhajans, participated in spiritual dialogue, and danced throughout the event.
The event started with Kalash Yatra where around 200 devotees walked the neighborhood chanting Kirtan and Bhajan wishing everyone’s good health, peace and prosperity.

The Executive Councilor, Collin Van Ostern, Bill Gillette, the Dean of Business School of the Southern New Hampshire University and other high profile personalities from the receiving community graced the event. Speaking in the event, Bill Gillette said, “Your presence in our state has added cultural values. The culture that you have brought is very rich and the work that you have done to promote this culture is phenomenal”.
Singer Hari Maya Khatiwada and professional Tabala player, Prem Sagar Khatiwada made the event lively for seven days. A team of veteran Nepali musicians from Massachusetts including Ranjan Budathoki, a flute artist and sarangi maestro, Shyam Nepali, became center of attraction who offered melodious Nepali folk instrumental music that spellbound the audience.
The chief coordinator of the event, Rohit Subedi remarked that in average about 400 devotees were in and out per day throughout the event.

Pundit Haribinod blowing the conch/Photo: Tilak Nirola
Pundit Haribinod blowing the conch/Photo: Tilak Nirola

“ We were honored to organize this event because it truly served as a therapeutic treatment. Additionally, the overwhelming participation of devotees from different nationalities made us feel proud”, said he.
One of the event organizing committee members, Bhagirath Khatiwada expressed gratitude to all the priests, devotees, musicians, volunteers and sponsors for their dedication, support and commitment for making this event a success.
Four outstanding sponsors and the advisors of the event were honored for their continued support. Likewise, in an attempt to encourage and motivate youths to volunteer in community events like this, hard-working volunteers in the event were also honored on the final day offering holy scarfs.

Contributed by Bhagirath Khatiwoda in NH