Seattle hosted Inter-City Soccer Tournament


Bhutanese Community Resource Center (BCRC) organized a one-day inter-city soccer tournament  in Washington Seattle, August 20, 2015 .

Winning team from Tukwila Photo: Tek Kafley
Winning team from Tukwila
Photo: Tek Kafley

Total of eight teams from Tukwila, Burien, Kent, Everett and Spokane participated in the tournament. The matches played in the Tie High School stadium entertained over 250 resettled Bhutanese from the city.

“This is the 5th year that the community is organizing soccer tournament annually for community engagement and providing access to youth to excel their skills. BCRC is hosting inter-state tournament in 2016 in Washington. From this tournament we are making a team comprising of selected players from different cities and that team is aimed to represent Washington State next year”, said Pralhad Gurung, President of BCRC.

Another senior Ram Adhikari said,” These types of engagement and recreational activities help reducing the sense of loneliness among the home-bound seniors in the community. Also engage youths and develop relationship- as well as they will have opportunities to exhibit their skills. Everything is new for most of us in this new home country. Through such games and events- talents of our children get exposure.There are instances some children from our communities in other states got selected for soccer training through some clubs in Europe. That is something we are proud of.”

The final match played between Tukwila and Everett ended in favor of Tukwila with 5 – 1.