Rupesh Dhimal and Khem Mishra win Men’s Double Ping-Pong Championship

Rupesh Dhimal (left) and Khem Mishra. Photo/Bhuwan Gautam.

Druk International Shito Ryu Karate Do Association, Inc (DISKA) successfully organized one-day pingpong men’s double championship on November 13 at it’s Harrisburg dozo.

“Pingpong provides self-space for Bhutanese youths when they come and have fun, make connections, and ultimately develop support system and leadership. Youths are taking leadership roles in planning and executing the events”, said Robin Gurung who coordinated the event.

Gurung further added that they hope to create environment for community development to mental health needs no therapeutic platform.

“DISKA is more than just a community-based karate initiative. Youths are welcome to use the facility for any youth sports”, Ran Rai, DISKA founder and chief coach said.

Thirty-six participants played. The registration fee of $25 was collected among the participants.

According to Manish Chamling, nine hundred dollars from the event proceed will be donated to DISKA.

Guru Subedi, CEO of Relevant Home Care, Parshu Adhikari, Sister’s grocery, Biswanath Chettri, and Kumar Subba had sponsored the event financially.

Meantime, Dozo Guru Nim Dorji thanked participants and announced that men/womens single championship is scheduled for January 2022. Mr. Dorji also announced that DISKA will organize interstate pingpong competition in summer 2022.

Robin Gurung/Mohan Adhikari took the third place. Prakash Pyakurel/Santosh Timsina were the runner-up.

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