Seven monks detained


Thimpu police has detained at least seven monks on September 12 as the formers were found involved in a gang fight.

A monk of Dechenphodrang monastic school was beaten severely by the seven monks from the central monastic body on September 4.

According to the kuensel, the fight involved under the influence of alcohol.

During the fight, no one had realised the victim was missing, said the source. “It was after the fight and the next day that they found him lying below the road,” the source said. Kuensel learnt that the victim had fallen about six metres off the cliff.

The victim, 19, who didn’t have any clue to the suspects is in critical condition at the hospital


  1. Jitu thapa is right! monks fighting, youths drugging,children being raped, increasing divorces, spouse killing, gang fights, smuggling, biased govt, currupt officials…. this should surely be GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS! GNH has prevailed in Bhutan!

  2. Isn’t is ridiculous that the monks have been fighting under the influence of alcohol??
    For sure, this is the result of GNH that the government has been committed to. Looks like these monks are so inclined towards GNH that they fought with each other to seek happiness. Long Live GNH..