Sonam Lhosar observed in camps


People from Sarchop and Tamang community in Beldangi refugee camp celebrated Sonam Losar —the beginning of the New Year,by organizing various programs and exchanging good wishes on Wednesday.

Camp Secretary Sancha Hang speaking
Camp Secretary Sancha Hang speaking.Photo/Yubaraj Sampang

They were gathered together at Beldangi football ground to participate in a special cultural program, followed by display of different traditional tools including playing archery and sharing variety of traditional food together and bartering aspirations.

Meanwhile, Camp Secretary of Beldangi, Sancha Hang Subba, former Camp Secretaries, representatives from different camp based agencies and senior citizens joined the celebration and extended​ their wishes for the program.

This year marks 2,851th celebration of Sonam Losar. The meaning of Losar is New Year in the languages of Tibeto-Burmese origins. Lo means year, and Sar means new. ‘Lo-Chhar’ in Tamang also means the same thing. They follow the lunar calendar, along with the Buddhist and Bon people. But some mark Sonam Losar as their New Year, whereas many, including Sherpas and Bhotes, mark Gyalbo Losar. The meaning of Sonam (swenam) is blessing.

In Losar farmers, professionals, and all members of society seek blessings for good fortune.