Royals arrive in India


The fifth King, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, and her majesty the Gyaltsuen arrived in the Indian capital of New Delhi on a weeklong state visit, Wednesday.

The royals

While in India, Khesar is scheduled to grace the Indian Republic Day celebrations as Chief Guest.

Besides calling on the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the monarch is also scheduled sign a few deals on hydropower, reported various Indian media.

His father, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, was the chief guest at the Republic Day parade in 2005.


  1. Long Live our King and Queen.Because of their hard work and dedication towards our country we are living in our special dream.He will be a great Chief Guest of this giant nation in South Asia.We are proud that India respect Bhutan internal sovereignty.Indians have always respect to Bhutanese people and we are great neighbors. Thanks India!!!

  2. We claim Bhutan as a democratic country, but still these Wangchucks(kings) are signing big big deals and treaties with other countries.

    If we have people power in Bhutan why not our own representative signed and make deals and aggrements, why these single dynesty of Wangchucks have to be concerned.

    To be honest, I don’t want to be ruled by king or a single dynesty- I want to see some one from my Sharshops community or some one nominated by public to represent my nation not this bullshit monarch(Wangchucks).

    It is all waste of our taxes and resources on them.

    Tashi Delek !

  3. India knows- it is easy to persuade Wangchucks(Single dynasty) than to persuade elected government, that is why Wangchucks are handy for Indian to do big big deals on which they get huge advantages over our National resources and International politics.

    As Sangay stated- I also agree, we Bhutanese need to be more aware and conscious on what treaties and deals this Monarch are signing with India to save their power and position.

  4. The beautiful Sikkim of denzongpas become migrant state of Nepali from Nepal.
    Nepal the only hindu Kingdom of the world is ruling by Behari President and the genuine nepali political leaders have became puppet of migrant political party for their vested interest.
    So we are proud of Bhutan and King.

  5. Ram Bahadur Lamchanay Gurung, is some thing wrong with you to make such statement on my country? Listen my friend, you name sounds like Nepali ethnic Bhutanese, but your attitude seems like you are still in a jungle. Wake up my friend you are still kept isolated.

    We are proud that, we at least, give freedom to people. We fight to establish a nation of diversity where every individual practice their rights on language, customs, and represent their own people. In my country Nepal people are treated like people- they aren’t controlled by government on what they wear, what language they speak, what they views they express.

    We people from Nepal are very proud that we destroyed the power of single Shah dynasty (Same Monarch like yours). Now our military and public places are run by the government of people, not by a single generational power like your monarch.

    And yes, now our nation is a nation of every single religion, we have big big Buddhist stupas and monasteries, churches, temples, and mosque. We granted absolute freedom on the practice of religion, we have great respect on freedom of speech. We value people from all ethnicity as Nepali citizen. What ever he/she looks like — Indian, Tibetan, or Pakistani. A great example is- we have our president who speak “Maithili”( language from Mithila) and looks like Indian, but we are proud of him and and so he does. Because he is elected by people from Nepal.

    Where as your monarch never tolerate other religions? Today also, many Christian are not safe in your nation, they faces lot of discrimination and humiliation. Nepali ethic people are still treated as Immigrants, but another immigrants from Tibet(Wangchucks) are enjoying the power in your nation.

    Do you have a single mosque in your nation? Do you allow Nepali language classes in your nation? Every single aspect from language to dress-code, from religion to political believes are controlled by your ruling authority (Wangchucks). isn’t it ridiculous 😉 ?

    In addition to that, till today, every treaty and deal are signed by your monarch, sounds like you people are not capable to handle that. How irony is that?

    I know you guys are still living in a locked down country where the influence and resources of outside world rarely touch your ears- let me know what is your arguments on this topics-

    What is your points on President Obama? Whose father was born in Kenya, who looks like African, but ruling the country of White people. If American are narrow minded and foolish like you frogs, they might not voted him to become president of USA for two-two times.

    All these evidences clearly reflect how you are raised, how you are taught, and how you are ruled by your Monarch. Still proud on your monarch? They keep enjoying and celebrating your monarch, your life worth that.

    No offense for other educated and kind fellow Bhutanese.

  6. Hello Om ashang,

    WHY scared mountain SAGAMATA IS CRYING(snow melting) IN Nepal ? Why fellow nepali is killing fellow innocent Nepalis for the past 10-15 years ?Where is your freedom ? Democracy ? and human rights ? Majority poor innocent people are still suffering and cunning and rich people are enjoying luxury life in Nepal. Yes corruption,murder ,kidnapping and communal tension has increased by many fold instead of democracy,human rights and freedom.
    So my dear friend…please do remember..when you point one finger to other ,rest fingers are always remain pointing towards you.
    We are happy with king,we are enjoying the democracy with dignified manner and we all are equally treated in Bhutan. ..No..discrimination in caste creed and religion like in Nepal other words NO BAWAN.. CHETTRI.. KAMI AND DAMAI. etc.

  7. Thanks! you respond me. At-least you write something that make some sense, but what you have to tell about president Obama?. You haven’t answered my any questions.

    Second, you also haven’t answered me what makes your generational monarch a head of a country, is it just because their grand grand parents were kings ? Or you guys don’t have any other educated and intellectual Bhutanese to represent the people ? Or you guys don’t trust in your votes?

    Third, When I visited the refugee camp in Nepal during the verification process, I found thousands and thousand of Bhutanese with genuine documents, testaments, and other proofable elements – to claim their Bhutanese nationality, but why your government is still ignoring them?

    You also stated you are equally treated in Bhutan- but why are Nepali speaking Bhutanese are denied to learn their mother tongue(Nepali)? I also came to know that Sharshopas having the second largest population were compelled to practice and follow Naglongs(Monarch dynasty) dialect, dress code, religion faith. And my final question- How you could define the faith of Sharshop over their religious leader- the reincarnation of Shabdrung ?

    To response to your question-I do agree with what you are saying about recent Nepal. It is 100 % true- “Majority poor innocent people are still suffering and cunning and rich people are enjoying luxury life in Nepal.” But these evidences exposed only after freedom of speech and expression prevails in Nepal. Before, our monarch does stated like your monarch now- “our country is happiest place in earth, our people have freedom, we have practice human rights, every ethnicity are treated equally, bla bla bla…… which are in-fact their lies.

    It is truth that Nepali killed Nepali, but for the sake of good. For the sake of justice, and for equality. People in power and rich people used to control our finances, resources, and infrastructure from poorer, and uneducated people, but the revolution of 10 years (which you stated as war) had totally destroy the monarch and almost paralyzed the monopoly of wealthy people.

    To be honest monarch always lies and find a way to remain in power for ever.