Sarpang district again sees blasts, two injured


Oct 12: At least two Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) soldiers sustained injuries when an improvised explosive device planted in a bunker in Gaden village, Umling, Sarpang, exploded early in the morning today.

The bunker is manned only during the day from the RBA outpost at Umling.

RBA has suspected that the bomb could have been planted during the night time.

According to RBA spokesperson, the militants took away two rifles carried by the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the government-controlled Kuensel has quoted the RBA spokesperson as saying that Bhutanese Maoists were behind the blast.

It is reportedly learnt that the injured RBA soldiers are receiving treatment at the Gelephu hospital.

Until the filing of this report, no individuals or groups owned up responsibility.


  1. Several such explosions took place in the past. Every time such incident takes place coinciding with some special events. This time round explosion took place at a time when the International Conference on Deepening and Sustaining Democracy in Asia was kicked off in Paro. Government was quick to blame the Bhutanese Maoists based in Nepal even before the investigation and nobody has taken the responsibility yet.

    Who is behind such heinous crime? What is the intention? Why such incident takes place coinciding with special events? These are some of the questions of everybody’s concern….. But the innocent are paying the price.