Sarpang sees third IED explosion


An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded on Wednesday night at 10:14 p.m. in Bhur (Samtenling Gewog) of Sarpang, some eight kilometers away from Gelephu town. This is the third time that such an explosion took place in Sarpang district.

The state-run BBS reported that the IED was planted some 500 metres below the Gelephu-Sarpang Highway.

There are no reports of damage or casualty from the explosion.

No any group or individual has claimed the responsibility of the bast yet. However, the BBS report said that a pamphlet of the Bhutan United Sociality Democratic Party (BUSDP) was left at the site.

BUSDP hasn’t issued any statement regarding the blast.


  1. Well done. Although war is a nasty outbreak of peace but it is better raise weapon against the tranny then to remain under suppression even in the era of democratic world .go ahead world is with u and Bhutanese people Who are the True lover of democracy ,freedom human right are in your path . We the Bhutanese are waiting the doomsday of monarchy . It is the time to return our robbed birth right . A journey of thousand miles begin with a step .

  2. Once upon a time there was a farmer.His farm was located close to dense forest of Assam and the forest was full wild Elephant.Everyday Elephant used to come and destroy crops, banana plants, bamboo etc, etc.and that farmer used to chase those Elephants by bitting drums and shouting.Elephant used to go little far for that vary day but again the same story everyday.
    This act is only like” roaming round the bush” . This doesn’t make any difference to that terrorist dynasty.This simply help that dynasty to evect more nepali ethnic Bhutanese.people are innocent.

  3. Tulsi Gi. This might be your narrow concept about the revolt and its necessity in bhutan . We laid everything to the world about our problems and sufferings as many times as we were oppressed and suppressed but they ignore us . World encourage us to raise weapon to return our robbed birthright Fundamental rights . And to establish a democratic system in the country with equity equality and fraternity . If u believe in your story . Think about our language literature culture and ethnic prosperity and civilization . Deeds blood and Toil and sweat beads of our ancestor who transform the mule track era to satellite communication …

  4. It’s inhumane to dream freedom in today’s world at the cost of lives of innocent and meek. Everywhere innocents are the biggest sacrifing mass. And, mighty and rich and the elites are the final rulers.
    If this is again the guiding principles of so called BUSDP, let everything remain in status quo.
    JYT gonna be more tyrant and most corrupt leader in Bhutan’s history.
    Wait till people realize themselves and come to the streets to naked the corrupt leader. Otherwise, JYT don’t step back to sell nation’s land to foreign chums of his. For he has zero sense of patriotism in him and his circle includes many Royals. So let people from within decide and without at the cost of lives of same meekly living en masse.

  5. ohkjg,

    If you a really concern about the fellow refugee and freedom for Democracy, you should come forward openly and led the movement instead of hiding behind a computer and shouting from foreign country.
    You seems to be member of cunning foxes who are not really interested to solve our refugee problem..but wanted to make it longer and longer (20 years passed) just to enjoy refugee facilities. coz, refugee life is more luxury and comfortable than going back to Bhutan as common citizens.

  6. RAm try to read again and comment better ….did my opinion is against the sentiment of refugee solution? And no body want to take asylum in another country even for a hour or minutes or second . Period of 20 years is too long . Nobody solve our problem and back to motherland and its our duty to fight against all those barriers . How we are getting the facilities in camp … Don’t think in the same way that somebody will distrubute our rights and freedom and repatriate to homeland . And it is our fault prolonged our issue . Never we unite rather divide . Never we wake up rather we think other will do everything for us like how other are feeding us . We never realize ourself but comment other … We never try ourself rather we give lesson to other … We never see our fault and blame other . Ram . Just dropping some lines In a comment column does not indicate ones ideology , views and his political thought . And I m not hiding in computer screen and writing … I think I m also writing after enjoying same types of facilities as ur enjoying in camp

  7. If this kind of activities are launched by the Wangchucks(not all but sure some here at Thimphu) and the slums of JYT in name of maintaining tighten security and to have more control over our fellow Bhutanese, It would be a great shame for them.

    If these kind of activities are launched by any other underground political parties, I would suggest them not to give trouble to our innocent fellow Bhutan. As I always told some of my underground friends to blast those dirty bureaucrats and agents of Wangchucks here at Thimphu and around the nation.

    Please do not give a hard time to our innocents fellow Bhutanese in any part of the country. If you are fighting against the monarch and the absolute government, cause and create harm to them, not to fellow Bhutanese.

    Long live Bhutan, long live people movement.

    Though I love peace.

  8. Bombing n terrorising a nation n its people can never win the political battle.Do it if those who like it but the wall of human rights will always stand upright.
    The same same thing happened some 22 years ago in this country of peaceful dragon.
    Blaming a king doesnt make any difference coz the history knows bad n good.

  9. My premise to all of this is that we have got a situation where the coexistence of two major ethnic groups ( the Ngalop and the Nepalis) have failed since early 90’s. There are many arguable reasons for this but the one that i want to highlight is the fact that politics in every aspect of society and civil government in Bhutan was never favorable to those who were minorities and marginalized. It was also never in the intentions of the dominant ethnic group (Ngalops) to eradicate the rural Nepalis in the first place. Politicized events that occurred in the 90’s from both parties are to be blamed for the unfortunate outcomes that the people had to face regardless of their human rights and freedom to shape good leaders in politics. In any situation around the world where two ethnic groups coexist, the room for conflict and segregation always persist. There fore the people of Bhutan, in which i mean all the ethnic groups within or outside the nation are not to be blamed for the refugee crisis the world has witnessed for the past two decades.

  10. Our history is always controlled by those group in power. Our history is all controlled by our generational power(i.e, the majority of Wangchucks’ affiliates).

    So, unless we, “the People”, have control over our own history, it is awkward to be proud with the design history of our monarch and their single dynasty.