SC issues stay order on Budathoki’s case


The Supreme Court (SC) of Nepal issued a stay order to the government  regarding withdrawal of the case filed against murder-accused Bhutanese citizens who killed former president of Bhutan People’s Party, RK Budathoki, in 2001.

Following a hearing conducted on Thursday on a writ petition filed by the party President, Balaram Poudyel, a single bench of Justice Prakash Osti ordered the government authorities not to implement the decision until the writ petition is finalized.

BPP President Poudyel/Courtesy : BPP

President Poudyel had filed the petition on Wednesday seeking the stay order on the government decision to withdraw the murder case.

The government had decided to withdraw the case until the main-accused offender at large comes in contact.

Meanwhile, Poudyel informed Bhutan News Service that he has been receiving threats over phones and SMS regarding his writ petition.

“I will notify the government regarding the threats I am getting from some of the murder-suspects,” Poudyel told BNS.


  1. Budathoki was killed in broad day light by refugee boys who were attending his party’s secret meeting in 2001. They fled in a waiting car to India after the crime. Balaram never went after them so the criminals are still at large today. His party never pressurized the Nepali government to talk to India and get those criminals arrested. What he did was to file false charges against leaders of other parties and groups. Pemba Sherpa from DNC was falsely charged but court declared him innocent. He committed suicide inside prison due to extreme mental torture. Balaram is fully responsible for his death. Other DNC leader like Pushpalal Gurung was also declared innocent by court. Only Balaram Poudyel benefitted from Budathoki death. He became the BPP president. What Nepal government should do now is to re-investigate RK Budathoki case and arrest all those BPP people who were responsible for organizing the meeting on that day knowing well the threat to Budathoki’s life. Poudyel was the main organizer of the meeting and wrote letters to refugee boys to attend that meeting. A copy of the invitation was presented to court but court never took action. It is now time to reopen this case and punish the actual criminals inorder to do justice to RK’s family.

  2. R K Budathoki ko hatya pachi bhutani prajatantrik andolan lagbhag mari sake ko awastha chha. Yas gatna pachi dherai neta ra karyakarta haru ko saurachhya ma prashna chinna lageko chha. Nepal sarkar le hatya ko yo muddha lai samapta garnu ko sato hatyara haru ko khoji ma aru sakriyata apnaunu parne ho.

  3. I agree with Sushil. Nepal government must catch the real killers, Ram Chandra Subedi who hacked Budathoki to death with khukuri and his accomplices who are hiding in India. Nepal police have failed to track them down and arrest even after ten years of murder. The truth about the killing will be known only when the above real killers are arrested and third degree measures are applied to them. At the same time withdraw the cases against all those who are falsely implicated in the case by Balaram Poudyel who wanted to settle old scores with them. A lot of innocent DNC people and PFHRD members whose names were given to Nepal police are still listed as wanted which is but very unjustified. The most important thing to do is request Indian police or INTERPOL for help because we must know why Budathoki was killed and only the above killers can tell the truth. Arresting people who were not present in the meeting and putting them behind bars was a big mistake and miscarriage of justice system in Nepal.

  4. Balaram must first withdraw the false cases/allegations on Budathiki’s murder.
    How dare balaram could make false allegations to people who are not in line with the Bpp’s ideology.
    Balaram wants to exterminate all his oppositions for gaining political milage.
    Balaram must make public appology for his crime in alleging the innocent people.