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Rongthong gets freedom of movement

Dec 27: The Delhi High Court has issued verdict in favor of allowing Rongthong Kunley Dorji to travel anywhere on December 21.

The court had earlier issued a stay order on the extradition proceedings in the District Court against Rongthong Kunley Dorji on December 10. Dorji was restricted from traveling outside Delhi till then.

Dorij expressed happiness regarding the latest updates and expressed his willingness to travel to Nepal and talk with exiled Bhutanese.

His lawyer V. H. Ohri said the Indian government failed to substantiate the allegations on Dorji and extradite him to Bhutan. He was optimistic that freedom granted to Dorji will help strengthen democratic struggle in Bhutan.

Dorij was arrested in 1997 from Delhi while he was in lobby mission as requested by the Bhutanese government. International pressure compelled Indian government to proceed with its extradition plans.

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