Scam Victim Speaks-up


Nirajan, a former refugee from Bhutan and currently residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania received numerous calls from an unknown caller on April 16, 2016. The call was made from 206- 745- 0760 and the calling location is appeared on the screen as Shoreline, WA.  He ignored few calls. But the caller did not stop calling.20160424_131826

He received one of the calls and a man on the other end started talking rapidly without letting Nirajan speak. An Indian accent English speaker introduced himself as an official at IRS and his name as Williams. He explained that the call was regarding the recent income Tax- Reporting made by Nirajan to IRS for the year 2015.

In between the blabbering, Nirajan managed to tell Williams that he is a person with limited or no English. Williams then quickly connected Nirajan to a Nepali speaking guy-who introduced himself as Govin Sharma. According to Nirajan, Govin Sharma is not so fluent in Nepali and mixes some Hindi.  Govin Sharma explained Nirajan that, this is not a fraud or any scam that he might have heard from other people. ‘It is so nice of you that now IRS has someone who speaks your language’, says Nirajan as Govin told to him. If you ignored this call simply assuming a scam you will be in trouble. This is a curtesy call to allow you a chance. The amount you are supposed to receive as your Tax return is on hold because of some additional information needed from you.

For Nirajan it sounded true, as he was waiting for his tax return.  Nirajan was asked to send right away $995.00 and he was instructed to go to Wal-Mart and purchase gift cards worth the warranted amount, scratch for the Pin at the back of the card and read for them. Nirajan was given an hour time. Nirajan did follow as they said. He revealed he was warned not to disclose this deal to anyone. “If you disclose this to anyone-we have all your information and for doing that you will be in another trouble”, came the warning.  He was also told that right after paying the required amount they would provide him with a confirmation number and be notified about how much amount he is going to receive as his Tax return for the year 2015.  Nirajan, paid the warranted amount right on time.  After that Williams and Govin Sharma went loose. He attempted calling the number for few more days.

Nirajan contacted BNS almost wailing but requesting for help. ‘I became the victim of fraud and I want to tell others not to believe in such calls. He requested to withhold his real name. Nirajan says, ‘I am surprised to see our innocence is used. Now they have started speaking our own language to rob us.
I became the victim and I have no idea that from where they got my contact number and name. Now they have all my information and I am robbed. I assume, like me there might be many people already became the victim or may fall prey to those scammer.’
This is not the first time someone is heard become the victim of such fraud. This is unique that the scammer now have started using someone who speaks the language of their target.

Some tips that may help:

IRS never makes phone calls for any types of tax related issues. IRS notifies the concern person in the form of official letter send through mails.
IRS doesn’t ask anyone to buy gift cards from Malls and seek Pin numbers.

If anyone receives such calls and if you are nearby your computer first step one can do is ‘Google’ to see comments made on that number. Many other people might have received such calls from the same number and have lodged complaints or commented. You may also record the conversation. If you want somebody to hear what they say- be polite to the caller and ask for some time to arrange the amount. In between- find a friend, case worker, community volunteer or a teacher to listen what they say. As soon as you understand the way how you are being cheated, tell your friends circle and relatives.

                         Today it is you. Tomorrow can be your relatives walking on your shoes.  
                                                                        SPEAK UP
                                                         Do not believe in such calls !!!

                                                                          Do not pay!!!