Rizal apologizes; Says it’s slip of tongue


Bhutanese human rights leader, Tek Nath Rizal, Wednesday apologized for ‘unknowingly’ hurting the sentiments of the Bhutanese diaspora in his interview with Suryodaya Television which is yet be to broadcast the full episode of the interview. He claimed it was rather a slip of tongue.

In a special interview with Vidhyapati Mishra from Bhutan News Service, Rizal mentioned that he being a victim of Bhutan’s mind control techniques never intended to hurt the sentiments of fellow Bhutanese.

He claimed that the interview was conducted when he was undergoing through a very stressful situation, and maintained that he has deep love and respect for every Bhutanese.

He reiterated that he would continue to fight for the common cause of all Bhutanese forever.

“I hope that I continue to get everyone’s care and love since I care every Bhutanese wholeheartedly,” he said.

He also requested everyone to pressurize Bhutan in stopping control of his mind as he stated that some of the resettled Bhutanese are in those countries that developed ‘mind control devices’.

In another instance, Rizal acknowledged the fact the due to relocation of thousands of exiled Bhutanese, his focus would be to address the issues of those refugees still dwelling in Nepal.

“It’s quite not feasible for me to represent those who are resettled since they need to abide by the rules and regulations of the respective countries.”

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