Saranarthi Sarokar reaches eastern Nepal


Kathmandu, October 30: Bhutan Media Society has starting relaying its valley-based weekly radio programs to eastern Nepal coving all camps, some districts of India and Bhutan’s border from October 18.

“Now each episode of Saranarthi Sarokar from Nepal FM Network, Kathmandu, is liked to Ganatantra FM, Dharan, via satellite exchange,” said Bhutan Media Society (BMS) in a statement. (Listen to the first episode)

Bhutan Media Society decided to air programs from eastern Nepal to inform the camp residents on current affairs, history, and governance, role of media, new democracy and post-resettlement issues among others.

According to BMS, with partial support from Ganga Neupane resettled in Arizona, it will broadcast weekly radio programs from both the radio stations for at least six months.

“It depends on our financial status to extend the programs after six months,” says program producer Vidhyapati Mishra.

“If we get a sponsor to support 100 USD monthly, we can continue the radio program forever,” added Mishra.

According to BMS, Sarokar was forced to discontinue from Pathibhara FM last year after broadcasting for four months since it couldn’t find any sponsor for the air time cost.

“Our new site will archive all episodes of Saranarthi Sarokar for the Bhutanese Diaspora and other listeners,” said BMS statement.