Reward Nepal Global Initiative appeals for earthquake relief fund


A global initiative for fundraising by the resettled Bhutanese in the US has come forth to assist the earthquake victims for building shelters in most affected districts. In a statement of global call to the Nepali and Bhutanese diaspora, the initiative has urged to contribute whatever amount through Relief international(RI), an organization working to make permanent shelters for the victims to protect from the monsoon rain.

Relief international at work/Photo RI
Relief international at work/Photo RI

According to the Initiative’s statement sent to BNS, Relief International works in five districts-Kavre, Sindhupalchowk, Lamjung, Dolokha and Gorkha to expand the existing program of building shelters to those needy. So evey penny contributed to this relief work through RI shall be used to program activities.

The shelter recovery program is expected to provide sheltering solutions to 25000 families of those program areas.

According to Tika Sapkota, one of the initiators, the Bhutanese Diaspora can contribute significantly towards this humanitarian cause, as we too received same hospitality and care during our need for shelter in refugee camps. Relief International works in Nepal in partnership with other bigger donor and development partners like USAID, DFID and EU.

The appeal statement on behalf of this initiative also mentions about the transparency and accountability by RI in using the funds. Situation report of the ground work shall be published as the program continues, says the statement.

Flier of Initiative
Flier of Initiative

The shelter recovery program can be further read here.  A brochure for the funding need by RI’s recovery program details the critical level of recovery activities.

The statement concludes with this appeal:
We the resettled Bhutanese in the Diaspora appeal to all fellow Bhutanese as well as the Nepalese-Nepali inside and outside US to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal by providing $5 per family monetary donations through Relief International (RI). Currently we the Bhutanese Americans are actively coordinating with Bhutanese and Nepalese communities inside and outside US under REWARD NEPAL GLOBAL INITIATIVE to help collect the donations to provide sustainable shelter to the victim families. Relief International staff members are currently providing training to the families to build durable shelters that can last through the ongoing monsoon and over the next few years.

Donations can be made by clicking this link.