Rizal says, he is in open prison in Kathmandu


Senior human rights activist Tek Nath Rizal has recently accused the present Government of Nepal (GoN) of making him hostage in Kathmandu.

Tek Nath Rizal
Tek Nath Rizal

In a letter addressed to the Nepalese Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) on August 30, 66-years-old activist said his movement has been confined to just within Kathmandu as he has been denied of refugee identity card, and travel document.

According to Rizal, who has been diagnosed of chronic diabetes and high blood pressure, he has even not been able to travel to India or abroad for his treatment without identity card and travel document.

Nepal had issued him travel document years back, but his every request to renew the document was denied by a number of governments.

The Rizal’s letter requested the MoHA to understand his ‘pathetic’ conditions, and continue all possible supports for his survival.

According to Rizal, GoN has stopped providing the logistic supports that he had been getting to maintain his daily living in Kathmandu.

Following resettlement of his children in Canada in 2009, activist Rizal and his wife, Kaushila, have been living in Lalitpur for last 12 years.


  1. TN Rizal is “A man”, who scarified his ministerial level job and royal class lifestyle while raising voice for ordinary, poor, and minority Bhutanese for their justice, freedom, and human rights.

    His scarifies and his suffering are immeasurable to all of us. He is a kind leader but not successful. If he and some of our seniors were not there, we would be still suffering under the monopoly of Jigme and his bureaucrats. Credit go to- Om Lama.

  2. Kismat,
    I would say the same thing if I agreed with your aggression and ingratitude of being cared as victimized Bhutanese. As Kuber Poudel Chhetri mentioned, many hungry are filled with the bounty and forget the causes of good raising hands against the benefactors. It is so cruel!

    You look like the man that carried his father to the den in thick forest to leave him there to die. In your time, your son should do the same to you, in following the custom of your choice…

  3. I don’t care whatever people say to me. But I have no respect to those so called leaders because of whose vision less mission and vested interest make innocent people refugee. Instead of making unnecessary statements on media it’s better they resettle in the west and start wiping bums to make their living. Plenty of people happy to live with one meal a day in bhutan rather than to live in despair in the west !!! I am sorry if my statements hurts someone’s sentiments !!!

  4. I may have some blood of Wangchuck in my vein, but the move of Rizal from South for the chance, equality, and, freedom in Bhutan will be always be in my history.

    How much he suffer, and much he loss? History will fold one day. Rizal is not the greatest and the most visionary leader, but he is one of a kind.

    Peace people, I always love Bhutan and you Bhutanese folks, but I can’t tolerate Monarch any where- here In India or in Bhutan.