Security tightened ahead of SAARC summit


Mar 17: The government has tightened the security situation ahead of the scheduled 16th SAARC summit in Thimphu next month end.

The security personnel have be stationed in alert in major check points. Details of all people entering the country from borders are kept.

The foreign workers are restricted to travel to Thimhu until May 1. Labour ministry officials said this was necessary because among the construction workers could be some fanatics disguised as workers, who could pose a potential threat to any of the leaders attending the summit.

However, except for some neighboring districts surrounding the capital city, the rest will be allowed to bring in expatriate workers. Foreign workers with valid work permits will not be issued bus tickets from Phuentsholing to various destinations until May 1.

Dzongdas are instructed to remain in their respective districts during the summit to monitor and ensure maximum security and are advised to employ whatever necessary measures to strengthen security in their area until the end of the summit. All 20 dzongdags were called to Thimphu recently for briefing.

Import and use of construction explosives have been stopped. Bureau of law and order will send some officials to meet their counterparts across the border to brief them on security measures and to request increased vigilance.