Sewa Georgia conference concludes


April 21, 2010: The two-day Bhutanese conference focused on ‘empowerment of resettled people’ concluded in Atlanta, Georgia on April 18.    

At least 25 Bhutanese delegates from different States within the USA participated in the conference organized by Sewa Internatioanl USA.  

Participants of the conference. Photo/BNS
Participants of the conference. Photo/BNS

The conference broadly discussed about the post-resettlement situation of Bhutanese.

Professor Dr.Lopita Nath had presented the report on the situation of Bhutanese in San Antonio in Texas and Professor Dr. Sree Sreenath presented the report on ‘Project Krishi (agriculture)’ in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Among others, the conference delegates extensively discussed about the ‘empowerment of resettled Bhutanese’ in the USA. 

The program was jointly inaugurated by Anju Bhargava, the White House Commission on Interfaith Partnerships, Dr. Ravi Sharma and Professor Sreenath.

Jointly by TN Mishra & Khem Kafley, Atlanta


  1. Congratulations and well done folks.
    Down the line in years time, we can see conferences being run by Bhutanese all over USA.
    One message I will preach is to be inclusive of all Bhutanese, no matter which part of Bhutan you belong or what language you speak.

  2. It was a good experience to be in the conference. The Indian community were trying to help us to open the national broad based organization in order to protect and sefaguard the cultural and social values of the Butanese people. Further down the road there is high chances of dilution of cultural ethoes of our rich culture. They caution us to get ready to tackle the issues right from the begenning.
    The SEWA International was trying their best to assist in formation of the national level organization to Agriculture farming, inorder to create the jobs for the bhutanese guys here in the States. I like to acknowledge their effor.
    DB Adhikari