Secure resettlement urged, Adikari family in Kathmandu


Damak, July 31: The Bhutanese citizens dwelling in Pathri, Sanischare camp have today asked the United States of America to provide security for the resettled Bhutanese.
The appeal made by members of camp management committee (CMC), former CMC members, senior citizens and human right activists requested to make resettlement program secure, well managed and as per the choice of refugees.
“The US have encouraged the refugees for secure resettlement,” read the appeal adding, “Everyone looks for the greener pastures, even a stoic goat. And, thus, many refugees, keeping aside their vision of repatriation, opted for a secured resettlement in third countries and USA is one of them.”
Highlighting the slaying of Hari Lal Adhikari in Florida, the exiled Bhutanese have asked the concerned authority continue resettlement with guaranteed life security. Similarly, the paper made an appeal to pressurize the Bhutanese government for early repatriation.
According to the letter, the Bhutanese in camps are suspicious on their security after resettlement.
The appeal was submitted to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the government of Nepal, the U.S. Embassies in various countries, and National Human Rights Organization, Nepal.
The refugees have opted for resettlement keeping aside their strong desire for repatriation and they must be well protected in the resettling country, said the appeal.
Meanwhile, all the remaining members of Adhikari have been brought to Kathmandu transit center of International Organization for Migration (IOM) today morning. According to the family sources, IOM will take them shortly to join their family in Florida.
The editor of Bhutan News Service from New York City has confirmed that Trumaine Branch, 21, who was arrested Thurday and accused of killing Hari Lal Adhikari, was denied bond.
Branch made his first appearance in court Friday. He was officially charged with ownership of a firearm, murder and armed robbery.

(Compiled with inputs from Bhim Gurung in Pathri camp & T.P. Mishra in NY)