Sherubtse college and BMF signed for collaboration

Dawa Penjor and Dr. Sonam Wangmo after signing MoU
Dawa Penjor and Dr. Sonam Wangmo after signing MoU

Bhutan Media Foundation and the first college of Bhutan, Sherubtse college, Kanglung, signed an understanding to foster collaboration in the field of training journalists and provide continuous education to working journalists in Bhutan. The MoU was signed on 28th September by the executive director of BMF Mr. Dawa Penjor  and officiating director of Sherubtse college Dr. Sonam Wangmo.

A press release dated 30th September posted online in BMF’s website reads, “The Media Studies undergraduate degree program that was launched in Sherubtse College in August 2012 received a boost with the formal agreement signed between Bhutan Media Foundation and the College on 28 September 2013.”

According to Mr. Dawa Penjor, “BMF’s support to the college program of media studies will involve guest lectures, specialized training programs, workshops and seminars on various subjects of journalism and media.”

Press release states,  “As a part of the collaboration, BMF will facilitate the students and faculties to intern and work with the Bhutanese, Indian and international media agencies. BMF will also assist in establishing exchange programs for students and faculties with colleges and institutes abroad. Further, to make the program a model based on real life newsroom environment, BMF will support in strengthening of the student newsletter and campus Radio.”

As per the understanding, Sherubtse college will provide one or two seats to the working journalists to upgrade their academic qualifications while such students of journalism will also be able to get scholarships facilitated by BMF.

BMF officials duo, Dawa Penjor and Needrup Zangpo, also gave lectures to the students of media studies on media rights, freedom of press and the responsibility associated to it, meanwhile sharing their experience of working in the Bhutanese media.

BMF was formed in 21 st February 2010, by a Royal Charter  issued by the King to foster the growth of media mandated to support the pragmatic development of mass media.