Beldangi, Sanischare get new secretaries


The two-day elections of camp management committee (CMC) of Beldangi and Sanischare camp have completed Thursday electing Sangchahang Subba from Beldangi and Pratap Subba as Camp Secretaries.

Newly elected Beldangi Secretary Subba and Deputy Camp Secretary Binu Chhetri (Picture: TB Chhetri/BNS)

In today’s Beldangi election, 28-year-old Sangchahang secured 97 votes out of some 290 voters defeating five other candidates for the same post. He was serving as Chief of Camp Watch Team (CWT).

The outgoing Camp Secretary, Dhan Bir Subba, was his immediate contestant with 74 votes followed by Kumar Thapa (62 votes), Chandra Tiwari (32 votes), Rohit Mahat (23 votes) and Mon Bahadur Mongar (9 votes).

“My first priority includes making the camp environment more secure and peaceful for living,” Sangchahang told BNS over telephone.

“As a young secretary, I will have a lot of challenges in managing the camp. So, I need supports from every corner,” added he.

Pratap Subba

Man Dhoj Gurung and Binu Chhetri were elected Deputy Camp Secretaries for three Beldangi camps, the former to represent Beldangi-I camp.

While in Sanischare, veteran singer Pratap Subba has been elected the Camp Secretary. Subba has also served in the same post in the past.

Election officials from the government and UNHCR  restricted mediapersons from entering into the election hall.


  1. Lots of thanks for your kind services to our people. I know it is easy to blame to camp management committee, but the challenges and hardship they have to gone through is immeasurable.

    Not only this but also, this is their volunteer contribution, which could never be underestimated. Thanks to all volunteers for your efforts and contribution to the Bhutanese people .

    God is with you!

  2. I don’t think that Sancha will control the camp.He just know how hurt people.He don’t know how control camp in peace way.

  3. La hai sathi ho be Camp secretary and eat Bhagara and be thagara n stay in the camp forever, that’s ur life. When more than 70 percent of the people are enjoying the luxurious life in the well developed countries. U guys go on fighting for the rice and lentil for surviving. We r really achieving so much after being in the relocated countries. Many of us bought home, cars and all the electronic gadgets.
    U freckin guys think that’s the best of ur life. Many of us got citizenship and many of us r doing medicines, engineering and space program.
    But u guys r still fighting for the post of camp secretary , and the post of camp committee member, that’s ur life. Be happy with that . To be content is some kind of satisfaction and is partly achieving what one feel to do in life. If u r happy with what u have that’s contentment and there lies ur happiness, I don’t have any qualm about it. But otherwise u guys are lacking behind because of ur late resettlement.
    U will certainly regret for not coming on time for the resettlement. Any way lead ur life whatever way u like.
    Good luck guys . Enjoy life.

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