Search to track missing youths in WA continues


All measures taken by the authorities in Washington area, including the efforts of the community, families of the missing youths, among others continue on the fifteenth day to track the whereabouts of three missing youths from Spokane, WA, but to no avail.

Sources from the Washington area say police authorities have been continuously involved in the search process, including at the US-Canada border to track their latest status.

The missing faces.

Bhim Dhakal, father of Krishna, the youngest among the missing youths, has urged everyone to help in the search process.

Speaking briefly on an exclusive radio talk with BNS, Bhim Dhakal including Ghanashyam Giri and Tanka Dhital, two of the social workers in the area, discuss on the latest updates on the search process.

The youths, who were said to be in one of the parks in Spokane when they were last contacted, have remained out of contact since 11.30 pm on June 11.

According to their family sources, 5.2-feet-tall Dhital was wearing a jeans pant and white t-shirt, and Bhattarai is 5.7 feet tall. The family do not have exact information for the description of the third at large.

It is also learnt that Bhattarai was on a black Acura LP 933ZGH, 2003 model car. Both Dhital and Bhattarai hail from Tukwila and had travelled to Spokane for a family visit on the same day.

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Reported by TP Mishra from North Carolina for BNS.


  1. Terribly sorry to know that they are still missing. It has become a real mystery in fact. I wonder why the concerned authority is unable to find them. I am still hopeful that they will be found soon. I pray for their safety , security and early return.

  2. Thank You for the latest updates.
    It is more than 15 days since the three guys last seen. Although the media is making every efforts to help trace the missing ones, at this time I think it is important to make use of search and rescue squad and search dogs. Can the community leaders mobilize these agents (if not done so far) in order to make the search operations more aggressive and fruitful.

    This is just a suggestion.