Seriously injured Koirala Passes away

Seriously injured Koirala at ICU. Photo-Arun Dhungel
Seriously injured Koirala in ICU. Photo-Arun Dhungel

Dec 30: Tikaram Koirala, a resettled Bhutanese from Beldangi II extension Sector A-3 , passed away at Vinderbille hospital in Tennesse State of USA at 12 noon local time on  Tuesday.

Koirala, a former sub sector head of A-3 ,was hit by a speedy car from behind while he was returning to his home from work. He was then admitted to the hospital in critical condition due to fracture of ribs and legs.

As per the information provided by his son,Yadhav Koirala, his funeral is likely to be on Saturday while his dead body is still in  hospital.

As known lately, resettled Bhutanese community members have  gathered at Koirala’s house to decid his funeral and the future of his children. Koirala is survived by five children .

He was evicted from Lalai Block under Serbhang district in Bhutan. His parents are still in Bhutan.

By Ichha Poudyel and Yadhav Neopaney


  1. Tika Nath koirala is a person who elected in 14 times as a subsector head since the beginning of the camp Beldangi 3. He had studied in Lalai primary School upto Fifth Grade and he also studied the Nepali literature by himself. Mr K. B. Khadka the first and former camp secretory of Beldangi 3 was as his political instructor at his tenure in A/3 He also gave the very long volunteer service in Refugee Camp. Almost all the Refugees went out of the camp to earn but late koirala did not even make up the mind to go out of the camp for that. He always gave the volunteer service in the camp continuously.
    No one had even thought that the load of the family rush to Narayan head in his young age.
    I what to request to all the Bhutanese family to pray for his soul

  2. I’m really shocked to read this horrifying news. At this moment of great sorrow to the bereaved family, I pray to almighty to grant the strength to bear this sorrow. Let the departed soul rest in heaven with peace.

  3. We the victims of human wisdom and natural disasters are once again hit by the unexpected passing away of Mr. Tika Ram Koirala In the USA. Bhutanese people all over the world are certainly praying for his departed soul to be rested in peace and harmony. but, At the sametime, worried about the future of his five children who will have to struggle in a completely new and unfriendly environment. Therefore, I would like to express my heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and urge all the resettled Bhutanese to contribute as much as possible to this family to overcome this heart-breaking disaster. On the otherhand, it is important for the Federal and State governments to enact strict rules to eradicate this kind of incidents. NGOs and charity organizations working with refugees and new arrivals must not hesitate to support Koirala family. Government should arrange free education, medicare, food and accommodation for the five children until they are able to earn their own livelihood.