Rizal launches personal site; readers to access his books free of cost


Human rights leader, Tek Nath Rizal, has launched his personal website in an attempt to make the world community aware about mind control and torture practices in Bhutan.

Rizal and other guest speakers in the program

Friends of Bhutan Cordinator, Dhruva Joshi, set the site online amidst a program organized jointly by Nepal FM Network and Bhutan Media Society on Wednesday.

“I am optimistic that the site will give access to all my documents so that they get opportunity to understand on mind control and torture practices in Bhutan,” Rizal said while addressing the program. Currently readers can download the electronic version of Torture Killing Me Softly from his personal website, www.teknathrizal.com.  Other books will be gradually made available in the web for readers around the globe, he added.

Deepak Adhikari, a Nepali journalist who has been reporting the issue of exiled Bhutanese since its beginning, presented his experience of editing the Torture Killing Me Softly in its second edition.

Addressing the program, Joshi expressed his continuous commitment for the Bhutanese refugee issue. “The Friends of Bhutan is always ready to demonstrate in any forms to make the dreams of exiled Bhutanese come true,” Joshi said.

According to Joshi, the little contribution his group had made in publishing the book would attain its goal when readers around the globe read free copies of Rizal’s books.

Meanwhile, historian Dr. Surendra KC blamed the Government of Nepal and Nepali citizens of failing to resolve the long-standing issue.

“The Nepalis, who have been regarded as brave and masterminds in various historic events during the past, have failed to repatriate our fellow Bhutanese to their hometowns,” KC said.


  1. Wow!

    Now we can definitely go back to Bhutan. This is what we had been waiting for!

    Thank you Dasho (Lyonpo?) Rizal. I also did hear that the Bhutanese government has been shaking with fear since the launch of this website. Scary times for those despots.

  2. Rizalji has never changed his opinion on Bhutanese politics and/ for Bhutanese. He still eying Bhutanese as he was elected as a public representative three decades ago.Now, he is starting his personal site for Bhutanese movement, may be that’s great but landing with mind control torture device is not appropriate because I know him personally since in Chemgang, Thimpu.
    Be fair and make politics fair. Cheating and/ trying to escape with what you do is not what Rizal used to call as “satellite torture”. The things he needs to know is Bhutanese suffering and Bhutanese politics not his suffering.
    That’s what he needs to deserve.
    Rizalji, if you can’t control your anger; you are welcome to spill at [email protected] so that I can expose or reveal what and who is Rizal in Bhutanese political movement.

  3. The content of the websites needs serious editing. TN Rizal sir needs serious guidance from our Bhutanese intellectual circle- be it for writing his speech or article or writing content of the websites. Writing in websites like “bring king and his henchmen in justice, either in The Hague or another suitable venue” will be considered as joke and a self insult. This is like angry old men pointing fingers whenever he is disgruntled with petty issues. First of all you are old and sick. You have not won international support, you have no strong Bhutanese Diaspora, you have not won the sympathy of India, USA, Japan and other donor country. So how can you bluntly published in your websites that you will bring them in Hague. Don’t you think this is silly? Please do immediately edit content in the websites at least to protect the prestige of hundred thousand Bhutanese. At-least for face shaving of young generation (future Bhutanese) leaders. This movement has to go on and you need to leave us good legacy!
    TN Rizal sir, please do not get carried away with the advice of your some Nepali advisor like Joshi or Adhikari. Entire Bhutanese prestige lies in your words and deeds. You should create Bhutanese intellectual circle and seek advice before writing anything, be it for press conference, creating websites or publishing article in the news paper.
    People you may always trust and seek guidance are: RP Subba, Dick Chhetri, Mohan Tamang, Durga Giri, Govinda Rizal, Dhruva Rizal, Jogen Gazmere, Tika Adhikari , Tek Bir Chhetri, Ram Karki etc in addition to what you have now.
    Please leave good legacy to the new generation before you retired from your life.
    Diplomatic leaders with clear vision are what we all are indeed of!

  4. Doing something is better than doing nothing. People need to listen to Rizal now becasue he is doing something. And the same people will listen to Om ji, LaoitiSrijang ji and bla…bla…ji in future if they too come up with something like Rizal.
    Personal vendetta at the leadership circle has been the number one factor of the failure of the Bhutanese democratic/repatriation movement.
    Good luck Dasho Rizal.

  5. This is a time to make consorted efforts to delve the ugly crimes perpetrated by the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGOB). But I don’t know who is Laotis and his motives behind making flouting comments on the mind control torture device. I don’t know for sure but the despotic government was hell bent to do anything on power to crush the Human rights issues- a non-issue. For instance, it used to hire the thugs across the borders to thrash the Lhotshampas. Supply with Bhutan brewed wines and money to the Indian security forces to smuggle the Bhutanese citizens to torture in the Bhutanese jails.
    Enough injustices were done to us in order to cloud the Human Rights issue and propagated the world that the Kings are so benevolent, who can dispense the justice to the people.
    In the given scenario, the collective efforts should be made from all the Bhutanese people to say’ nay’ to the draconian policies of the RGOB.
    I pray the entire individuals will come forward to support our leaders specially Dasho Rizal to his efforts to expose the interior motives of the Government. And finally I wish to see people’s voice prevail.
    DB Adhikari

  6. Yes suman tamang has written the thing that is most needed now.
    Yes we need a leader like TN Rijal.We also need to build on a circle around him that gives good direction to our future generations (where ever they are)
    I really liked Sumanji idea- thank you

  7. I, as a resettled Bhutanese would like to say that, it’s the time to get justic for 100 thousands Bhutanese who were brutally evicted from Bhutan by unpopular & autocratic rigme.’It’s not less than the holocaust during Nazis in the secound world war against jews people’. Those who took part in this inhumman crises must be brought under justice whoever they are. I firmly believe that our leader will file the case in the Hauge for such a great crime. That is the only way we can have justice. I am sure the international communities will definetly help us in doing so. At the same time, it’s time for all the Bhutanese in the third countries, living in refugee camps in Nepal,Bhutanese living in Bhutan without identity, Bhutanese living in India and in Bhutan, who wants to see the real democracy in Bhutan must give support to our leaders to file the case immediately. Dasho Rizal should leads the case of ‘The ethnic cleanising in Bhutan during 1990s’ to bring the criminals under international court of justice.

  8. It’s time for all the Bhutanese to support our leaders to file the case of ’ The ethnic cleansing in Bhutan during 1990s’ in the international court of justice in Hague. The crime committed by the autocratic regime is not less than the Holocaust by the Nazis against the Jews people during 2nd world war. We can only have our justice by doing so. We the 100 thousands Bhutanese, who were brutally evicted from our country must get justice. They must be brought under international court of justice whoever they are. Dasho Rizal must lead to file the case while all the Bhutanese must support our leaders .

  9. I strongly support mr Suman Tamang’s opinions.He has infact given very positive,constructive and sincere comments.I feel that he has no any selfish motives behind his suggestions .However, some people simply try to create chaos among us.They want us to be divided so act as catalyst.
    Raghu Osti

  10. TN rizal Jee,It is a great idea, definately, in politics or in any matter there will be negative and positive comments but you must take some lesson from negative comments and need to structure what can be the better to get the best. So i like the the way you articulate in any gathering or else you are with the journalist. Good keep it up.
    Yes you have received typically and unimaginable tourture while you were in the jail where as many other leaders have not.it is a good idea to launch the website and also you have written soem books which becomes our history for us and our generation. Good keep it up.

  11. Mr. Rijal has every right to launch a personal website and lash his anger against the king of Bhutan. I understand his frenzy wholly because he was one of the direct victims of the king. But the limit ends there. We all including him should remember clearly that that by virtue of being one of the first participants in the struggle or having spent 10 years in the notorious jails of Bhutan, Rijal is regarded as one of the main figures in the Bhutanese struggle. Though over the years and especially after his release, his credibility got slackened he is still one of the most talked about leaders in the struggle nationally or internationally.

    The twist on the story is that perhaps people have known now that his personality, ability, sacrifice and grit are not enough to bring a change in Bhutan and he is almost sidelined for the cause. Nonetheless, he should be fully aware that what he speaks and writes still reflects on the entire community as long as he is trying to speak for them. A good website is visited and read by so many standing for us or against. So choosing his words and phrases, the motive and plan play a big role in our movement. A good and effective leader never calls on the international court to bring JSW and his henchman to book so openly. It is the duty of his followers to do it if at all necessary. I do not know who are his guides or Gurus but I know for sure they are irrational.

    I happened to check his website and found it totally irritating. The design is abhorrent the language use is obnoxious and the color used is a sore to the eyes. What I like though most is the graphics. You can not only see the pimples and blemishes on the cheeks of JSW but you could almost count how many hair does TN has on his beard.!

  12. DASHO RIZAL: Your website is well designed,informative,updated, and stander. Bhutanese people in exile sincerely need to applaud for his commitment and continuous struggle. You opened up the eyes of southern Bhutanese more than two decades ago. I am personally very proud for at lest saving our pride(arts,culture,tradition,costume,musics, etc.) I am optimistic and don’t see any failure. Every attempt is considerable as stepping stone.

    SUMAN TAMANG: Some comments you have made are very genuine, be it for the owner of the site or for the greater good of the whole Bhutanese in exile. I exactly know what you smelled. May be Dasho Rizal, lacks contain developer in his team because of the nature of southern Bhutanese and co-operation issues. I do accept cosmetic beauty allure and gain quick attention. At some point your comments sounds you have inferior feelings i do not know why? May be you are not aware of the history,suffering and plights of Bhutanese refugee.

    One thing you must avoid in your life.Do not make this kind of statements in future.
    “People you may always trust and seek guidance are: RP Subba, Dick Chhetri, Mohan Tamang, Durga Giri, Govinda Rizal, Dhruva Rizal, Jogen Gazmere, Tika Adhikari , Tek Bir Chhetri, Ram Karki etc in addition to what you have now”.
    You may have meaning, but it has different co notation too. In brief,you have underestimated many other well burnt citizens.Do not suggest dead end option.
    Alameda is one of the best place in America.

    Kubir,LaoitiSrijang,Damber,Nischal,Karma,Karan,DB Adhakari: Good comments. let us stay positive.

    Prakash subedi: What is next in your mind ? Another puran for Dasho Rizal’s website in Atlanta!!!!! I know bad things happens to good people sometime and the whole credibility runs into the dumpster. Surgery is still recommended for changes.

    Raghu Osti: Multiple verbal support are childish support. So called support are harmful for organization’s functional excellence. Weak team members are those who just agree to support and do not do any work to support the goal. You have been supporting in many areas. Amount of negativity is high in your mind that is the main factor that create chaos.

    Thanks for reading.


  13. I am really happy and exceited visiting the personal website of Mr Tek Nath rizal.This a very realiable step which Mr Rizal thinks of exploring his personal story based on socialand political to the outside world. I believe that by kind of internet-support approach,the outside world will certainly understand your true story and be on your side and be on your road map.

  14. One paragraph on his home page (under ‘Mind Control Torture’) reads “Mind Control is used by many countries and of course denied by all. It has been mainly used for war criminals and political enemies. the question is where did Bhutan get help with this sophisticated system of torture? From India, America?”

    Forget the language, grammar and the style. On his first ever website, on the home page, he starts by accusing (through rhetorical question) two most important countries in relation to the Bhutanese struggle for human rights and democracy – one as a country that CAN make a difference and the other which HAS BEEN making a huge difference.

  15. yes rizal ji is in right tract but the things is that it is not his personal problem.it is the serious problem of more than 7 hundred thousand bhutnese issues.i think he has not a good idea about leadership.this is how our problem not splve.

  16. Thank you so much for putting up the book on internet. I read it. I could feel the pains, sufferings, loneliness and helplessness faced by Rizal and others who were put behind bars. But I salute their courage, determination and strength that they challenged the most ruthless regime in the world. There is no doubt the torture inflicted on political prisoners in Bhutan is extremely diabolical and evil. The reason is to intimidate and wipe out the dissidents to monarchy. Given the chance JSW, JT and DT will not hesittae to put behind bars all lhotshampas, torture them and throw them out of Bhutan. The propaganda of Bhutan being a Buddhist nation compassionate, kind and equal to all is a lie and against Buddha. The story of GNH is defeated by the facts mentioned in this book by Rizal which is a real story of sufferings undergone by some body who tried to help his people. This is not a fiction. What is required now is first how to bring those to books who ordered and carry out such practices of inhuman or degrading treatment including torture not only against Rizal but against all those southern Bhutanese who were imprisoned between 1988- 1992 and secondly how to end this cruel practice in Bhutan so that every Bhutanese will be free and without fear to excersice their democratic rights to oppose the government peacefully. Political dissidence in the county will always exist and there will be people dissatisfied with the rulers. And they will meet the same fate as Rizal if the practice of torture, intimidation and long confinement is not ended once and for all. I deeply sympathize Rizal, support him and appreciate his genuine efforts that he is now able to expose the cruelties and inhuman practices being systematically carried out in GNH country and I want to hear from JSW, JT and DT why they did this to Rizal? Did he deserve it? Was it wrong to speak for people?

  17. It do not hope that, Rizalji website will benefit our refugee at large.I have seen a format in the web to collect donation also. Yes this donated money will help him to maintain his ailing health at this old age.
    I lost hope recalling the past record of our leaders.we are divided from the begining due to ego problem and stiil found divided going through online comments/suggestions.
    We lost 20 years of valuable time and we are still fighting and pulling legs to each other.
    I also read the book killing me softly and felt uneasy at the first,particularly his journey from Sharbang to thimphu to work for Dzong revovation during 1968.In fact, I heard that, he was Bulldozer pilot, not the Techinical instructor.Secondly,he tried to express his first visit to thimphu totally as out sider,I mean not as bhutanese citizen.He mentioned that,male n female in thimphu used to take bath in the river together with out cloths( an unsighted seen for visitors) ans eat in a peice of cloth with out washing hands. Therefore his expression for the bhutanese indicates that,he was a migrant labour at that time and new to bhutanese tradition and culture.

  18. Time up mr.Rizal.i appreciate your effort to get justice for nepali people.

    i know and i can understand that people have suffered alot but let by gone be bygone.

    i dont think u will able to get any international support.

    let us remain peace and let every nepali find their own way to live their life.

  19. Hi! S.TAMANG & GHEASHUNG, May be you are feeling pure Bhutanese yourself. You people must know the real history about Bhutan. Every history has two side like in a single coin, you might have read only one side. Time has changed now, Bhutan can’t remain alone in the global village and can’t stopped the wind that sweep around within the vicinity. Day will come, when people like you think that you also have equal rights and duty as a citizen of country. Please try to rise yourself as a human being above religion, culture,race, gender & belief. You will discover yourself that we all are same ‘a simple human being’.

  20. Dear Fellow Bhutanese and Friends of Bhutan,
    Having not read Mr. Rizal’s book yet, I cannot make comments on it. But I know if he presented well, he has a compelling story, in fact an untold story to the outside world that shows the other face of Bhutan. But, as morning shows the day with his website and the previous open letters, I guess all the valuable information is buried in anger, pain, ego and impractical rhetorics that will not only make him light weight but prolong the pain for himself and the people, give more reasons for others to believe that Southern Bhutanese are more extreme that only validates the government claims.

    Good use of cyber technology can be highly effective campaign because it will reach not only the people you and I know but it can be picked up by social/public media or individuals and help may come from any unexpected corner if you leave the window of opportunity without shutting the door with rhetorics. The technology is a double edged sword; it can cut either side, both ways. There are serious concerns about the contents of the website that need editing before it becomes another joke at the expense of the new generation Bhutanese. Rizal Ji, I know you are an honest man. Even the king loved you once for your honesty and candor. You are also like a diamond in the rough that majority of the people will not look at it or simply miss it unless you glitter like gold in modern diplomacy. With due respect, I ask you say to the people, “I suffered for you, now I will do what is best for you, and I will die for you” instead of raging the war of words with HM the king, heads of states or blaming other countries. Justice will come if you create a conducive environment for it to take place even against powerful force of deceit from the perpetrators. Your sufferings and sacrifice are asset for Southern Bhutanese but your approach has become a liability roght from the beginning in Bhutan. One man can make a difference, but the difference can be either for better or worse. Let your personal suffering in the hands of unjust government not diminish in anger and retribution. I want to see it enlighten the world as one of the many examples of atrocities against humanity in the land of “peaceful dragon/gross national happiness/youngest democracy” in as much humility as your integrity.
    Dick Chhetri

  21. Respecting what Tamang,Gheashung and Chhetri have said let me add that this is the first time that such an exposure of cruelties and inhuman atrocities by GNH country have come to light that too through internet accessible by any body anywhere in the world. Rizal is not making any money by this effort. What he is trying to do is expose the regime and make accountable those who committed gross human roights violations against lhotshampas during 1980-1990s. There is no impunity against rights violations no matter where it is committed and by whom? There is no time limit to file charges against those violators and try them in an independent copurt of law. So to say time is up is but childish. Rizal will definitely get international support what is required is let every body who wants an end to arbitrary arrest and torture in Bhutan raise their voice strongly so strongly that that the past incidences of torture are never repeated again and that Bhutanese will have their rights to express themselves without any fear of RBG, RBA and RBP.

  22. Its always good for Mr.Rizal realising the role of different forms of media(web launched).Just launching the site does not surface the whole mission.He has to have different stuffs to keep his website going purposefully.To happen this,he has to come down heavily with his egos and see ways out from friends all around the globe.HE should completely stop retaliating and vague statements in the media.Eg.I do not agree Mr.Rizal blaming Govt. of Nepal for weakening Bhutanese movement for the reason Nepal allowed Bhutanese refugees to resettle in different countries (reference nepal News.com)Jigme ko tauko ma supadi futouchu(.Beldangi speech)HE got to learn to use words where appropriate.He could tell the same stuff differently, I mean diplomatically if he is leader.OR he should have all required resources to pose that way.Is he ready with those?we know he was tortured brutally by RGOB,but way of expressing anger matters a lot in his leadership and affects virtually to people like us.
    However,he is our human rights leader of legacy.No doubt, congratulation for his
    dedicated fight against all odds.we are there for all forms of supports provided, he comes out with deserving activities and gains momentum.
    Good luck

  23. “Anger punishes itself”. Those of you who derive satisfaction by the degree of harshness and anger expressed may be justified as a common man or woman. But, for the leaders to do so in so many writings, not only of Mr. Rizal but also other leaders is creating one more hurdle for you and your people. The result of last twenty years is evident. If you don’t want to take the high road, there is a zigzag path downbelow for your to go round and round untill you spin out of control and dissappear. Choice is yours.

    I invite my fellow country men and women to take a “Pragmatic Approach” and the high road, respectful of others’ opinion, tradition and culture, in defence of your own, after all, no wannabe leader has become a true leader by critisizing how others eat and shit! If you bend too low, you can kiss your own ass.

    I am sorry, but wake up to the call, see the change of time and find better ways to seek justice.

    Dick Chhetri

  24. I am regular member of this site/forum. but I am confused to observed that,our friends still use/address Kinleyji,Rizalji even Mr. thinley as Dasho or Lyonpo.

    It is also seen that,our refugee friends and leaders wearing Bhutan National dress(Bakhu,kira) infornt of foreigners/international community.

    It may be recalled that,during 1990 revolt against the Royal Govt. we collected all the National dresses together and brunt down to ashes in front of District HQ dominated by Nepali population.

    Few of us even led the agitation/demonstration wearing Nepali National dress(dowrashural/fareeyacholi).

    Those innocent fellow citizen who were confused and hesitated to come forward were branded as Pro-Bhutanese(Bhotay ko chamcha) and threatern and killed,their house burnt down and property looted.

    Therefore,I feel that, wearing of Bhutanese National dress infront of international community(NGO), use of title Dasho and Lyonpo is not justified at this stage.

  25. It is the good thing that Rijal found some purpose for his life in the refugee cause but the website is only as good as he is. It is a good idea to publish the book (or the ‘Story’) free online given how little it may be consumed as a printed book. More than the so-called ‘torture & the mind control’ bit, I would be keen to hear his life story of how he rose to the important position of a Dasho and the efforts to lead the refugee cause. It will be such a tragedy if he should also be rewarded the same as Budathoki given the pent-up frustrations that our younger generation feel. Unless of course if Mr Rizal applies the ‘mind-control’ tactics that he has learned. I’m now pretty convinced that animosity and accusations will be the last things that will help our cause. They may in fact eat up any energy that is left in us.

  26. Rizal is not a red scarf Dasho. Only a small group of violent people who were misled by so called Bhutan National Party burnt the national dress. We are Bhutanese and we have right to wear our national dress as and where we wish.

  27. To elaborate on what Prem said up there, we have the right to wear what we want, when we want and how we want. This Sunday, it is “ride the trains without pants” day in New York City (http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/01/10/2010-01-10_speedo_on_the_platform_forget_the_cold_its_no_pants_day_on_nycs_trains_and_subwa.html). So we will choose not to wear pants if we feel like it.
    We will wear the gho and kira when we feel like it. And many of us do not even consider the gho and kira a “national” dress. Some of us do not even agree that there should be a national dress for a country, whatever this “national” dress is supposed to mean. Does Bhutan have an “anti-national” dress? A non-national dress?

    A traditional dress? Yes. But a national dress? Bah humbug!

  28. I Once said, “We cannot Radicalize Bhutan, we cannot Nepalize Bhutan”. If you hesitate to wear National dress on occassions, your Love is not enough for your country, learn to exist somewhere else. If you made a mistake in 1990, you should have learn a lesson by now or at least for the next generation.
    Think about it once gain.

    The anger, sense of revenge and retribution without practical vision at the leadership/petty politicians’ level has buried the reality of ethnic leansing and gave enough ammunitions to the RGOB to carry their propaganda campaigns.
    Unless you see a vision for Bhutan with reconcilliation/coexistence and ways to achieve it with pragmatic strategies, approaches, attitudes and due respects to the otherside as well as genuine differences, Forget it!
    Dick Chhetri

  29. Re: If you hesitate to wear National dress on occassions, your Love is not enough for your country, learn to exist somewhere else.

    I hope I understand this correctly. This is exactly what the government of Bhutan said in 1980s and 1990 – if you are not willing to wear OUR dress all the time, if you are not willing to follow OUR tradition, learn and speak our language (and not learn and speak yours), then learn to exist somewhere else. And with that, they drove us out.

    I thought we were beyond equating the love of the country with a dress, the royal clique, the kabney-fabsey and obeying archaic laws that demanded that we shed our individual, social, cultural, linguistic, traditional identity for the sake of a few powerful individuals. I believe the Bhutanese struggle is more about an individual’s right to live life, within the context of a soceity and a country, the way s/he sees fit. I guess those who have lately emerged as the go-to persons for free, and often times unsolicited, advice about what should be done and how it should be done, have decided that our struggle is more about giving in to the demands of the very people who took away our rights to live in dignity. Amen to that!

    That being what it is, it would still help us say “whatever” and go on with our lives if folks would very kindly stop branding everything that happened in 1990 as a “mistake” on the part of those who rebelled. What happened all through the 1980s and culminated in the atrocities of 1990 was more a deliberate atrocity on the part of the Bhutanese government than a mistake of those who tried to stand up every time they were cut down.

    Naive we may be, but many of us believe that what we did in 1990 and the years preceding and following it was not a mistake. Interestingly, we tend to think that what was done to us then was a mistake. But then, we also know that some things are better understood only by being experienced (Bahun le chyaau khawosh na chyaau ko swaad janosh!).

    RE: “We cannot Radicalize Bhutan, we cannot Nepalize Bhutan”. There is an implied suggestion in this statement. Here too I need to gently disagree. There has never been an attempt to radicalize Bhutan or Nepalize it they way it is said above. And no one should tryit either. The government’s attempt to Bhutanize Bhutan got us here. One would wonder what would have happened to us if we had made an attempt to Nepalize Bhutan. One can not Nepalize Nepal either – brush up your knowledge of Madeshi politics of Nepal. But, light banter aside, these above are some serious allegations.

  30. For the first time, on First of January, the guy in the name of “Bhutangey” had said right things here in the comments, despite coming to vehmently oppose everything I said and did before.
    Now he has gone back to square one. Keeping on biting so that you w’d be blinded of the truth and live in illusion in the foreign land while destroying the opportunities for others in refugee camps and inside Bhutan to move on respectful of each others culture.
    Dick Chhetri

  31. Dear readers,
    We are writing many many things that may not be possible for us to accomplish at this hour.
    It may be wise for to change the direction and focus more on what is required and demand of this hour. It is obvious we keep flowing for nothing most of the time regardless of how much important is the discussion and it’s outcome. Don’t get me wrong, no conclusion of any topic previously discussed here has been fruitful in any sense.
    The demand of this hour in resettlement is not related to the politics that has pulled us down to the zero level. It is not wise at all bringing for discussion at the time we have big questions of survival in the foreign land. Let us talk more about adjustment than same dirty politics.


  32. Bhola says:
    This is not the time for wasting in an illusive dream which cannot comes
    true in real life.Dashu Rijal,plz.use ur mindful thoughts to attain the
    grand success.Life in exile and life in foreign land is not easy for
    surviving as other people think.Do u know It would be better to live in
    than in hell.Currently,All Bhutanese lives are hellish having no good future.Unqualified leaders put all an innocent people in the grave.

  33. Last two decade failed to teach any lesson of what practibility could make a big difference to their inexorable but humiliating problem .Resorting to imaginable ideas will only entertain the daydreamers ;making all sort of excuses in the name the Gandhian theory and so on ,only appeases to the escapists better known in a plain word ‘IGNOMINIOUS’; and for them ,a community(Race) to whom the world look up with respect for their innate character,has awfully been shamed. Those who want others to fight for their cause better forget home and go for house. Don’t look far and wide ,a few thousands of its own community did prove its determination by uprooting an entreched system of the 240 years within a few years without taking outside help.Above all the same people once outcasts by the whole world ,have been representing a nation in the high temple of the world forum and of course with dignity of their cause. WAKE UP. Let you not be quoted for MAGGOT by the history. Stand alone in our cause for yours is right and there is no dearth of the hearts on earth to join you across race,country and so on.