Resettled Bhutanese died in road accident in Adelaide


Indra Bahadur Sunwar, a newly arrived Bhutanese senior died in hospital after he was hit by a car in Adelaide on February 3.

Police had rushed critically injured Sunwar to Flinders Hospital and was admitted at the Intensive and Critical Care Unit when he was hit by a car while crossing road near his house at 8.30 am on February 1.

Late Sunwar hailed from Samchi Bhutan and was living in Beldangi II Extension  Sector A4, Hut No. 100 in Jhapa, Nepal.He along with his family was initially resettled in Darwin on July 5 and was relocated in Adelaide last month.

According to family source, his body is retained by the police for further investigation.

The Bhutanese community in Adelaide is preparing for his funeral which is likely to take place later this week.

He is survived by his wife, two daughters, sons-in-law and grand children.


  1. Ophs!It is a heartlamenting news about the road accident involved with death of a Bhutanese in Adelaide.However not only today but I often remain both shocked and surprised while, I hear such ignorant people hunted to death by motorvehicles in the core countries of resettlement. I guess the cause of the road accident primarily is lack of basic traffic knowledge( especially indulged with uneducated, aged and physically/mentally retarded groups) to identify the various traffic signs, road markings and traffic lights.Secondary reason could be the trafic rule which prioritizes the cars to drive cross the Zebra crossing,instead of pedestrains. So perhaps such unexpected traffic hazards occur while there goes insufficient communication (eye contact ) between pedestrains and drivers.In totality, the one and only solution to safeguard our people is to help every New Arrival with proper ideas to maintain traffic safety to some extent. Let the bereaved family of the deceased get courage to tolerate the loss and Let the departed soul rest with peace in paradise.

    Hem Gurung,

  2. Thi is a very sad news for all of us. I send my prayers for the departed soul to rest in peace and best wishes to the family.
    At this hour of need I think all of us from Australia wish the people of Addelaide all the best to overcome this tragedy.

    In such hour of need people from all walks to life, big and small, old and youngs and from all background should unite to council the family members and work in harmony.

    Second part of the issue is how best the settlement agencies are providing onshore orientation on arrival to the new people on road safety?

    There seems to be a need for BASA to inform the HSS providers to jointly organise the intensive orientation on arrival to new people.
    This may be in the new contract of HSS starting from April 2011 in Australia.

    I hope all will go well and we will not loose anymore life by accidents.
    All the best

  3. It’s sad to read the news of tragic death of Indra Bahadur Sunwar, a newly arrived Bhutanese senior who died in hospital after he was hit by a car in Adelaide, on February 3.

    Bhutan News Service needs to understand the fact that this website is viewed worldwide, and it must not assume that every reader in the world, knows in what country Adelaide is located. By reading comments by readers, I was able to get impression that this place is located somewhere in Australia. Can BNS please inform its readers in what country this tragedy took place?

    Hem Gurung from Nordreisa, Norway, could be right by assuming that this tragic, incident and other tragic incidents in which auto vehicles were involved, lack of knowledge of traffic rules, was the reason behind. However, I have personal knowledge of an incident in Massachusetts, USA, in which, two young resettled Bhutanese young ladies got hit by a speeding car and broke their legs. These Bhutanese young ladies were crossing the road on a crosswalk, but an old lady (About 82-year old) pressed the gas pedal by mistake, instead of brake pedal. That driver of the car admitted her fault to the Police, and the Police issued her citation.

    I think it is too early to form an opinion, and to place blame that the victim did not follow traffic rules and that is why this tragedy took place. Nobody knows the details of that incident yet.

    Many Americans, who were born here in America, have died in car accidents. Many of them died as result of their own fault and many of them have died as a result of other peoples fault.

    Getting education on local traffic rules and laws, surely is a great idea, but how this education will help when some drunk driver loses control of his car, and hits people around him?

    Another thing, many of us already know the fact that more people die every day, in Nepal or Bhutan in car accidents than here in America, or there in Australia. Many die in car accidents in Nepal or Bhutan because no police or Ambulance arrived at the accident site to offer any help to the victim for hours.

    The death of Indra Bahadur Sunwar is a great tragedy. Let us all pray to God for the victim, and hope victim’s family will find strength to deal with this great loss and tragedy. And let us hope no other human dies or injures in an auto accident.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA.

  4. Dear reader, i appreciate what shahid had written.There is more organization of bhutanes all over the world and we need to help our community.I don’t know the fact behind this incident and i don’t know the mistakes of whose( driver’s or pedestrian’s).He was resettled there just 9 months before so may be he was lack about traffic rule or the mistake made by the overspeed driver.Hope BNS will bring the fact about this so that all reader can read and understand .There are many elderly uneducated people who resettled different countries so they don’t know the traffic rules and other rules so what i can say is that educated one can help him/her who is sitting nearby.

    It is a great tragic by the death of indra bdr sunwar.Let us pray to God for the victim.Hope the God will give courage to the sunwar’s family .