Rising for the community service


Last year, the Bhutanese Student Club of Foster high school in Tukwila, Washington worked to bring their community of students together for both academic and social support.

The BSC team and their well-wishers

The BSC, the first club of its kind in our school, also aims to support the staff and students by teaching them about Bhutanese and refugee culture.

The BSC held three cultural events in order to share their identity, in an attempt to observe their first anniversary.

First, the students hosted a introduction presentation, attended by about ten percent of our staff members attended.

The students put together an informational presentation of their culture and described for staff, through pictures and first-hand accounts, life in their refugee camp in Nepal.

Those who attended walked away with a clearer understanding of students’ experiences.

The students also prepared traditional food, sang traditional songs in their native language, and danced for the audience in traditional dress.

This event made such a positive impact on our building staff, which they have been asked to have another introduction for the entire school district.

In addition, BSC students prepared another event to educate staff and students about Dashain.

The students worked together to deliver an informational and impressive presentation.

The staffs who attended appreciated learning about the students’ religious views and perspectives.

The students prepared a memorial service for Krishna Dhital, one of our students who passed away a day after graduation. The event was respectful and important for the community that lost Krishna to a tragic accident, the students have had discussions about safety and making good choices.

The club’s executive members are Lalit Humagi, Bhagi Biswa, Bal Diyali, Sujan Bhandari,Barun Biswa, Diya Katel, Sumitra Biswa and Tek Kafle.

Contributed for BNS by Carrie Stradley, BSC Club Advisor,Foster High School, Tukwila, Washington.