SA Bhutanese donate AU$ 1925 for QLD victims


The Bhutanese Community in South Australia , the newest community to resettle in Australia, contributed AU$ 1925 to flood victims of Queensland.

According to community worker Sushil Niraula, who coordinated the donation drive, the money has been sent to the government thrust for flood victims through Bendigo Bank on Friday. He said, “I donated myself and carried out the drive because flood swept away everything that people have.”

In a statement issued by the Bhutanese Association In South Australia(BASA) said, “We the members of Bhutanese Community in South Australia are deeply moved by the tragedy that has been brought about by the flood and cyclone in your beautiful state of Queensland.”

It also said the community was immensely saddened by lose of human life and properties caused by the disaster.

“We have been observing your able and wise leadership in this most telling hour of tragedy. With your time tasted stewardship, the people of Queensland will confidently march on the path of rebuilding and recovery,” it added.

BNS talked to some of the top contributors on what moved them most for the generosity.

Beni Maya Rai commented that her livelihood is being supported by Australians. She said, “It is more than being generous to support them with whatever amount we have saved at this time of urgent need. We owe them.”

For RK Ghaley, 65, everyone needs support during emergencies caused by natural disaster. He said, “This is humanitarian support. I wish to support anyone, anywhere, even in Bhutan, when one is in need.”

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Jenesa Gazmere expressed, “So much of properties these people owned were washed by the flood. Seeing their pathetic condition, I internally felt  need to help them.”


  1. Dear Friends at BNS,

    I laugh at while reading this news. Are these people associated with BASA real Bhutanese or “illegal immigrants” as called by Bhutani PM. There are so many dying without basic help here in camp. They never donated when there were very bad situations like fire or when someone was dying. I heard some of them don’t work in Australia. How have they earned such a large money to support people who are richer than themselves ?

    I request the editor not to promote such news. If they donate 10 dollars to camp, that is a news. If they drink and waste 200 dollars or donate 500 to richer people, it is definately not a big news. Let they do what they like.

    Ganesh Poudel, Sanischare

  2. One can’t force somebody to donate their hard earned money.And donation means to the extreme needy person. I think the Aussie felt the need of donation after the extreme flooding in QLD.
    I bet the resettled people specially from the US have donated substantial amount of money to the fire victims in the camps. The small Bhutanese community of Tucson, Arizona alone contributed plus $1000 towards the relief of fire victims in Beldangi – I and II. Having said that I don’t see any convincing argument to make pertaining to donations.

  3. What a shame on Ganesh! There is no reason to laugh while you read the news. Your comment seems very childish. How could you say that Bhutanese settled in Australia are illegal immigrants? If we are illegal immigrants, so what are you? Every Bhutanese settled in third countries are helping the people in the camps either one or other ways. Resettled Bhutanese in Australia have donated money to the fire victims in the camps. If you need proof, you can contact CARITAS Nepal in Damak. Not only to the flood victims in Queensland, we have also donated to the fire victims in Victoria and flood victims in Pakistan. Too often people complain instead of trying to do something to help. And it is not your concern how the people earn money in Australia. We have supported the Queenslanders because they are in need. There is no doubt that majority of us simply believe in the value of giving itself. In tough times, the Australian values of mateship and lending a helping hand will always come to the fore. Bhutanese community members are also a part Australian society. This is a symbol of integrating Australian Bhutanese into wider Australian Society.

  4. Ganesh, can u give some logic why should those who resettled help people in camp?They are one who atracked us at night, who threatened us not to go for resettlement,who sell rice and eat jad, so and so rubbish leaders(not knowing how to write one sentence in english correctly) but telling people that they will take them to bhutan.
    we in australia help people in camp at the time of disaster like fire.we had already donated for it.[…..]
    aussies are most kind hearted people in world and in problem also they are feeding u in we give him our love and condolence, not is gift, big or small.
    Ramesh australia

  5. I do not understand why the people keep this conception still. People think that, Bhutanese helping to their own kith and kin is only regarded as a help.

    It is not always true that Bhutanese should help another Bhutanese only, but helping other is the real sense of humanity and will be rewarded.

    It does not matter who helps whom?, but the news should be the sense of helping hands that the people offer to others who are in the need, at the time of emergency. This is a great feeling of helping others which is getting emerged within the heart of Bhutanese around the globe.

    On the other hand, when will we learn to help others?

    This is not the first time that the Bhutanese in Australia has helped Aussie which Kamal stated earlier.

    And the resettled Bhutanese not only in Australia but from around the world are always with the people in the camp at the time of any type of disaster that they come across.

    Mr. Poudel can refer to the western union money transfer in the local area what is the daily amount that the people withdraw. But do you think that this money is going for the good purpose. This was a serious topic raised by one of our senior friend from USA some months ago.