Seniors honored in New Hampshire


The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) honored 104 seniors from three different cities-Concord, Manchester and Laconia amidst a special function in New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord, NH, Tuesday.

An elderly citizen being honored during the program (Picture courtesy : Becky Field)

The high school going student volunteers from the BCNH honored the seniors with Khada (a traditional ceremonial scarf which symbolizes purity and compassion) and ceramic cup with the logo of BCNH inscribed in it. The audience was graced with the documentary film, Pathetic Exile including other dances and songs.

Speaking in the program, the Board Chair of the BCNH expressed that the event of honoring senior citizens was organized to acknowledge the life-long contributions of the Bhutanese seniors to their community and country.

He further said that it was paramount for the younger generations to demonstrate their gratitude by making sure that their communities are better places to live in where the senior citizens could participate to the fullest and can find the encouragement, acceptance, assistance, and services they need to continue to lead lives with independence and dignity.

The BCNH also formally launched its website: and requested the readers to offer genuine feedback for further improvement.

The website was launched by Doug Hall, who served four terms in the NH House of Representatives. Long-time volunteer to the Bhutanese community, Doug Hall thanked the senior citizens for their presence in the event and encouraged them to live a healthy life.

Meanwhile, BCNH Executive Director, Tika Acharya, while introducing the newly appointed staff, thanked the recipients of the awards for their life-long support, hard work, guidance and love and requested them to bear zero tolerance to domestic violence if any.

Raffle was also drawn in the event to raise fund for the high school students who would be going to Washington DC for their educational tour in upcoming summer.

Over three hundred resettled Bhutanese, some American guests including schoolteachers, social workers, volunteers and friends from Nepal attended the program.

The program which was undoubtedly the first of its kind in the city and the state was facilitated in anchoring by Mr Rohit Subedi, Shyam Gautam and Bikash Bhattari who are the emerging youth leaders and future torch bearers for the community.

Rudra Timsina, the Secretary of BCNH, who despite his tender age wasted no opportunity to show his true mettle reaching his moving words to one and all involved in making the program a grand success, delivered vote of thanks.

The program was coordinated by Rohit Subedi, Rudra Timsina, Bikash Bhattarai, Shyam Gautam, Bishnu Niroula including other selfless volunteers from the community.

Bhagirath Khatiwada, one of the BNS contributing editors, contributed this report for BNS from NH


  1. Purple, whoever you are, you are very sick. SSI day or not, you insulted your own parents. You are a disgrace to your parents and siblings.
    The program has touched resettled Bhutanese over the world, but you are the only one who is laughing at your own stale, nasty joke. The first 8 months you fattened like a pig eating through the EBT card and now you are laughing at your own recent past. Grow up and learn to respect your elders. It’ll come back to you. If not people will fart at you resurrecting your food-stamp days.

  2. wonderful!!!! on what respect old people should be honored? do you mean the limitation of the age? I guess honorary should be with specific achievements and some discoveries. NH are doing good things for the society but now should be checked out. did you(organizer) talk about their achievements in their long exiled lives? what are those achievements? could you any of the organizers can elaborate further?

  3. This is one of the reasons our community is lacking way behind. When do we stop leg pulling? When do we learn to appreciate good works?

    MLK’s day is a day of service. A day of giving back. Our elders have done so much for the betterment of younger generation. They worked hard in Bhutan, they were kicked out of their country trying to preserve our culture, tradition, custom. They opted for resettlement for the seek of younger generation. They gave up everything for their children’s and their grand-children’s future .

    These seniors have language barrier, they are not connected to people as they were in Bhutan and Nepal. The feel isolated. They are frustrated. They are depressed.
    The program was organized get all the seniors together, make them feel comfortable and to thank them. I believe Bhutanese across the globe should embrace this culture of thanking elders and acknowledging them.

    I live in NH, I do not agree with everything the BCNH Leadership does, they way they do business but this was an exemplary program. The Americorp VISTA did an excellent job in putting together the program. I liked the fact that VISTA’s involved the high school goers in the community work. The BCNH Leadership who reported this news clearly did not recognized those VISTA and the high school goer’s who worked their butt off to make this program a success. And this is one of the things I do not like about the BCNH Leadership. They take credits for anything than happens in the state, obviously they are involved but there is someone that is very instrumental in making the program success and they have to recognize them.


  4. @BBlamghadhey – why do our community organization honor people is still controversial and it’s free to argue on the topic. i think people are honored on the basis of outstanding contribution and in recognition for that they are honored. this is a tribute and should have ‘value’.
    let’s take the example of NH again. honoring either 1 or 2 very special would have been genuine but is it not a drama to honor all those 104 people with some zero social contribution.
    mr. lamghaday, if i do not support some thing is it that i’m insulting others? why do you use the word insult? and how dare can you say the disgrace to my parents n siblings when i’m making a general comment without personal attacks. mr. can i conclude that your creed shows your attitude? let me not write more than this and i think enough is enough.
    again why do i need to grow to respect someone who is at NH? are you the spokesperson from NH so that you need to defend your deeds and we have to say ‘very good’ ‘well done’, you guys did a wonderful social work. i think you’re expecting that.

  5. Dear Equality,
    Sometimes you represent yourself as infrared, sometimes others but whatever you are, people know who the hell you are! Looks like you have some kind of disorder or disability! I feel petty on you man! You are just ruining your resume! I don’t like to call you idiot but you are nothing more than that! Jealousy is always harmful to you but not to others. Please cultivate a habit of appreciation of good job done by others if you are not being able to contribute your time and energy for the sake of community. Just question yourself what have you done so far in the name of community? Do you have any instance? I just wonder how ugly the world would have looked like had there been too many people around this beautiful earth! Shame on you!

  6. “If you cannot love and respect the human beings which can be seen, how can you have love and respect to the god who is never been seen” Good work always wins against bad deeds. So take our your fricking rot smelling thought and be realistic. I’m pretty sure it might have taken lot of efforts from many people to make the program successful.Good work is always appreciated. Well done guys.

  7. Purple,if you come to your real sense and retrospect, you’ll get all the answers why you should honor elders. It may be a drama for an anti-social like you, but it’s a day for these elderly people to cherish, enjoy , smile and feel that they are not alone in a strange land. These elderly, including your parents, don’t have to invent or discover or crack some unsolved mysteries to get honored. your elderly parents, yes yours, should be honored because they have changed your soiled underwear, fed you until you become a stinky and lazy adult, paid for every cigarette you smoked, often ate just one meal to make sure that you have at least 2 meals per day. You area disgrace because you insulted elders, including your parents. And for your information I’m not from NH but I have learned some good moral lessons of life unlike you.
    And what’s wrong in talking and dreaming about MIT and Princeton? Can we not talk beyond community colleges? What’s wrong in dreaming big? Why don’t some of you guys appreciate what’s good? If you ‘re so jealous of the progress made in NH, why don’t you also work towards achieving something that your community will benefit?
    And as Tom said, the real workers should be credited. The credit of everything done and achieved should not be hijacked by the ones who lead the organization. You are leaders because of the support of these hardworking people.

  8. Hi Tom,
    I am a native American who is volunteering with some Bhutanese families since 2008 and I was also present in the event. I am just worried that you guys need to work from the buttom of your heart for community upliftment for which you need to coordinate with the leadership. It looks like you are jealous with the leadership of the BCNH. Your comments are controversial. I did not see anywhere in the news that the leadership taking credit for everything that happens in the state but rather I see the leadership thanking and encouraging the volunteers and emerging youth leaders for their hardwork and contribution. May be your name was not pronounced in the news article. Next, I don’t think it is the program organized by the Americorp VISTA . It may be that some of the organizing members/volunteers might have volunteered at the Americorp VISTA and this program could be one of their projects. However, that being said, it is not necessary to bring the Americorp VISTA here. In regard to acknowledging the contribution of the high school students, I heard one of the leaders clearly thanked and acknowledged them in the program and it is mentioned in the news that they were the one who honored the seniors with KHADA, right?. Hence, I do not know what you clearly wanted to say! I would suggest, come forward for the community service and cultivate a habit of appreciation for the good work done! Good Luck!

  9. @ bblamgadhay- yes every dog has its day and so is your. why you are running behind your filthy emotions and rather surface your empty cranium. don’t try to theorize your unacceptable opinion in regards of convocations and get honored. i don’t think that the age has changed where empty doldrums get recognized either individually or collectively. there is always a charter, recommendations and resolutions for such reservations.
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    i’m not against the individual aptitude for knocking the doors of MIT, Harvard university, etc and personally i encourage for the salable degrees which are the always branded. did i say that as wrong or are you emptying your optimum mind?

  10. Well, Purple, you are right. We’ll definitely honor those who have feelings and thoughts like yours. Unfortunately, you’ll be the only one in this category. You are a very rare species filled with filth and garbage. A person who finds himself taller than the rest by standing on his own hill of poop is no better than a pig than finds pleasure in playing in the poop-puddle. What can your near and dear ones expect from you when you have no respect for yourself. A person who finds his own parents ’empty doldrums” is mentally challenged. Get well soon purple dear.

  11. Dear Stetson,

    Your English clearly suggests you’re not American. You meant to pretend you were born in US, but Native American means red Indians. Just keep this in mind the next time you try to lie. And the other thing you point out is the outsider knows what they are told, not everything that happens inside the community.
    I would love to see you volunteering with our people in the years to come. Thank you for your service to our community.