Rizal publishes booklet in Dzongkha


Tek Nath Rizal, president of Peoples forum for Human rights in Bhutan, released a Booklet in Dzongkha that chronicles his brief life history and how Bhutan as a nation is besieged by a corruption. The Booklet was released on May 14, coinciding the Buddha Purnima, Buddhist’s auspicious day.

In booklet, he has paid the respect to first Zhabdrung Nagwang Namgyal, the father of Bhutan for founding the nation as we know now as ‘Bhutan’ and subsequent Monarchs for protecting and preserving our small nation as sovereign country in the world.

He has also asked people of Bhutan to have immense gratitude to late Jawarlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India, for extending financial assistance to Bhutan socio-economic development and progress. Bhutan is where it is now because of India’s assistance and friendship, claimed Rizal.

Rizal said, “Corruption was rampant during my tenure as Royal Advisory Councilor. I witnessed the embezzlement of developmental aid fund by the members of royal family and council of ministers.”

What he saw was that ministers were both businessman and public servants. Because of this duality of duties, every governmental plan and projects were design to benefits their company or their relatives in business.

He also explained how refugee crisis was created in first place and their continual denial of justice.

Rizal appealed every Bhutanese citizens to preserve, protect the independence and territorial integrity and  sovereignty of country so that it can bequeathed to future generation as it has been handed by earlier generation.

Rizal’s books, Nirbasan, From Palace to Prison and Torture Killing Me Softly, are widely circulated in various in Nepal, India and different western countries.

Contributed by Karma Duptho for BNS from Kathmandnu