Soccer tournament announced in honor of teens killed in train crash

Memory of teens after a year
Memory of teens after a year/Photo: WLKY news

Community members, friends and families of three teens killed in train crash last year on March 14 gathered at Buechel Park Baptist church yesterday for a memorial event held by Bhutanese Society of Kentucky. In a solemn and well organized event, the families of Chita R Chuwan, Nagin Thapa and Suk Man Rai were seen with tearful eyes, once again recollecting that tragic moment.

Speakers from across the Jefferson County Public School, including superintendent Dr, Donna Hargens, and resettlement agencies praised the community effort to manage such crisis and strong bond of community feeling Bhutanese people have shown for one another.

Flier for safe driving by BSK
Flier for safe driving by BSK

The president of BSK Mr, Jiwan Bista announced the soccer tournament to honor these champions of soccer, to be held on June 4 come summer. Mr Jitu Basnet of Bhutanese American Sports council drove from Nashville, TN to pledge his support for the soccer tournament in the capacity of FIFA certified referee.

He also emphasized that the purpose of soccer tournament is to relay a message of safe driving for teens and youths, that such tragedy is not repeated.

Meanwhile, the lone survivor of the crash, Kismat Mishra is now preparing to go to college. He has improved in walking through regular exercise and have been socializing with his soccer friends.

The city has added a light and gate with cross bar in the crossing of Crawford Ave and railroad crossing where the accident happened.