Seniors dream of US citizenship in Utah


Betrayed by the Bhutanese regime, senior members of the community in Salt Lake City of Utah state have expressed need for citizenship education so that they could materialize the US naturalization process without any difficulty.

Artists in the stage performance (Picture : Khem Kafley/BNS)

They urged for citizenship education during a program organized by the Bhutanese Community in Utah to honor seniors. The program held on April 15 at the Temple of Lord Krishna also marked New Year 2069 BS.

Speaking at the program, 78-year-old Ganga Baral said, “I want to learn citizenship education. That will help me to obtain the citizenship of this country since Bhutan has betrayed me.” Several senior members of the community applauded him when he spoke that.

According to them, they have been expecting citizenship education in Nepali langauge since they are unable to prepare themselves in English.

Senior members of the Utah community

The community honored three dozens of elderly citizens with garland and scarf amidst a special program organized to celebrate Brikram Sambat 2069 and to release community calendar, complied by exiled journalist Khem Kafley.

Lok Nath Baral, a senior guest of the program, released 2069 BS lunar calendar in the program. The gathering of some 500 hundred people, including guests from Utah Refugee Office, agencies and local well-wishers, was entertained by Nepali cultural dances, solo songs, comedies and Nepali poem recitation.

The community president Hem Dulal ended the program by distributing certificates to the cultural program participants.

Reported by Khem Kafley for BNS from Utah