Rizal smells Bhutan’s hands in Khadka murder


USA, Sept 15: Breaking his long silence over the fragile security inside refugee camps in Nepal, senior human rights leader Tek Nath Rizal has strongly urged the government of Nepal to beef up the security system in camps.

Speaking to BNS-run radio program ‘Saranarthi Sarokar’ (Refugee Concern) in Kathmandu Nepal, Rizal even showed about the possibilities of Bhutan government’s hand in stab-to-death of popular social activist K. B. Khadka on September 8.

Our Norway correspondent Ramesh Gautam converted the main theme of Rizal’s audio interview into texts. Experts.

How did you feel when you hear about the murder of social activist Khadka?
I was sad to hear the news regarding the murder of Khadka. This is a serious issue. Actually, many refugees are killed in the camps. Never a free investigation has been carried on to arrest and punish the culprit. I request the Nepalese administration to take appropriate measures to book the culprit. Not only to me, this has brought a strong trigger on many. We all should help the government of Nepal to make proper investigation about the incident.

Will the administration now take strong measures to bring the culprit to police net?
We should not say that the administration will not do anything. It must act promptly and do something. Even when former American ambassador to Nepal was stonned in Damak, many were of different opinions about the cause behind.

Even the human rights activists were blamed. Bhutanese Maoists were thought to be involved. But no culprit was arrested or punished. It is said that some important figures of the former camp management committee were involved in this issue. It is a matter of serious concern that the persons involved were not arrested.

Meanwhile, an unknown group has recently warned the Bhutanese leaders of stern physical actions if they fail to launch strong programs for return home process. It is not known who is doing these all. It is due to the negligence of the administration that these sorts of unruly activities are occupying greater space inside camps.

You even met the Nepalese Prime Minister recently. You have been meeting with officials at the Home affairs in the government of Nepal. What are their responses?

Tek Nath Rizal in deep look. File photo/TP Mishra
Leader Tek Nath Rizal in deep look in front of his temporary residence in Kathmandu. File photo/TP

We have been requesting the authorities to take strong steps when many such criminal acts have been gaining a good momentum. What has also been heard is that this murder has not been done from within the camp; some outsiders are involved. Who has been using them as weapons? Is Bhutan not backing them? It had been said that Bhutan had strong role behind the murder of R. K. Budhathoki, founder president of Bhutan People’s Party.

Is it not a ploy being played by the government of Bhutan to spread threats on the people to eventually blame them of the cause? Not only this murder, all other past issues should be carefully studied and dealt by the government of Nepal.

Do you think the security situation should be reviewed and made stronger inside refugee camps?
There has been no any security in the camps. I do not know what problem is with Nepal government regarding the security for the refugees in camps. Many have fled owing to weak security status, many are killed and many have commited suicide. No compentiation has been provided yet. Is it not that the social activits and those advocating for repartiation are under injustice? I will meet the Home Minister of Nepal soon and talk about the matter.

Do you not think that those who are advocating of repatriation are targeted?
From the very beginning, efforts have been made to make calumnies of those who are advocating for repatriation or to hurt them. American ambassador was stoned and the office of International Organisation for Migration (IOM) was bombed but later on even human rights activists were blamed. This is a sad part. UNHCR should talk strongly with government of Nepal Government. This is the responsibility of the UNHCR.

There are many who are devoted to social activities in the camps. There is the need of camp management committee for daily works to be kept on going with acceleration. Will these people not be compelled to opt for Third Country Resettlement owing to the situations like this?
The situation of compulsion has already been made by the UNHCR because those who have not filled the forms for resettlement are denied medicines even in the hospitals. The schools are getting closed. A child does not know when his father is going for resettlement but he/she is deprived of his right to education. The situation has become much critical today. The camp secretaries who are working as per the guidelines of the UNHCR are to raise voices for their security with it.

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  1. Stop giving unnecessary publicity to Rizal, we know he can do nothing for refugees and we really don’t want to hear him. Ask him what he can do for refugees? Only thing he can do is go and meet corrupt and useless Nepali leaders who have betrayed refugees by giving false assurances of going back home for a long time now. Stop this unwanted publicity of a […]. May be give a chance to speak to one of camp secretaries who are so close to refugees and really represent them.

  2. And Rizal should learn to be thankful to agencies like the UNHCR for assisting the refugees so long and not blame it for every little lunacy of murderers who have been condoned and supported by Rizal all along. His irritating blaming of the UNHCFR only confirms the Bhutanese government’s claim that Bhutanese people bite the hands that feeds them. […]

  3. True,it is a useless waste of time going and begging the Nepalese politicians for any support.

    As far as Rizal is concerned, he is still a symbol of the Bhutanee movement and I respect him. His contributions and his stories in the Bhutanese movent will far outlast anybody’s. But leaders are no wonder kids. They cannot do anything by themselves alone. It is the community that can make a leader great or unmake him. Unfortunately, on the Bhutanese case we have not learned to be sympathetic about them, especially Mr. Rizal.

  4. It is time we become a bit realistic rather than sounding like an old rusted drum. In my view, it is absolutely ridiculous to blame Bhutan for the death of RK Budhathoki or KB Khadga. Why don’t we look behind our sallow imagination and say things what they are so that there MAY BE some ways our society can improve? Almost every one knows why RK was killed – his behaviours as a leader, his dealings with the community, some of his corrupt supporters who widely played on him and of course personal greed. And KB Khadga -, he is not killed just because he was a social worker or a leader. There could be series of other things behind the murder. Instead of spreading all kinds of dubious theory or personal propaganda, pin point the problem and address it.

  5. Hey guyz!
    f0rming leopards,elephants,g0ats,m0nkeys,snacks,dogs watever u can’t do nothing never n ever.
    If u wanna do real thing go n do it in bhutan.Do great n deep momment in bhutan n so to this world about u r changes in bhutan.
    N only u all are leapord.
    plz do not do in camps in camps all are our poor mum n dad,huts with kharka chana,k garnu guyz camp ma badmas garera…..
    […] advice bhaiharulai especially camp ka young babu harulai plz think u r future..don’t do illigal things in camp becoz we have spend our 17 yrs of terrible life in camp so plz do good reputation [….]

  6. Waha!
    Mr.Rizal smelt only rats and no cats?
    Rizal never wanted the sons and daughters of ordinary refugees to be better in terms of benifits,employment or financial status.He wanted only his relatives to be better and superior.
    One more thing n his radio interview he said he gave money from his pocket to the people in Jhapa.
    As a leader of refugees did Rizal understand the sentiments of the poor man ?
    Do everyone smell a BIG RAT on Rizal’s intentions here?

    Media should not promote [….] and short sighted leaders like Rizal.I suggest the Saranarthi Sarokar family to bring the real difficulty faced by ordinary refugees in the camp.If the sarokar program truely represents the Voice of the Voiceless then you get feedbacks from the unorganised mass from the camp .No leaders speak the feelings of the innocent refugees in the camps.
    best of luck.

  7. It is effortless to blame the leaders. Tek Nath rizal scarifies his whole life for the betterment of Bhuanese refugees. I think he paid off the dept if he had taken from the Bhutanese refugees . He never cares about the financial situation of his family rather he goes for helping the Bhutanese refugees who comes to his temporary residence every now and then. It is need less to tell that he wants his relatives and families to be superior.
    It is the leader with whom media should approach if anything happens in his perifery . I didn’t see media had done anything wrong for that. I think Rizal is not popular because of media rather he is popular by his devotion and commitment for the Bhutanese moment. Bhutanese refugees reached different part of the world due to leader’s advocacy but still they have not stopped to blame them. I think Rizal is also the leader of those who wants to repatriate. Refugees have their own choice whether to go for third country resettlement or repatriation. He has not close the door of the people who have chosen for third country resettlement. If you really want to blame then blame yourself who have done nothing for the Bhutanese movement.

  8. Dear administrator, I have been closely working with the Bhutanese refugee problem since more than a decade. Also I am a regular visitor of BNS and APFA news. Today I was shocked to read that Bhutanese refugees are blaming their veteran leader hiding their ID, and I felt writing something to speak on his behalf

    Replying to Kamal
    Respected Kamal as you mentioned that it is useless to meet with Nepalese leaders to talk about Bhutanese refugees’ issues but Nepal is the host country to give shelter for refugees so refugee community must make happy to the Nepalese authorities and political leader for their safety, security of the refugees. Due to the continuous effort of Bhutanese refugees leader in Nepal, recent government is giving priority to the Bhutanese refugees issues to its common minimum program and policy and program of the government. In the recent visit of Madhab Kumar Nepal to India, he raised the issues of Bhutanese refugees to his counterpart due to the request of the Bhutanese refugees’ leader.
    Those people who don’t see the contribution of refugee leader they must ask themselves, what they did for the movement. I request all of you to come with real ID to debate on the refugee problem and our debate must pressurize the dictator king of Bhutan to bring him the international criminal court to charge crime against humanity.
    Replying to bhotangey
    Respected Bhotangey, Of course UNHCR is the only source of hope of the refugees but one important things is UNHCR in Nepal is not only to feed and resettle the refugee, its main objective is to provide safety and security of the refugee. People are killing day by day and UNHCR is not ready to send any fact finding mission and even it is not ready to issue press statement. We must request UNHCR to be serious in such type of case coz UNHCR can pressurize the concern stake holder easily. However our demand should be very diplomatic.
    Replying to Nilik
    Respected Nilik, We simply imagine the hand behind the murder of refugees’ leader in different way but we shouldn’t forget that the agent of Bhutanese kings’ presence in Nepal is terrible. I have found many people working for Bhutan. Few months before I have met the Nepalese guy who tell me that he get more than fifty thousand rupees per months just sending the archive of news publish in Nepali media regarding Bhutanese issues.
    As you know that Nepal is in the transitional stage and security situation is fragile and hardcore criminal are enjoying with red carpet of impunity. Professional killers may use by Bhutanese authority to murder the people. As I found numbers of Bhutanese agents in Nepal even I am not feeling safe in my soil.

    Replying to Abinash
    Please be careful to choose language before blaming anybody. We should respect the honor and dignity of individual. Mr. Rizal is the only Bhutanese refugees who got Especial consultant (ECOSOC) status from UN human rights committee.
    So the entire world know that he is not only the refugees leader but alo the human rights leaders of the world
    Replying to Kalpa and Saila
    I think most of you are there due to the TCR program. But have you ever think that how the concept of TCR started? Mr. Rizal started sit-in-demand program in front of UN building and SAARC secretariat in Kathmandu for more than 7 months and probably it was the longest sit in demand program in front of UN around the world. Hearing this news many journalist delegates and other international stakeholders visit Nepal and they homework themselves and they come to conclusion to resettle the refugee. However Rizal was only advocating in the favor of repatriation. But it was not possible at that time and they decided to resettle the refugee. Indirectly the credit of the TCR goes to Mr. Rizal.
    Mr. Rizal strongly respects the rights of individual, and he don’t interfere the personnel life of the other people, including his relatives, friends, and family members.
    He just gives advice but not dictate anybody. You are in the western world and you know the value of the individual rights. After crossing 18 years one can do whatever he/she like, there are no any roles of parents’ guardian to son and daughter. Same things you can see in the life of Mr. Rizal.
    As far as people are alleging that Rizal is earning money in the name of refugees, we are closely working with him for more than half decade and we know how he is surviving. He had hard life before, but we suggested him to write some books. He wrote mind blowing books and he is able to sell more than fifteen thousand copies of his three books and this money is sufficient to advocate him for the Bhutanese cause. Due to his transparent nature we the Nepalese community build a social network of more than hundreds peoples and raise the levy three hundreds a months to help him and his cause. Our small contribution and his sales of publications survive the sit in demand program for such a long time. How we feel happy to assist Mr. Rizal because of his transparency of his every sphere of works. Even till this date he is honestly inform us even if he get support of a kg of rice from his well wishers. We are struggling for life with more than 2.5 core of Nepali and I don’t know any single Neplease leaders who are transparent as like Mr. Rizal. That’s why we are happy to support him. Please come with your real ID that if he misuses any fund of refugees and the fund allocated for the refugee till this date. Otherwise dont blame in such a balseless way.
    Regarding his house cases in Anarmani, he got profit from his sixth edition of Nirvanas and he used that money to build two rooms with Jasta pata roof top.
    Mr. Rizal is not only the property of Bhutanese refugees; he is also the property of South Asian block. Today every political leaders of the world who take interest about south Asian block know the contribution of Mr. Rizal. You guys must generate some innovative idea to cash his popularity to advocate refugees’ problem
    Replying to Leopard
    If you are married and if you have son and daughter of the age of 18 they are not in your control and they can do whatever they like. That is their individual rights. You don’t have rights to interfere their life. This is the beauty of human rights and it applied also to the Rizal’s case. Until and unless Mr. Rizal resettles it is illogical to blame in that way.

    Raju Thapa
    [email protected]

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