Siwakoti’s music album releases


Under a heavy applause and ovation, Lila Siwakoti released his first album ’Yaad Timro’ (your remembrance) in one of the theaters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 18, 2015.

Born with Shree Narayan and Pabi Siwakoti from Tshirang Bhutan, Lila was just a toddler when he entered the Sanischare Camp, Morang, Nepal. He says that he put his thought into singing at a very early age and his favorites still remains a mix of ‘lok-pops and modern’.

During the release of album. Photo courtesty/Siwakoti.
During the release of album. Photo courtesy/Siwakoti.

As clear as a broad daylight, it is seen that the twenty years of trials and tribulations has also brought about and given rise to a laying of a substantial number of ‘golden eggs in the shabby nests’. Sadly, to be truthful, they remained largely unseen and unsung and their values barely went beyond the periphery of the refugee camps.

However, after the resettlement in the Third World, the ‘potential eggs’ appeared to have reached a desired warmth and maturity and a series of breakdowns and cracklings can be observed all across America and beyond.

The album carries a pack of six solo songs with an aura of lok-pop, modern and gazal. He claims that among his creations, his latest music video—gajale gajale—due to be released soon, is expected to win the hearts of larger audience.

albumNevertheless, all his songs are unique and appealing with appropriate lyrics and musical settings. Of all, he has been able to carve a niche of his own against the growing trend of plagiarism. In the album, Durga Rimal, Krishna Udashi, Geeta Khatri, Ishor Prabashi, Govinda Humagai and Hom Nath Neupane have composed the lyrics.

Pratap Subba, presently residing in California, USA is the trendsetter of Nepali music among the Bhutanese of Nepali origin. His trademark song ’Bandhan ko chino’ became an instant hit and is still enjoyed by many.

Report by Rom N Bista, Nashville, TN