Rethinking Unity: Think Big and Live Large


The Context
There is wisdom embedded in the old saying ‘unity’ is strength’. ‘Unity’ is the oxygen that consolidates us and helps us grow. But for us building ‘unity’ has been a difficult journey – an acid test to our strengths and potential – and to our reputation. Our ‘unity’ campaigns have never been a source for celebration or a reason for delight. Unfortunately, we think of ‘unity’ only when we are disarrayed and disunited. And for the last twenty years, that is what we are. We strive endlessly to unite but we never get there. In the absence of ‘unity’ we are just a collection of individuals – a crowd with no destination. This realization contrasts very sharply with what we are used to hearing in the Bhutanese community in the past two decades. In as much as we know – the centrifugal forces of fragmentation and disunity seem to be more active within us than the centripetal forces – which pull the community together by social cohesion. Not surprisingly, if only in slogan – ‘unity’ still continues to mesmerize our folks and they enthusiastically follow its proponents.

We have apparently seen different platforms emerge at different times and places, calling for brand ‘unity’ – some with genuine intentions, some with ulterior motives – making the much needed sacrifices and paying the prices, including in some cases with their precious lives. Past trends illustrate that our organizational expansion has been quite rapid. On an average we grew unpleasantly at the rate of at least five organizations a year. So, we should have at least one hundred such organizations in twenty years – if not more. In spite of all these exercises – two decades later, we are still hurting and hearing complains of the mushroom syndrome overtaking us; and we are squarely in the same place – an assemblage of disunited people. The mushroom syndrome continues – and predictably we will soon have a galaxy of Bhutanese organizations all over the world.

Not surprisingly, we have new organizations being launched. The latest one to join the bandwagon of Bhutan organizations in exile is the OBCA (Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America). It is history revisiting us again.

How many of you know all the Bhutanese organizations in exile? Who are the leaders? Where are they? Did they speak to you? Forgot the count? For the sake of simplicity, let’s say they are numerous. I do not want to get into naming names here, and if you want to save yourself from more embarrassment, please do not even attempt to know them all.

So, there is nothing to brag of our unity. In practice, ‘unity’ calls are never flawless. To its proponents – it’s never people first. It’s the other way round – organizations come first – people come later. But when the ‘doers’ do their things, the whole universe conspires to make things happen for them. And so we have mushroomed quite astronomically and again watched ourselves in that mirror and became victims of that self intimidation.

If ‘unity’ is an answer to our professed goal for problem mitigation and change – it should require a frank disclosure and a critical assessment of some of the trends in our exile history. We need to examine the causes of organizational multiplication – or you may say social disunity.

The Dilemma
‘Unity’ contrastingly can be very intriguing. For us ‘unity’ is no more a new subject of enchantment. We are intrigued, puzzled and even beaten by ‘unity’ drives in the past. Ironically, ‘unity’ is the justification for all the ‘disunity’ we have today. With all its attraction and appreciation – ‘unity’ is a great tool – but it also comes with this great illusion. We talk of ‘unity’ but create divisions among us. We intend to unite but in contrast we find ourselves polarized in opposite directions. We see the urgency of it but understand that the finer ingredients of ‘unity’ are fast eroding from our community. Past experience holds that the so-called ‘unity efforts’ are at the root of most of our social ailment and fragmentation. We need to assess – there must be something fatally wrong in us or in the efforts we make. Some good things did happen once in a while but the over all climate of our ‘unity’ has never been satisfactory.

Some one called the problem of the Bhutanese refugees – ‘the problem of rising expectations’. Yes, the expectations are higher – exceedingly higher than our commitment to ‘unity’. A widening gap between the ‘met’ and ‘unmet’ expectations will further mess up the situation. We still have the habit of overly exaggerating issues that divides us – rather than those that unite us. We know ‘unity’ is urgent but we think it is too difficult. We are at times too shy to talk of ‘unity’ while at other times we become too belligerent. At times we are too resilient while at other times we are too resistant. Sometimes we are too skeptical and sometimes we are too hopeful. Sometimes we are too cynical, sometimes we are overly excited. Sometimes we are too optimistic and at other times we are very pessimistic. Sometimes we rebuke ourselves and sometimes we are just a bundle of pride. That realization has not gone far deep into our conscience and the dilemma continues to live with us.

I honestly think this dilemma will continue because our mind set is not ready. Do we view ‘unity’ as a panacea to all our ailments or is it just a hoax to multiply the existence of our organizations? Does it validate our dynamism or is it just another excuse for experimentation? Is trial and error method appropriate or do we need real proven strategies to succeed? What does ‘unity’ actually mean to the Bhutanese in exile? What direction must it take? Is ‘unity’ just our intent or is it our commitment? Are we looking for ‘unity’ just for the sake of it or are we genuinely interested in making it happen?

These are some worthy questions worthy of serious discussion, as we contemplate on issues of ‘unity’ in our community.

The Challenges
Fostering ‘unity’ in our case is contextually challenging. One problem in our ‘unity’ is that – it crops up from the fact that in our community – both the general masses and the younger generation depend too much for leadership on the educated few. This coupled by the obsession among the educated lot to hang on to the different, little titles of leadership; perhaps is the greatest illusion of our ‘unity’. That apart, some generational issues and expectations – that arise from time to time too puts the current leadership at unease. Other things like educational backgrounds, exposure to political and social awareness can be broadly treated within the sphere of generational issues. Of generational issues – the traditional generational relationship between the elder members of the community and the younger ones – of respect and loyalty; of dependence and interdependence is reversing – from too much of respect and obedience on elders to antagonism. You can notice this from the comments and expressions our youths are posting in various online blogs and news sites. This is a huge social change and a critical challenge to the proponents of unity.

The fact that the TCR resettled refugees feel themselves different from the other Bhutanese who migrated before them adds a new angle to our ‘unity’ challenge. We are adept at categorizing and creating divisions among ourselves. For example we have the following categories: a) Bhutanese who migrated before TCR b) Bhutanese who migrated under TCR c) Bhutanese who came directly from Bhutan and settled here and d) Bhutanese who are currently living in America through employment in international agencies such as the UN. What is worse, there are suspicion and misgivings between and among these groups individually and collectively – more so between categories (a) and (b) above. The birth of OBCA in part, may be attributed to this mistrust that exists or continues to build up between them. Indeed it will not be too astounding to say that it is rooted in this very idea of differentiation and alienation.

Among other things – time constraint and leadership is a huge challenge. A one hundred percent ‘unity’ is neither desirable nor feasible. But we need basic ‘unity’ even to think of ‘unity’ en masse. We also need time and money – resources which we cannot afford to invest, at this time.

Yet another critical aspect that is in huge shortage is the thought process. Thoughts are commodities that create energy – and give a lasting life to any social movement. Any social movement devoid of a proper thought process has lost its soul even before it is born.

The stupendous manner with which the OBCA was instituted has come as a big surprise to many Bhutanese in the United States. More so, it has given the ABA (Association of Bhutanese in America) a hard jerk. As we can see, the ABA is deeply shocked and petrified. Was I also stunned by the news? Yes – because I always try to keep myself current on Bhutanese issues especially on organizational matters and I didn’t smell any smoke before I read its declaration through Bhutan News Service. No – because in the context of Bhutanese community, nothing is strongly predictable.

But the formation of OBCA looks real. OBCA has called its first National Convention in June 18 & 19 in Atlanta, Georgia – just some weeks prior ABA’s 3rd Convention, which is also taking place in the same city, slated for July 3-4, 2010. I fully appreciate the organizer’s wish to unify our community through these platforms, if that qualifies their existence.

The ABA has been in existence for some time now. It claims – it is operating like an umbrella organization of the Bhutanese in the USA. But as its authorities speak, it is clear that ABA’s presence is very thin. OBCA has alleged that ABA did not try to reach out to the vast number of new arrivals even for the simple sake of data housing – let alone take care of the transition challenges they are going through. In most part, the allegations could be true. The ABA has admitted to most of its drawbacks, though not all.

Many within the community seem to draw a line of distinction between the old refugees and the new refugees. In that distinction lies their rationale for the creation of this new platform. If that is the case, yearly batches of new arrivals can draw their own cut – off line and form their own organizations. Leave that as it may, but the OBCA has given some of the reasons that led to the formation of this new platform – some of which are – culture continuation, ventilation of issues that concern transition, organization and unification of the Bhutanese communities in America and to preserve the ‘Bhutaneseness’ among them.

The same objectives fall inside ABA territory too. Indeed, except the language of preference on behalf of TCR resettled folks – emphasized in the OBCA objective; there is no difference on matters of principle. I believe a new organization should be formed only when the differences are measured in principles – and they are sufficiently big enough to defeat any exercise to reconcile the opposing views – on the basis of principle or ideology.

Simply put, I did not understand why the Bhutanese community in USA would need two organizations to do the same work. If the motive and purpose is simply to tell our problems to the State Department – why is it necessary to by-pass the ABA? After all the ABA has some work experience with the State Department and access too. Why struggle to build the same resume that ABA has spent building for a couple of years. Your arguments and counter arguments may be great, but they are not greater than the   benefits our community can reap by staying united. Duplication of work is a huge drain to resources in any field and certainly an unnecessary wastage. We must be smart enough to picture these drawbacks and avoid disunity – or stupid enough to ignore them and be choked with internal rivalry. Both ways we are making choice – at the end what we get is what we deserve.

That said; let every body know that I am neither with ABA nor OBCA. Neither am I for a balancing third force. It may be sensible to want to see the community stand in unison than to see it break up. To join one of these organizations at this time is to stretch that division one step further – a justification of this bifurcation – an endorsement of disunification. Sometimes, more than the proponents – the supporters themselves are guilty of such disunification – for without their support, the proponents alone cannot do anything. I do not want to be guilty of providing such a disservice to my community. I know, this may not be popular, but at times when you choose to do the right thing, you must willingly sacrifice cheap popularity.

Everything boils down to attitude at the end. It does not matter where you are from or when you entered America – it is attitude that is important. Good things will happen to us if we eschew our egos and patch up our differences – and stand together. We have to hope for one less Bhutanese organization – not one more.

Slightly, out of point but it may be appropriate to mention here – that America only understands team leadership – but you may as well understand – that it is also a country run by a team of experts and specialists. The way to go is to be a professional servant leader, who can build leadership and function through a team. Unlike in Nepal, skills and expertise must be available in abundance to run a non-profit organization in the US. Likewise, responsibility and accountability are not only due on to the people you represent but are also due equally to the system you need to follow.

The Mindset
Yet, I think the biggest challenge we have is the absence of right mindset. It is easier for other things to fall in place if the mindset is right and the approach is correct. Our mindset is not to retail ‘unity’ but to expand it – not to derail ‘unity’ but to construct it. This entails a huge transformation of perceptions and attitude. Nothing but we ourselves are the most complex factor in this whole process – of changing our own universe. Therefore, changing our current mindset is one of the biggest challenges to our ‘unity’.

What is the right mindset – how do we create that mindset in populations such as our own? What is its purpose? I think, a greater positive insight, clarity of thought and a contextual understanding of our situations – past and current – is required in order to have our mindset right. The purpose is to rewrite or redefine our new goals. A positive mindset alone precludes the obtrusive elements from spoiling our vision. It enables us to discriminate that the ‘unity’ we are seeking now is distinctively different from the ‘unity’ we were used to hearing. Back in the camps ‘unity’ calls used to be laden with political connotations – here it is more about dealing with the challenges of transition and transformation.

In contrast, the negative aspects of ‘unity’ efforts have gone very deep into our psyche that we now listen or receive such messages only with a sense of skepticism. Some of our younger generation folks do not enjoy any talk of ‘unity’ – not even as a social prank. They quite vocally allege that the leaders are imperfect – lack drive, innovation, ideas and effort. Their impression about the current leadership is generally negative or at best pessimistic. They like to think of our community only outside the exclusive domain of the current leadership. Our mind set develops our attitude – and our attitude determines our altitude. Paradoxically, the biggest lament about our disunity also comes from the youths themselves. The youths are a big constituency of our population – their concerns may be right – but such extreme polarity of views if taken too far could be injurious to the whole concept of ‘unity’. We should expect that they will be responsible and their lament about disunity could find positive meaning – and hope that some brilliant, quality ideas can come out of them.

Rethinking Unity
Re-thinking ‘unity’ is a pre-requisite to overcoming our past drawbacks. I think the first step is to understand ‘unity’ and the purpose for it. Well, the purpose is clear – it is to build our community, not to break it. Simply put, it is employing common sense to work and taking a purpose oriented approach.

In our case rethinking ‘unity’ is not a choice – it is a challenge. The essence of our ‘unity’ must be based on principles that are sound or at least, it must have the express intention to grow the community as a whole – and not in parts. A newly resettled community has no luxury in fragmentation, if it wants to preserve itself. That is why it deserves more support and care, not less. If ‘unity’ means anything – it has to do with protecting and promoting the life of these people. Hence, any call for ‘unity’ must be genuine and it must genuinely meet the challenges of resettlement – including preserving, strengthening and continuing our tradition, culture and social values. These are the fine ingredients around which we can weave a ‘unity’ of purpose. I believe our social leaders will be more useful here than the political leaders – who must leave their baggage somewhere else.

A right mindset will enable us to admit quite honestly that we were not able to show case the best example of ‘unity’ to our younger generation – and therefore we became a target of rebuke, ridicule and mockery. It will make us realize that the shame and humility that has showered on us will make us matured enough to teach the upcoming youngsters that they need to understand the urgency for ‘unity’ perhaps a little more seriously than us. A right mindset will teach our youngsters to appreciate what little the seniors have achieved and take on successfully from there. It will require us to beat our negatives, to throw that garbage in us by assigning ourselves some solemn responsibilities and duties. These are a ‘must do’ if we will choose to unite. A right mind set will require us to shake off our excuses and our antiquated thoughts so that we may stay more positive and focused on our objectives. Unless, we are ready to put that price, we will not easily overcome the challenges of ‘unity’.

Our organizations need not be flamboyant. Instead we need genuine working organizations – organizations that go to work for us. It may be best to organize ourselves into local, state and national communities – focusing more on the creation of local communities. The local communities will be the blood vein of the national organization. Such a model should rest on the belief that local organizations are vested with the responsibilities to deal with local issues locally; while the state level or national organizations deal with higher issues. A proper workable mechanism of coordination is necessary but such details are at best secondary; compared to the vital necessity of creating the mindset of ‘unity’ in the first place.

Wrap Up
About ‘unity’ the late RK Budathoki had a very clear analogy. He would say, ‘these little five fingers are insignificant individually but when you pull them together – and they are a powerful fist’. Very true. More than any body, Budathoki had seen our community endure the pains of disunity. Fortunately or unfortunately his timing coincided with us witnessing unity at its peak and also watching it receive the greatest blow – not to hold him personally responsible for all that. Whatever be the case Budathoki is history now and all blames cannot be rested on him. We need to move on.

It is not important who we are today, it is important what we want to become tomorrow. The catch is that we must be united even when we are in disagreement. We have to be honest in purpose – as we must and brave in action – as we should. It may be too idealistic to hope that a complete ‘unity’ is possible. But if we have any chance at all – we have to understand that it is purely in ‘unity’. That ‘unity’ must be real, meaningful, dynamic and inspiring. We have to hope that majority of our people will still continue to believe in that ‘unity’ – that we can still be united – that it is possible for us to do so – that we are adapting creatively and uniting well even during critical circumstances.

For the sake of greater ‘unity’ I will suggest that the leadership of both ABA and OBCA sit and discuss pertinent issues together – thwart the differences and arrive at a consensus – for the benefit of the community as a whole. Do not worry about the mechanisms, think of the consequences that disunity could bring to our community, in the long run. Regardless of differences or grievances – conciliatory approaches from both groups will be a good investment for the real ‘unity’ of our community- if that is what you mean when you speak of ‘unity’ – and if you understand that ‘unity’ itself is the number one law of success – and not otherwise. If I may, I will even dare to say that such a meeting could be had within the parleys of ABA’s 3rd Convention in Georgia. If only the OBCA organizers and the ABA’s Board members are to take this message as a serious positive suggestion, I believe it is still possible to keep our community intact and proudly moving in the right direction.

(The piece is exclusively written for BNS. The author can be reached at: [email protected])


  1. RP subba’s write up seems to summarize the problem of Bhutanese. The ploy to float new organization is the brainchild of some monsters of Bhutanese community, who has been thriving on divide and rule policy since 1990s. I think we need a united society in this knowledge based society. The leadership should be taken by younger generations of Bhutanese to guard againist such creatures. The youth have a vision and drive to move such united organization to desired destination for now and for future. Why canot these monsters come together and reform ABA, already in existence. Do they want to create another refugee camp in USA?

    I appreciated the holistic view expressed by RP.

  2. I code RP Subba dai’s statement again “If only the OBCA organizers and the ABA’s Board members are to take this message as a serious positive suggestion, I believe it is still possible to keep our community intact and proudly moving in the right direction”

    Great article dai!


  3. I also wish i get free gold from the moon and i can wholeheartedly distribute to my fellow Bhutanese only for greater unification. Which is everyone’s desire,but never fall in reality.
    It’s a nice idea to have meeting of both organisation for greater good, but why should it be at the time of 3rd convention of ABA. It’s not going to solve the issuse and serve the prupose of meeting.OBCA convention date is 18th and 19th of june 2010.???????
    Or why not they stay away each other and compete in community social work and delivery of services to the Bhutanese community all over the America.? so people can have their own judgement and incline towards which ever they are comfortable to.
    Please do not wait to write your comments, if the way i said is outrageous and impolite.

  4. R.P Dai Namaskar,
    Your thought provoking expression, wisdom and genuine direction are highly respected. Exactly,it is undesirable to have two organizations run for the same purpose.Let the leaders of the both organizations realize that having two organizations run for the same purpose would just create duplication. It is not late yet. Let the leadership of ABA and OBCA come in consensus and form a single platform where all can accomodate.
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    New Hampshire

    Even the fools have understood by this time that OBCA is a byproduct of ego clash between Mr. Sarman Samalji and Mr Hari Acharyaji. Both of you- once a close buddy- think …. have that potential to lead a national organization in USA. Mr Hari Acharyaji outsmarted Mr. Sarman Samalji in many areas including leading a national org ABA.

    Mr Sarman Samalji was waiting for his turn. Once the inflow of refugee started in Atlanta, he first declared a Bhutanese Magar Association of Georgia to consolidate his position in the community. After that he instigate his henchmen and a relatives Mr DJ Raiji backed by his brother Mr BM Raiji to open Bhutanese community of Georgia (BCG). They were successful to some extent to run this non-profit, although had difficult time maintaining tough competition with Bhutanese association of Georgia (BAG) of Narayan Katel ji and Birendra Dhakalji, board members of ABA.

    With the passage of time, Mr Sarman Samal-ji and DJ Rai-ji’s interest grew bigger and became more ambitious. They started networking with their close kins and fellow friends in other states. They —gifted with great skills to deal with friends….managed to convince their friends (aptly yesmen) that ABA is a bad organization without valid reasons. Their followers are mostly relatives and friends, some who used to advocates for TCR and some who are after non-profit! Their idea is simple….to defame ABA and to dismantle it so that they can lead a national organization by themselves!

    ABA members in other hand are adamant in their position. Even after two years of arrival of refugees in USA, they are not reshuffling their organization. Mr Hari Acharya-ji is still occupying executive director position or Mr. DP Basnetji is still a chairman of the org. In fact, by this time, they should have inserted resettled folks in ABA!

    Neither Mr Sarman Samalji will back up his plan for OBCA nor Mr Hari Acharyaji will slow down his campaign for ABA consolidation. The result is obvious: ABA and OBCA compete each other to claim for national organization.

    However,Their effort will result into a complete failure if they start advocating different organizations. Bhutanese by now are fed up with leaders and multi organizations. Practically, you folks don’t have to do anything for Bhutanese here in USA. For children, US government provide free education, for senior people, US government provide old age SSI benefit, for sick people US government provide Medicaid, for academic aspirant, federal government provide loan. So what the hell these organizations are for? What the hell these folks are competing for? I know they will justify that our people need assistance in driving training or language learning or citizenship application and so on. But, you don’t have to worry about all these things…because ordinary people were neither depends on you folks for driver licensee nor for language competency so far. They are self reliant doing and learning by themselves.

    CONCLUSION: if your mission is honestly to unite Bhutanese in USA, sit together and work for making ONE national organization. If it is different one….in other words ego clashes….your effort will not last long….unsustainable. People will understand it soon.

  6. RP Dai, You have done your part by writing this wonderful and thought provoking article. If our new leaders could comprehend only 10% of what you have written, we could live in peace and harmony. The race to be a leader is often crowded but the field is wide open for those willing to be servants.Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.We want people to put the apron of humilty and come forward to serve the people.The new organization, no doubt, has come out of desperation on the part of some ambitious folks but vaulting ambitions can be the primary cause of their downfall.People live lives of ‘quite desperation’ or ‘aimless distraction.’ Many people are like gyroscopes, spinning around at a frantic pace but never going anywhere.At the present,our leaders are focussing on temporary crowns.Those who claim themselves to be the protector of the community are, in fact, the greatest perpetrator of crime, violence, and division in our community.

  7. Good comments, folks. But not agreeable ones, unfortunately ! We do not know ABA. If it is there, it should learn from the OBCA what the national organization should be like and what it should be doing. OBCA need not talk with ABA for the sake of the unity, because the OBCA is the ‘fruit of time’ that encompasses the unity. “When heads of the thinkers begin to work, heads of the non-thinkers begin to spin.” Let’s not spin around odd things a lot.

  8. This is a fantastic article written by RP dai. How far this hits the brians of who would like to form new organisation is a big Q.
    Article like this should open the horizons for both senior leaders as a lesson to learn before embarking on new organisations, and young ones as a idol to follow when forming any new organizations.

    As the writer has mentioned we are forming on an average 5 parties per year, I see this will continue with even higher pace, infact, we might see 5 organisations per country of settlement in bigger country like US , Canada and Australia less in small countries. This will cool off after few years when people fall on the sword of mortgage and materialitic world drives them crazy.

    From the first year of settlemnt to probably up to 5 years we can see people running behind so called leaders and hear-say of the self imposed or self created leaders. May be by then, the western trend or life style will demand differrent need. There may be opportunist who may also take advantage of the general mass by pseudo representing the community. This will not be possible in Australia atleast, I have less knowledge about other countries.

    The way OBCA is formed has many questions in the mind of general mass and motives. I wonder why it does not get in the head of those people that, in the west everything is very open and transparent, and happens through open discussion. Any such organisation can be formed by agreeing to disagree.

    We only have the option to say that time will tell. The time has taken 20 odd precious years and yet people never realise. I simply say this to those folks, as per Chinese saying, four things never come back in life:
    Spoken words, passed life, missed opportunity, and sped arrow.

    It is better to make hay when there is sunshine….
    All the best

  9. It is time to launch another new org.that is OABCA(org.of ambitious Bhutanese
    community of America)coz ABA andOBCA will not come to a common platform that might work far better.In this org.ABA members and OBCA members are strictly disqualified.therefore all innocent Bhutanese should really rethink before you put your final initial else we will be nowhere.Definitely we are not here to see divided folks.Rethink and work for general folks if you really need the support else your org.will be on the street and is meaningless.

  10. Some of the points raised by Mr. RP are extremely valid and helpful as reminders for our Bhutanese community around the word. As one of our best critics, supporters, writers and readers, he blows a shrill and strident whistle to us not to further crumble ourselves and ultimately vanish in oblivion in a few years down the line by coming to the clutches of these ever burgeoning so-called Organizations.

    With the opening up of these sundry organizations led by some Bhutanese power mongers and megalomaniacs – ????? ????? and ?????, it seems obvious that the same TAMASHA and chaos will be once again forced to the communities abroad. We have not forgotten that there were more than 100 organisations and parties rampant in the camps! And we have also not forgotten the works they did and the results they produced.

    Mr. Subba took time to send this important reminder to all of us and it is worth a while we all start thinking about it.

  11. This article is an eye opener among Bhutanese folks especially in exile. Writer needs appreciation.
    Prior I also to mention about the acute problem and this phenomena has been a syndrome.
    We need to understand that each of us (Bhutanese in exile, I prefer as refugee now limits many disciplines) is like a unit of brick. When these pieces fall on good mason, it can compose as complete wall. Combinations of walls form the foreclosure that defines a space. Space is a useable area that can be utilized into functional place for human good. Such space is well protected from weather or external adversities. Each of such units has to sustain equal amount of imposed loads except for specially designed corners battings. Let each of us be a unit of brick and our contribution be as such mutual and trusty. To make the bond stronger and rigid, it needs mortar and similarly our mortar are our well-wishers and donors either non/governmental. The bonds will be stronger if it is cured well by watering in time and we’ll be enriched through expanding our frame of exposure. So each of us have a meaningful and constructive role to play to achieve our mission. Let us value this.
    The beauty of democracy is in its doctrine of unity. Accept the majority while opposition role should be constructive. Splitting and fragmentation by looser is not the solution but the complication of the ill- defined problem. If there are personal differences that need to be resolved as per existing provision and process.
    So let us begin both forward and backward linkage for good and services of ourselves and resolve the dichotomy.

  12. Hey ABA and OBCA guys,
    Did you read this great piece of article? If yes, we public want to know your formal reaction. Com’n guys! In case you ignore commenting on this great message we will understand your motive otherways.

    I don’t want to thank Mr. Subba now since I expect more such pieces from him time and again. He is an “educater”. Please accept my appreciation, Mr. Subba ji.

  13. OBCA: do you all think only Bhakti Bhandari, DJ Rai and Sarman samal are the top brass among Bhutanese in USA?

    ABA: do you all think only Hari Acharya, Dp Basnet and Ganesh Subedi are the top brass among Bhutanese in USA?

    ANSWER: Impossible, how about others for example: RP Subba, Naresh Subba, Dick Cheetri, Sk Pradhan, Rakesh cheetri, Dr Chabi lal Sharma, Dr Purna Chhetri, Mr Mukunda dai, Mr Bhim Sharma,mr hari Adhikari, mr Viswanath Chhetri,mr Narayan Katel, Ms Mangala sharma,mr Rajan Giri, Mr DB Adhikari, Mr Mohon Tamang, Mr Birendra Dhakal and so many others….

    Without all these people in board,,,both ABA and OBCA will become another BPP or BRRRC

  14. If OBCA is open just to revenge ABA guys or counter ABA convention in Atlanta, it will not survive longer. Person like RP Subba, Dick Chhetri, Tek Bir Chhetri, Naresh Subba should come frontline to lead a national organization. These are the only people with vision, missiona and goal among young generation Bhutanese in USA. They should lead both ABA and OBCA guys.

    If it does not happen, unity is not possible

  15. Subba sir,
    I read your article with great interest. I am a regular reader of your article in bhutanese media sites run by our journalists. No where I read your “biasness”. You are such a great leader daju. Please keep writing such articles. For a youth like me, it will be great lesson. I wish I could be near you in USA so that I meet you often and learn how to write well and generate such great ideas.

    I have a different opinion on your article this time. I believe if you can take the initiative, you will be an able leader to lead both such organisations. Please come forward with your potentialities daju. We will join hands with you daju.

  16. The comments written by LB is funny.The persons mentioned in possible lines are all opportunists.they were not heard before resettlement process began.are
    that weak to support all these defamed people.we give a damn.if you really wantto be lead by them you have forgotten the past days.bushbeaters have no choice in the statesbut to work.let us all be aware of those persons mentioned by LB and let us not give a chance to them to lead us else they will prepare a situation that we might be deported back to.BE bEWARE______??????common we are
    able to judge who is who—–??????Don’t ever listen to the ones whom you do not know—–?????Still some are more thanJygme—–????First ask them if they could find you a job and pay all the bills.If not give a damn.

  17. R.P Sir, it is really a phenomenal wisdom to all folks who have been in competition rather then in contribution. I think the part of one sentence in the article “little titles of leadership; perhaps is the greatest illusion of our ‘unity’ must very vividly clarify the calibration of those leader s who have been advocating Bhutanese community needs very cheaply. Everyone agrees that, this is our transitional period with the expectation of well and great transformation but not as the chance to play with it. If I’m not wrong, it’s either not a marathon computing with anyone else to advocate the preservation and promotion of Bhutanese community too.
    “Our mindset is not to retail ‘unity’ but to expand it – not to derail ‘unity’ but to construct it” by R.P Subba must aware all generation about the gap in between knowing and doing in a way it is supposed to be as per the purpose. Many time our positive social hypothesis in a wrong time and mostly in a wrong way is just a deception that most of our current leaders needs to pay attention.
    In my prospective, these kinds of article would be the best master mind for all of those who want to render community service through the magic power of integrity.
    Let us fed our brain with the meaning of “Non-profit” and do contribution not a competition.

  18. While I do not know many of you I do know the issues the Bhutanese face in Rochester,N.Y. and with a “Road Trip” I made with 5 youth leaders from Rochester we visited some 7 Bhutanese communities all the way to Atlantia Ga. the issues seem to be the same. This summer 10-15 of us will be taking 3 weeks and traveling across the northern states to again visit the different communities, you see the youth have a desire to help their “people” and to learn from them they value their culture and take pride in their identity as Bhutanese. There goal is to take the issues good and bad and refine them for their own good they want to see what is working and what needs attention to make them more productive and stronger, They really do not care about a National Group as their needs are localized and they see the division that is happening and has happened in the past. Personally I am with them, However, I am very hopeful and respectiful with Mr. Subba He has shown a thought out and practical response to a great need He hasen’t jumped on the bandwagon and started a “National Group” just because he wants to..He has identified problem areas and gave strong solutions and recommendations. In speaking to the youth they stated that they know who the real leaders are and who the attention seekers and opportunists are. They will not be fooled into false promises and lead astray because of egos.
    Judging from the response here I think you all know also who the real leaders should be and I believe that if you want a successful National Group its time to seek those people out people who have proven themselves, people like Mr.Subba (who I do not know)
    By the way Mr. Subba if you are ever in Rochester N.Y. we would love to have you come and speak to the youth It would be an honor and I’m sure thought provoking.
    Thank You
    Mr Bill
    Buhtanese Youth Club of Rochester

  19. This is, I guess, enough of self neutralization to call for the unity.
    ABA is membership-based. I have not been able to understand why people are so worried about OBCA’s coming. It is like sprouting of a plant when the season is in. The time is in for forming a SERVING national forum. There is no vested interests in it. It is not sought for making money, but for making a meaningful living to the Bhutanese in the US.

  20. This article indeed is a big eye opening to the entire Bhutanese living around the world.”We preach unity and practice disunity”.The insight and wisdom reflected in the write up has given a direction to all the Bhutanese at this time of limboo.

    We as Bhutanese living out of America view this development slight differently.The presence of Bhutanese in the United States of America has a big role on the political changes taking place in Bhutan. America has taken the Bhutanese refugee issue much more seriously than any of the other countries of the world. As a matter of fact the foreign policy of majority of the countries is guided in line to the American foreign policy. America is the world power in terms of global peace and economy.

    The Bhutanese community division in the United States of America shall have a far reaching consequences in the entire history of Bhutanese movement for Human Rights and Democracy.

    ABA’s creation was the need of the time in America. However, it has failed to adopt the practice of continuity and change. The new friends surfacing in the OBCA leadership are nodoubt committed to the service of the Bhutanese community.
    ABA has established resume in the US and has a longer working experience as a community organisation in America. The objective of both the organisations are reflected to be same.
    Thus,time has come to show the world that Bhutanese in exile can unite even at the most difficult situation. If there is ”will” from both the sides it is not too late to thrash out the differences and restrengthen ABA in the interest of the entire Bhutanese community living in different parts of the world.

    One of the agendas of ABA’s third National Convention in Gerorgia should be to conduct General Election which might sort out the major differences. OBCA in the interest of the Bhutanese all around the world should withdraw their declaration and go for compromise with ABA. ABA should refrain from the past and invite OBCA for dialague.

    ABA’s expertise and experience in the US combined with the enthusiastic potential of the new emerging OBCA leaders can change the dynamics of new Bhutanese diaspora. We the Bhutanese living in Europe look forward for a healthy outcome.
    Durga Giri, Munich, Germany.

  21. As an advocate of ABA from its inception, I wish ABA had done a better job of understanding peoples’ problems at the initial stage of struggles, rather than waiting to see the famous “let the dust settle”. In doing so, the people in need felt that they have been treated like dust. I must say it is sad that ABA Executives did not see it coming. Even when reminded, warned and complained, the message went unheeded, because as RP Subba said there are simmering divisions just like F1 to F7; and people in ABA failed to appreciate new ideas and vision for unity coming from any one of the categories, as it got infested with petty (thute) politics of disgusting magnitude. On the other hand, OBCA came up as a surprise without any info to the ABA.
    I hope, there is still time to meet and with the members of both orgs and come up with one solution for the greater good of the people.
    Thank you

    Dick Chhetri

  22. Dear Friends,
    Regaring the Eye-Opener-article, I think, long before, the eyes were Open, but the minds were obscured and mental-block and self denial lead to oblivion. Now we are looking for revival from the brink. RP’s article has shed valuable light for the people to see the issues with greater intensity of light, with open mind; and as the intensity of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness that has encompassed our community for decades.
    Dick Chhetri

  23. FOR DURGA DAI….This may sound a piece of cake for Durga dai in Munich, Germany..Your expertise has failed in Europe,Your activities has it’s own limitation and your advice certainly not be of any value in America. I am not saying you have less idea about organization and community base activities, but you sounds too interested supporting ABA’s game in America by saying OBCA should withdraw their declaration and go for compromise with ABA… And people watching this debate closely may put you together with those ABA’s collection of collected supporters.
    To open up your eyes; ABA was formed by few asylee (not all please do not make mistake) and denied to do ground work with all the asylee and their family members. May be they thought they are highly educated and never lived in the refugee camp like other poor who had no choice and suffered in the refugee camp. The way they undermined rest of the Bhutanese population is intolerable and folks are psychologically killed and suffering trauma today. The few so called executives did a closed door meeting and conference over the phone living behind others and down played the enthusiastic potential of many other country people.ABA had closed the door long time ago and it won’t make sense now calling for unity when OBCA has announced convention with greater and larger missions to serve the interest of people. You should study the situation and react. Please do not stone at dark. The meaning, ignore phone calls from ABA members from America about ABA and OBCA, do not move your fingers and brain for unnecessary outsider. Rethink how you necessitated me to speak out against you. I never thought i would do this to you in my life.Pleae remain in your position. I know you deserve respect for good deeds.
    Bhutanese people from all the state have joined hands for OBCA and OBCA is moving on with new vision supporting,comforting,promoting the interests of common people. I think everyone is invited to the convention of OBCA 18th and 19th of june 2010, Please feel welcomed. And OBCA aims building strong,better,vibrant, community through collective leadership and transparency.
    OBCA has better simple and clear strategies than ABA.I wish all the best to OBCA leders from every states. Please don’t be frustrated and discouraged by seeing all these challenges’ wish you all once again for change tomorrow and functional excellence of OBCA.

  24. Fantastic Article from R. P. Subba and fabulous comments thanks for those who participated. I don”t think there is anyone who can Unite all the Bhutanese of USA. there are many people who want to share the thought but we found non that spoke and completed. We all know that many people want to do something and never be done. let all the Bhutanese hope that will not be repeated this time. If these repeats let it be done in the direction of Hari Adhikari {bangale}Because we all are in USA due to him.
    DC Sharma

  25. Dear all fellow Bhutanese,
    THE best greeting of the day.
    And i would like to request that, if you have only handsfull of min.Don’t miss to read this artical.It will be great giude to everyone of us.Hope you will be able to correct yourself—-“AS MARTIN LUTHER KING JR SAY–“I HAVE A DREAN THAT ONE DAY ON THE RED HILLS OF GEORGIA,THE SONS OF FORMER SLAVE OWNERS WILL BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN TOGETHER AT THE TABLE OF BROTHERHOOD.”SEE now fact is in our hand.THink it onces agine.
    R.P .SUBBA sir
    best wishing
    Dinesh subba

  26. Dear Bhutani Daju-Bhai Didi-Bainee,
    Please be advised that this message is not written with any intention to promote the OBCA, nor to deface the ABA. I just sincerely want to clearly reveal SOME FACTS THAT EVERY SOCIALLY CONSIOUS BHUTANESE MUST TAKE SERIOUSLY.
    Let’s think about the honest answers for these questions first:
    What is ABA? What is OBCA? How and when are each of the two formed? What is the history of the origin of each one? Where do they intersect? Where do they diverge? Once again, let’s think in the perspective of a “general public” and not as a supporter of any of these organizations because your family relatives hold a portfolio in either one.
    When the OBCA circulated its press release with the declaration of its first national convention in Georgia, the sum of personal and institutional demonstrations, publicity and advertisements have been mounting each day radically.
    In less than an hour after the publication of the news of OBCA formation in, Hari Acharya threw a cumbersome story of ABA into the comment blog. Thanks media for providing the public with this opportunity to hear the name of ABA (for the first time to many). He is now actively seen with his instant responses to straighten the posted comments in his best possible way to magnetize the concentrations.
    I strongly disagree with Mr. Hari Acharya, based on the facts and myths which so far have been open secrets. Hadn’t ABA initiated the formation of Bhutanese Community in America, I guarantee the first national convention of OBCA in Georgia on 18th and 19th of June wouldn’t have been slated. With respect, I request Mr. Acharya to not to bring confusion among the people with hoax notions. Hari Sir, let me be a little sneaky to ask you this – Who was the Chairman of the 17 member working group for the formation of Bhutanese Community in America? I want to hear from you Hari Acharya sir! And one of the founding members of ABA had once claimed to me that all the Bhutanese Communities under-organization in different states go under ABA, where I had to defend against this statement. He further had added that ABA would come with programs once all the new arrivals are well established. My answer to him was: “LAGAN PACHI KO POTAE KO K KAM?”
    If there was a common plat-form like what we are designing, the proposal brought up by Mr. Parangkush Subedi to break the ice by helping the EARTH QUAKE VICTIMS in Bhutan would have been successful. There are hundreds of issues that have to be solved by us commonly. I believe receiving the new arrivals at the airport, interpreting, consoling the depressed families, helping youths and adults with schools and employment, helping the families of the deceased, starting Nepali classes, preserving the Bhutanese Nepali cultural and traditional values, helping fire victims back in the camps etc definitely do not fall under deplorable works.
    Knowing the fact “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, I’m compelled to decide to attend the Convention of OBCA representing Bhutanese Community in Nebraska. I never wished to divide Bhutanese into so called IOM bags and Conference bags. We have the same objectives and the destination. But I can’t pay $30 per head for about three hundred Bhutanese living in Nebraska which amounts $30 x 300 people = $9000.00 every year. This amount is almost over six lakhs Nepali currency. To be clear, membership based organizations always give primary preference to their members. If Bhutanese living in more then 35 states in USA belong to ABA, why didn’t they divide the grant of IRC (about $200,000.00) equally to its member states??? Mr. Hari Acharya proudly declared 60 members in ABA in four years. So, how many years does it take to include 60,000 Bhutanese coming to USA? Only 15 members in a year??? I’m truly sorry Acharya sir!!! My commitment to all those who read this message is; I’d right a way forward the resignation to the Grievance Committee of BCN, if a single Bhutanese in Nebraska says that he/she doesn’t belong to the Bhutanese Community in Nebraska.
    Here under is a copy-paste of ABA ’s invitation of its upcoming convention. Looks like the invitation has incorporated the agenda:
    “On Friday evening, we will meet and mingle and have some fabulous dinner for guests coming from outside of Atlanta . On Saturday, we will have the official convention, including the election to seven seats on the Board of directors, hear about ABA’s activities, ask about ABA and general Bhutanese situation in America etc. In the evening, we will have a music night, led by a DJ. (There is a cover charge). On Sunday, `we will go on a sightseeing trip around Atlanta ”
    Do these agenda cover the untold sufferings that many Bhutanese in America are undergoing? Is there a thought to diagnose the problems of the ground level Bhutanese and the possible ways to avert them in the days to come? Isn’t the pain and anguish of these families to be prioritized by an organization that claims itself to be a national organization?
    -Hari Lal Adhakari shot to dead
    -Tika Koirala, and Sita Maya Magar a little girl killed in different traffic mishaps
    -Jit Bdr. Pradhan, Krisna Kumar Rai, and a Khadka from Texas committed suicide
    -Gopal Koirala, and Adhakaris from Washington , Katel from Arizona , who have been struggling between the life and death after losing the physical abilities caused by accidents
    –Bhagwat Rai in Texas -Janga Bdr an old man of 64 drop tears everyday
    -Guna Maya Rai has not been eating for over five months, being enveloped by multiple depressions
    -How can we solve the financial issues that have always compelled many Bhutanese to leave the dead bodies for several days in mortuaries before the funeral?
    Please think seriously of these FACTS where we are undergoing through this traumatic situation. It’s my hearty request. It’s very easy to just write when we are free from problems or have enough leisure time. But, once go and visit one of such families in person in your neighborhood and feel their heart in you. Go and give time to those families where no one is an English literate. In the name of unity, if I have to discard all these sufferings, I’d better ignore that “NOMINAL” unity and start my practicable job from with in the spirit.

    When Tika Koiral died in a fatal car crash in Tennesse leaving behind the five toddlers and his unhealthy wife the small Bhutanese Community of Tennessee was able to contribute a sum of around $4000 to support the family with rent and utility. Few other states helped financially. Did ABA exist then? Certainly yes, but did it even express a word of sympathy to the bereaved family? Is it ABA who deposited about $6,000.00 for the families of the deceased (family of Sita Maya Magar in Georgia) after meeting the funeral expenses? Definitely not. Is that ABA helping the new families in more than 35 states of America at the airport, at the offices interpreting, medical appointments, schools, employments, shopping, housing, SSI, DHHS offices, in situations after 8 months, green cards etc…Had ABA been there, why did the youth volunteers initiate the Volunteer Group to help the families of the deceased? The public isn’t that foolish. We have by now learnt to judge what is right and wrong.
    Folks, let’s understand the fact. Mr. Manoj Rai is neither the President of OBCA nor the initiator. He just came forward voluntarily to help the organizing committee to unite the sprinkled Bhutanese across America. Let’s not make an issue. And the Chief Coordinators and other associates are not the portfolio holders of OBCA. They are just volunteering in order to bring every Bhutanese together. The plat form is designed for you and other Bhutanese who have felt its real need. Therefore, your participation is of great importance. It’s in you who to hand the future of Bhutanese in America. In your absence the plat-form might go to the hand of a wrong person. Please be aware and participate in the Convention. Yet you’re not late. You’ve almost a month in hand. . If the problem is of travel expenses and leave from your employers that could be an unavoidable circumstance. The organizing committee has to be sorry for that. But they have expected our concern certainly.

    Topics to be decided in the first session on 18th of June:
    1) Organizational name: Bhutanese Community in America (BCA) or Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA).
    2) Head Office, Regional offices, State Level offices and city offices.
    3) The procedure to figure the Board of Directors: Election, nomination or consensus?
    4) Formulate the By-laws. (Give a final shape)
    5) Signing resolutions to assist to overcome the wide variety of sufferings and problems the Bhutanese are undergoing each day while coping up with the entirely new environment.
    6) The Bhutanese in many states have been genuinely feeling the need of an organized community. To help them in all possible ways to live in the organized community where the mutual help could be traded and an avenue could be created to access the resource of assistance.

    “Facts are apt to alarm us more than the most dangerous principles”

    Kumar Gurung

  27. This article is first of its kind in the history of Bhutanese movement and it speaks not for the sake of speaking but from the practical experiences of over two decades failure of our community due to the lack of unity and unifiers. The author has confidently explained and re-explained about the value of our unity and the consequences of not paying heed to unity call at this vital period of our new situation. As a senior member of Bhutanese community living in USA, it is understandable how difficult it might have been for the author to take such a neutral view even without being slightly bias on neither towards ABA nor OBCA.

    Our community is not even a fraction of a drop of water in a vast ocean of USA population and moreover we are very new immigrants there. It is understandable to have each local community organization in every state of our presence but to have several national level organizations with the same objectives and reasons for meager 30 thousand and in future around 60 thousand population is not at all wise and farsighted decision. Bhutanese community has a big responsibility to fulfill in three fronts – towards their country Bhutan, their host country and towards the welfare of their own community members. Once we are divided into lots of fractions at this initial stage of our presence then we should not even think of fulfilling our responsibility towards our own community members forget about our responsibilities towards our host and the country of origin. We have many highly educated and intellectuals people in USA who were tested for their selflessness and integrity when it comes to serving our community. Their service and initiation is vital for at least in the present situation. Let us appeal them and ask them to come forward and try to bring both ABA and the proposed OBCA together and possibly hold only one convention at a mutually acceptable date and time. Holding two conventions for the organization with the identical objectives is the wastage of our energy and our limited resources.

    At today’s unipolar world United States has say in almost everything with regards to world issues. We Bhutanese refugee, being the citizen of one of the least known country should be very proud to get chance to resettle and organize ourselves in the world’s most powerful country. If we work unitedly under the leadership of people like RP Subba and other few Bhutanese intellectuals there, then we could certainly expect positive opinion of US policy makers towards our cause for Human Rights and Democracy in Bhutan one day and our community can be a strong force to reckon with in the United States of America.
    Finally supporting with full force the appeal of RP subba for greater unity and integrity of Bhutanese community in The United States I reiterate my hope that our friends both at ABA and proposed OBCA will give due respect to the popular sentiment of unity before they proceed further with their respective programs.

    Ram BK Chhetri
    The Hague, The Netherlands.

  28. Dear Friends,

    In the wake of contention between OBCA and ABA, I have A simple suggestion:

    In order to clear the path towards the better future of Bhutanese in America and elsewhere, I suggest forming a Bhutanese Advisory Council immediately. This lose body of 100 people will be purely advisory in nature and will not impose anything on any organization, but makes recommendations in an honorable manner to the best interest of the community. It will be up to the individual organizations to see the reasons in the recommendations, accept or reject it without any consequences but their fate may depend upon the majority public opinion by virtue of the action. Therefore, let us do the following:

    Step I

    Find 100 leading Bhutanese individuals and form a lose body which will be purely Advisory in nature (No registration or bylaws required) This can be done in few days.
    Pick one from every Bhutanese organization (worldwide)
    Pick one from every local Community Advisory Council.
    Pick the rest randomly from any part of the world, make it 100.
    Step II

    Then, let them exchange their views on the present situation of Bhutanese people Versus Bhutanese orgs in America; and with majority consensus make recommendations especially to OBCA/ABA necessary at this juncture. No need to meet, they can do so over the phone/emails etc.

    Step III

    OBCA/ABA will respond to the recommendations. Media will take to the public for majority consensus. That may clear the path towards better future of all Bhutanese in America under one Umbrella Organization.

    My personal recommendation

    We the general Bhutanese population need only One National Organization. Having more than one national organization will not only impose a threat to the Character and integrity of Bhutanese people in America but also affect the funding resources by creating confusion/problems. Every Bhutanese has a responsibility to be a part of the solution, not a hurdle to the society. It must be made clear to all Bhutanese (new and old) that ABA was formed in a proper way in consultation with every Bhutanese in America then, with clear objectives. They have also done a great job at the regional level including representing Bhutanese in the State Department, securing fundings, helping people etc. There was overwhelming support for them but it is sad that they could not hold and keep them in the fold. Now they are facing Real challenge from OBCA. While OBCA, in their own rights have exploited the shortcomings of ABA. Fully reconizing the unstoppable power of the people, I strongly advise OBCA not to trample the old org, rather take over the whole thing in a civilized manner but do not fracture our community in the foreign land. ABA needs new blood and you the members in OBCA have that ability and capacity to donate and transfuse that blood and circulate in the whole body of Bhutanese community. You must be type O, while many of our innocent people are type AB. There are also Rh factors negative or positive that you must be very carful of. Important thing is that Unity, Hope and Optimism must be our foundation to set right foot forward in America. If you divide us, we are doomed to fail together.

    Thank you

    Dick Chhetri

  29. After reading Kumar Bhai’s comments, it feels like it is more about the people involved in ABA than ABA as an organization itself.
    I am not going to respond to your insults, for those who care will find the facts themselves.

  30. After reading Kumar Bhai’s comments, it feels like it is more about the people involved in ABA than ABA as an organization itself. It should not be. People come and go, but organizational structures and memories remain.

    Be that as it may, I am not going to respond to your insults, because this is not about you and me. I do what I do in the capacity of ABA’s employee. I can only hope that folks who would like to take seriously what you wrote about ABA and me and an anonymous ABA founder you mention will hopefully seek our version of the story as well and compare them with facts available to them. Let us leave it at that, if you will please agree. As you said, people are not fools. They never were.

    I regret that ABA’s not meeting all the needs of the Bhutanese community everywhere in the US led you and your colleagues to take this difficult decision of starting a new organization. Even though the said working group never did contact ABA, I am sure you thought long and hard about it and held deliberations and discussions with all the Bhutanese in the United States before you made your decision. I wish you luck as you proceed with this humongous responsibility of addressing all the needs and issues of every Bhutanese resettled here. It is a rather challenging task, as I personally have discovered in the last few years (and more acutely in the last few weeks), but I am sure that, given the eclectic and selfless group of people (apparently very unlike the people in ABA) you have involved, we Bhutanese will not have to suffer anymore. Thank you.

    HAVING said that, I would like to ask some simple questions from everybody here – intellectuals, Bhutanese elders, founders/proponents of the new organization, board members of ABA, general members of ABA, those who think ABA has had a sinister agenda all along, those who think that ABA has tried to what good it can but failed, those who think what ABA has done as much as any organization in its place and situation can really do, youths who say they have been watching us – about what ABA should do NOW:

    1) Should ABA fold itself and dissolve now that there is a new organization that claims to be able to do what ABA did and whole lot more and in an infinitely better way than ABA did? If the community does not need ABA, the current leadership should not have any problem ending it. ABA was created when there was no platform for us-now we seem to have platforms way too many to be occupied at a given time.

    2) Should ABA talk to this new organization? There have been suggestions to that effect, but there have been no concrete suggestions about what the talk should be about, what the end-goal should be and how the talk should happen. Who should initiate this conversation: ABA or the new organization? When should this conversation happen: after the new organization puts all its structure in place or before that, and why? ABA has its own ideas, but given that ABA’s ideas did not mean important enough to be even solicited to begin with, we will be happy to explore and review what we are told.

    3) Given that there have been many insinuations that ABA’s current leadership has never had the good of the refugees in its agenda, should ABA invite folks to come audit it? Would anyone be open to that?

    4) On the bigger picture, should the Bhutanese community demand a guarantee of all services in every situation from an organization that purports to represent the community? What is the minimum a community organization needs to deliver to justify its existence? Should it be required to succeed to provide assistance in ALL instances? Who judges whether the level of assistance and services is enough to be judged a success? If and when an organization fails to meet the needs of the community in some location or at some time, should we institute a system of launching a new organization or exploring how the existing organization can be reformed to meet the changed needs? Should we have a different understanding within the community about how such limitations should be addressed? Should good-faith effort and inherent situational/material/financial/human constraints matter at all when an organization is judged?

    Any good-faith concrete suggestion would be very helpful in guiding us to a decision.

  31. I’m an ordinary community member. I have been enjoying reading writeups and comments on ABA and OBCA since the day OBCA brought its program of holding its First National Convention in June. I was wondering why a new group needed another national organization when there was already one(ABA) in existence.
    However, today, while going through some extract of the convention agendas of ABA (see Kumar’s write up), I’ve been forced to re-read the agendas of OBCA in their press release. My sixth sense told me the success or failure of the organization rests on how appropriate the agendas/programs the organization endorses during its national convention. Then I compared and contrasted agendas of both and found OBCA’s convention agendas more community oriented and ABA’s convention agendas solely aimed for family and DJ oriented.
    There could be many more aspects of convention which my wisdom may lack, yet what I know is that the agends to be tabled by the organization at the convention for approval of the delegates is the driving soul of the organization. ABA friends, do you have other agendas, please?
    I’m sorry for this short comment.

  32. My predictions: All will fail and fall to the wasteside and “unity” will fail, division will prevail and culture and traditions will wash away….all because of old mindsets and the the lack of trust and clear objectives.
    Each localized community will develop an association and will do well within their own communities… in three years several people who have proven themselves throughout the country by their localized leadership will emerge and with the assistance of an orginazation like the Small Business Administration
    develop an association that will have a tough time formulating(because of what is happening here and now)but they will be successful because they will have the wisdom and knowledge to carry out the task and have proven themselves within their own communities. then this new association will spend most of their time reviving cultures and traditions and undoing the past but the leadership has proven themselves so this won’t be a big issue. The objectives will be clear and concise and practical to the needs of all the Bhutanese Communities and their first and foremost objective will be to preserve the Bhutanese culture and traditions and teach others about their culture Everything else will fall in place as these new proven leaders will know. This new association will not have to be defensive but will be offensive because they realize that this is a new society for all Bhutanese and it takes time to heal old mindsets and wounds.They will create a newsletter and blog to communicate with others throughout the United States that will be used to highlight the positive areas that are happening and not dwell on the failures but will provide solutions to the trouble areas. Again these are just my predictions…..But what do I know….

  33. the short comments written by Damber is rediculous.Even now he doesn’t know why OBCA is formed coz he is the member of ABA.whatever the contrast or comparision he makes he shouldn’t undermind OBCA which is no doubt be the national org. to lead the resettled Bhutanese in total.ABA we heard back in the refugee camp is the org. for bigshots only and is afew who have never seen n learnt about life out there.Some of the members of ABA are such they don’t want to have any touch with the refugees that was before the resettlement started.Now they are raising their anntenae to use our people for their greater interest.I feel that we have only one org. that is OBCA.We su[pport cleaned titled members in the org.else another org. might corp up which might bring defame to all the BHUTANESE.Therefore lead ahead cautiously and with the general interest of thepeople.We suffer no more in the days ahead coz our leaders.

  34. Dear Editor, BNS,
    I heard from some of the informal googlegroups that you guys are organising one “conference call” to minimise the ongoing dispute between ABA/OBCA. I am proud of your guys. That’s what media does in emergency situations. Please do it at the earliest possible. Try to include people like RP Subba, Bishwonath, Tek Bir Chhetri, Jogen etc etc.

    Please don’t let this so-called community leaders go free without “unification”. If you become able to unite this two groups, you should prove to the world that MEDIA is the most powerful means of “unity”. Only than the genuine thoughts of people like RP Subba will come true.

    Good luck guys. By the way, let BNS inform all development to public. We really want to hear these community leader’s commitment for social service.

  35. A Persian poet writes: “A hundred times have I fought with my beloved; a hundred times have I befriended her. She knew nothing of my fighting or of my befriending.”
    This verse may seem to belong to the world of poetry, but I think it has enormous relevance to the real world. It gives us an insight into the type of people needed to achieve any great purpose in life, that is, those who possess the quality, mentioned in this verse, of being able to bury within themselves the grudges that they feel towards others. Dear Countrymen, Can we try and Understand what this mean. I think it may not show my pre-maturity if I Conclude that that Final message of the of R. P Subba’s Article is same.
    No great objective can be attained by hand full of individuals. Several people have to strive together if even the simplest things are to be achieved. But united effort, besides having many advantages, also presents one great problem- the problem of people differing among themselves. By now we know that every one of us have Right to Opinion. But our opinion creating or supporting division shall Not Be Public Opinion today.
    Whenever people work together, it is inevitable that various dis-agreements, differences and grievances arise. Sometimes one will receive a smaller share of the credit, while another receives a larger portion. Some attain to high positions while others have to be satisfied with lower ranks. At times, it is something which has been said which offends another; at others it is some ill-considered action which seems to hurt another’s interests. Whatever the bone of contention may be, there are bound to be repeated occasions which lead to resentment. There will always be times when one feels anger, jealousy, vindictiveness and animosity towards some colleague. We need to accept this Universal truth. But many of us are sad to note that in our Community, all these Begins before we start our work and our action seems are just as rivalry or retaliate.
    I think there is a solution at these situations. That is, if every one of us turns our self into a self-correcting machine. We must defuse within ourselves the antipathy which we feel towards another. The grudges which we harbor have to be forgotten. Only then we will be able to stand with identity and work together for common goal.
    There is no hope unless we unite for common goal, stop our insane quarrels over meaningless issues and introduce seemingly hopeless confrontation and divisions. Let’s focus ourselves on a sustainable long term goal. Let’s not forget we are the immediate generation of builder Modern Bhutan. Let’s stand together under all circumstances, speak with one voice form single platform, and determined to make any sacrifice to fulfill our time demanded need, without compromising our Cherished Goal. (That’s to have a Vibrant Democratic Bhutan)
    Unity in thought, action, and speeches are of basic concern today to one and all. Wisdom based on collective bargaining within us and selflessness are the imperative requirements of our community any where in the world. For all of us a decisive moment has arrived in our long history of silent suffering and humiliation. Let’s not forget that long term future will be seriously affected by how we behave at this moment. For many of us, we made and are yet to make extremely difficult but crucial decisions affecting our future. Slightest mistake or indiscretion on our part of choices will cost fore ever.
    Keeping in mind the recent stirrings in the U. S. administration, we can sense that people of USA are trying to become long term inalienable friend of us. If we show matured act, I could see that people of USA can exert enormous pressure in South Asia.
    I have read some where and herd some people talking that We ARE HERE in USA with a purpose.
    But sorry to say, we are creating division. We have not even developed the basic concept of unity and it merits. Much of our time and energy is spent on fighting among ourselves. With ignorance or proxy war sponsored buy individual grudges and disliking rather than ideals. I think We can’t Move ahead with the Load of Past. Let those (Past) Remain and Get limited within History. Let’s give opportunity for frothing coming generations to judge about our past and draw a conclusion.

  36. I too heard about BNS’s attempt to bring 0BCA and ABA on a negotiating table. I salute their commitment. But it is their(BNS) time to demonstrate their role of a true impartial mediator and moderator, should not be deflected on either side or party. We readers and observers have been already sensing some points where BNS is breaching the role of freelance media hub, blocking Dick Chhetri’s comment posted on 19th and published only after enquery on 21st in the googlegroups is a case in point.

    Do not try to pay back the salt that you owe to _____. This is our(of all including BNS and me) time to reconcile and act in unison for the supreme interest of the community. Relatively, media has more role to play at this crucial hour. Hope I have not done any wrong on bringing this small comment.

    Editor’s Note: Dick Chhetri has reacted on your comment; please take a look!

  37. Dear Damber,
    Thank you for your concerns regarding publication of my comments by BNS. The snag has been taken care of and problems resolved in a manner consistant with the satandard of an impartial media. In good faith,let us hope and trust that BNS will do a right thing in bringing the ABA and OBCA together for the greater good of the Bhutanese people in America. Sometimes, small doubts and mistrust play big roles (as I did myself but actually it was not a big deal when I realized my own mistake) but when confronted in reality, it becomes a simple solution. Therefore,let us be positive and remain optimestic.
    I do not hesitate to express my opinion that may be good for our people:
    I think ABA is a growing plant giving some hopes of fruits in near future in a particular region) Whereas OBCA is a seed to be sown on the ground everywhere, certainly for the greater and better products and services. No matter how many workers are there in the either field, both the plant and the seed have to go through rigerous transformation to ultimately bear fruits except that the plant has reached a level of recognization that everybody can see. But let us not fight for the fruits which is not even there now. Let us face the reality:
    I suggest that all the workers look at the growing plant instead of the seed, then replant it as their own, nurture it to make it a fruiting tree for all. This way, all workers save the time, money and effort; and the people get to eat the fruits sonner. For the greater good of the people, I trust that ABA will make that offer remaining only in positions required; and OBCA leaders will gracefully accept the responsibility.
    If they did this, it will be a WIN-WIN situation for both orgs and the public becase ABA gets to keep thier name and history and OBCA gets the opportunity to natioinalize the org and involve all the manpower.Most importantly we will have one national org and shows Unity of all Bhutanese in America. This thing need not be done in any dramatic manner, They can agree internally to hold a convention where, only the desired (by OBCA) members of ABA will contest in the election or simply remain in the advisory board.Rest of them will be new from OBCA. And we all openly help them to succeed.
    Hope all sensible Bhutanese will understand and put their utmost efforts to bring Unity, Hope and Optimism in the Bhutanese Community at the national level for all of our sake and for the betterment of the future generation. Please make your concerns public before it is too late.

    Dick Chhetri

    NOTICE THERE R ONLY ??????????????????????????????? IN ABA & OBCA!

  39. Hi guys
    we fought for long now-ABA& OBCA.Convention dates for both groups are narrowing.Lets all now make a shift-Marking which one seems national
    Hi good critics/Commentaters / Media personnels -This is a mandatory job to you all because you guys brought this simple issue into fruitless debate not uniting rather polorizing for infinite.
    But I have one strong reservation to this parenting group(advisors)you be united first and come up with clear picture.No political flavor in your advice please.people can easily trace who you guys are though you appear duplication of Id.Let not charging battle betwwen ABA VS OBCA fires you back for wrong temptation.
    Tired siwakoti

  40. Hey NOname guy,
    You are fake and lie. You mustn’t be a Bhutanese or resettled Bhutanese. Or you are the most selfish creature born in this earth. Or you have never tried to help people in problems. Non-English families have difficulty in every steeps of life in any country. Govt. will not at all come to you and provide job from its pocket unless you have the ability. It’s not so easy to get through the benefits after the stipulated time is over. Will the Govt. come and take you for shopping when you don’t have ride? Will govt. give you funeral expenses? Will Govt. bring Pandit and Lamas for rituals and funerals? Will govt. come and teach Nepali language to our new generations? Will govt. save our culture and Custom? Will Govt organize dassara and Dipawali? Loshar? Chandi? Chrismus??? Is it wiser to call police in minor family disputes? Will the govt come to your apartments to read your letters every-day? Don’t treat others as you are.
    There are families with all members disable. They need to be guided by our community organizations. These are very few examples only….
    If you are true to what you write, please disclose your identity…Don’t act so wild….I hate your way of appearing to the medias. Or you are bhumigat MAO BADI of AMERICA. Shame on you..
    And you dont know the difference between party and samaj haha..

  41. Far away’ in the eastern world the few places got ruined in the hand of few people using the wrd “Unity”.This word is indispensable from anyone ever.But making it a criket boucing unethicaly is hatred.

    IN the name of unity I can’t even think for an essence of campaign or singing song of unity.If any one has motive to serve others they can serve quietly.
    i meant that it is not time or place, living in others country on their mercy and kindness.where every new arrivals are are being supported by the US government.

    Conclusion :What is ABA and OBCA for?Can it give everything required for prosperity.I strongly condemn it.

  42. First of I would heartily thank for R.P.sirs’ article of his modern sentiments, matured and open ideology or thinking. I would also say that “Everyone is born free but everywhere he is in chain,” and “To err is humane but to forgive divine,” we all are ruled by our own circumstances but we can’t rule circumstances by ourselves and never.In fact in the US or abroad we are all bind under the constitution which is openly declared as “WE THE PEOPLE in the context of the US. The first three letters itself reveals everything,i.e.unity,freedom,responsibilities, etc..I wouldn’t gonna be as a politicians but however our self proclaimed leaders of present and past and everyone of us have to adopt and practice the world standard constitution. We tried and still trying to form different organizations naming “non-profit or non-political” for the welfare of the community but I wonder why such org.tries to merge into a political ideology which unlike in the context of US, no one is aloud to form until he or she is born out here and hold citizenship.Its like “a honey tongue is heart of gall”. Still those practices like in the past tries to rise their heads. Everyone..we must understand inside FREEDOM, WE MUST HAVE TOTAL SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITIES towards individual and community if we are really interested in serving them and no one will tolerate and consider if anyone claims to be the leader of whole Bhutanese Community abroad but I say lets have full wisdom(organizational), commitment,love, trust,mutual understanding,responsibilities and transparency. As we say ” example is better the precept” we must have the capacity to share our love, faith, hope,commitment etc. to remain under one umbrella or platform. Its all due to lack of knowledge, selfish motives,lack of commitment and responsibilities,etc,etc… Our past history proved innumerate examples of corruptions and downfalls where we hardly found the sacrifice of greed,,nepotism, favoritism,luxury,conservative thoughts,trust, respect etc and many other “isms” which ultimately brought negative impact to the community as a whole.I would thank R.P.sirs’ article for his purity in thought, broad vision, leadership qualities and open ideology or chronological expressions. Its very easy to criticize and go against instead of trusting each other and respect others opinions and good qualities. In this materialistic world, all are thirst for wealth and tries to become wealthy overnight and show superiority.This is the culture we inherited from our forefathers and lack transparency,organizational commitment and responsibilities and unity in diversity at large. I may respect the positive aspects of both BCCA or ABA but not an individuals’ egoism and fraction generating motives and ideologies.We can truely say “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. (S.Grg.New England)

  43. R.P.dajus’ contents are really a true and encouraging one and a great advice to everyone. As going thru some statement of our commenting friends, What I personally feel or want to add is “A real and determined social worker accepts and admits faults and always determines to serve humanity or community through various charity works without any selfish motives, egoism,negative thoughts,ignorance,partiality or any other discrimination prevailing in an individual or society. Though we need vision, resources, time etc..but we know that ” a person is known by his deeds not by his words.” Instead of wasting precious time in disclosing each others’ weakness, we can correct respectfully as brothers and sisters as every problems has its solutions in the world. To be honest, we’re gradually forgetting our bitterest part of our life which we had experienced just one or two years back and now filled with great pride and challenging each others out here, never realizing that all are surviving and resettled here,if we were not assisted by UNHCR for the last 18 yrs. Lets try to realize our past circumstances and never fly in the air but before lets try to come to reality and our originality.Why can’t we realize that we’re in great debt and prepare to make a good foundation. We were respected by all the agencies and still getting respect in every hardships till now by the concept, “ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE BORN EQUAL ON THIS EARTH AND NO ONE IS IMMORTAL” by donor countries and lets not try to bring negative impact out here so early as happened back due to thousands of scarcities in our refugee life. But now (in abroad) we must say we are highly facilitated and accepted as legal immigrants, no matter how we were and where we were. Freedom in forming different org.doesn’t bring a concrete solutions but an individuals’ commitment/deeds and joint efforts in every activities and charity works towards our community indiscriminately brings absolute peace and harmony in the community.Discussions may bring some positive conclusions but a little bit of commitment brings larger impact to the society.As a proverb says, Thousand words are better than one action”. If we think we need community, lets have different charity works as different catholic charity does in the US and not waste a single minute in unnecessary bargain for the leadership and organization and making it more complexity but always help everybody in their needs and difficulties.Lets wash our brain with DEFEAT and WIN mentality and prepare for our identity/citizenship each one of us in ones’ own country/state or those here in the US as a True American resettled from Bhutan.Lets adopt the mentality of Respecting HUMANITY!

    Once again I thank R.P.sirs’ outstanding image or dream of a larger community in the US or abroad. God Bless U all. S.B.Gurung.USA.

  44. Let’s be clearer here, who is trying to form the new organization. Let’s identify in specific as who in persons are leading the organization. As someone mentioned that it is a disagreement between IOM bags and Conference bags people. Is it really true and worth of such indifferences? Let’s understand this. Or is it just the faction of same wing of the common hats who couldn’t influence the latent group and are reorganizing themselves in the mercy of innocent folks? If this is true we need to understand the motive or interest behind it. If it is just a matter of problem with leadership in imparting the required outreach, then ABA has to change its driver and expand its carrier either by alteration mechanism or replacement mode.
    Let’s not argue about the person but highlight the qualities to lead us. Regarding the claim of term national, there is no problem and anyone can use it. Every organizations following the minimum requirements and obligatory get through of country gets the recognition. But I need to stress on representation. What percentage of US resettled Bhutanese folks know the existence of ABA or formation of OCBA? Are you going to represent these people also or bypass them? Who’ll come to tell them and when? Or you already nominated the specific groups and now claiming to be of all Bhutanese at USA? Let’s take the indicator to gauge, for example ABA may claim as 10% of all Bhutanese at USA are on their favor considering their family and relatives networks and by virtue OCBA may claim to some 10-15% considering their background and people involved. This may total at the most 25% of all the resettled Bhutanese in USA. Is it justified to claim the organization mentioning ‘mine is an organization of all Bhutanese at USA’? Please review and understand the sentiments of the people.
    My personal suggestion would be to use ABA platform with changed leadership. If both the groups cannot compromise, you people cannot represent the Bhutanese folks. What should people expect from each of the faction, just your introduction or some sorts of balm on the aching mind and soul during the 12th hour of need?
    Understand each one limitation as bread earner, father/mother, brother/sister, community member and an immigrant as the present stage. One cannot shoulder the burden of others completely as someone mentioned too ambitiously.
    Within the available resources, I personally feel that ABA has done great in the past but with change in pattern of influx of mass, it couldn’t address the demand. Therefore one has to be flexible and incorporate the reality. One need to know, initially the migration is only the individuals having bigger heads, might and favor and now is the family, society/community and almost complete populations with majority of them illiterate, sick and feeble who need dire support directly or indirectly.
    Disperse of population is another challenging bottleneck for representation.
    Subba Sir’s article sounds theoritical ideal but how feasible would be to our volatile mass which has disintergrated by caste, race, religion, origin and what not. Had we been in a position and specific stand most of such problems wouldn’t have rooted.
    Our society never followed any scientific principle and retained its identical properties but acquired some of others properties. Such trend created many complexity within the changed one and created unfathomable impact to the mother stem.

  45. RP Sir,
    Your article is well-composed.It carries the reality. We need the more of your articles of this kind to read. Bhutanese around the globe needs the man who has a very clear vision like you to lead the community.


  47. I wanted to comment on the post by Kelly Dorjee regarding unity in the US and with Atlanta activities. To preface my remarks, I want to let you know that I am American volunteer working with refugees in Atlanta and have spent most Saturdays over the last 13 years working with families. Over the last 4 years, I have spent most of my time with the Bhutanese who I have a great love and admiration for. I received the Heroes of Humanity Awart from Art of Living for my work with refugees, particularly Bhutanese.

    I have tried to creat unity in the community. I was first involved when I met Birenda Dhakal and then Narayan Katel. I was the person who reached out to the Hindu comminity in 2007 starting with Dr.Ravi Sarma and in the course of discussions about helping a asylee family, he learned for the first time about the forthcoming arrivals of refugees. The majority of the Indian American community was not aware and he enlisted SEWA, HSS and a myriad number of other groups to join a humanatarian effort. From the beggining this was definetly open to all regardless of religion There was the first reception for Bhuatnese in August of 2008 followed by a bazaar where over $15,000 of items were given away by the Atlanta Indian community.

    In addition cars, compouters and tutoring have been givem. There has also been spiritual events and free activities from Art of Living. Over $13,000 of rent was paid for families in distress by SEWA. They chose Narayan has their conduit along with myself.The BAG had somewhat disbanded, however it is active again. The recent Bhutanese Empowerment Project conference in Atlanta sponsored by SEWA brought in 30 Bhutanese from all over America to discuss issues. There expenses were covered. Narayan and I were delegates from Atlanta

    Birendra Dhakal active in ABA was also a delegate and there is a move to create a true national coalition between ABA and SEWA perhaps with single NGO name. Birendra are working with BAG. In February 2009 a meeting was held by Sarmana nnd the Rais and their new BCG group. Narayan and I attended and were physically escorted out after I protested about the vicious rumors spreas about Narayan and the Indian community. We wanted to pass out a paper outlining the over 30 events the Indians sponsored for the Bhutanese. I have also been threatened by Deo.

    We invited BCG folks to a SWEA/BAG meeting and they were rude an insulting to Dr Sarma, Tulasi Ghimrey, Narayan and others. There is a strong power play by the Rais to be the only group and they have ingratiated themselves with the refugee agencies. The BCG group has done only a few events and I believe their forthcoming convention is a last minute one since ABA will be meeting here in July and we just finished the BEP conference. Sarman has indicated some animus towards Indian Brahmins and I believe he is misguided. He does not seeem to understand that Indian Americans are not Indians per say. They are following dharmatic and humanatarian principals. Sarman was upset as well becauses he was not given acknowledgment at the August 2007 reception and Michael was also upset that he could not speak or perform

    I can only relate these facts. It is unfortunate that would so many problems that there cannot be unity. To me, it all seeems about power and politics and avenging grievances and a animus towards Indian Americans because of the lack of Indian government support of repatriation

    The average person here does not really care about organizations, they will accept help from anyone. No one has done more individually than Narayan Katel. I was asked by the state to nominate an individual to represent the Atlanta Bhutanese community (now 1900) at a ORR consulatation in June. He met with the State Refugee coordiantor and was approved. Birendra and Tulasi could have also been fine choices.

    I am also concerned about prosyltizing in the Hindu community. Religion is a personal choice and I have seen too much help being given to families by Christians who then leave bibles, invite Hindus to church, many feeel obligated to attend, and some have told me they will also stay Hindu but go to church. I have worked with only Muslim refugees in the past and the pressure to change religions is not right, yet I understand that this is imbued in conservative Christianity

    I am upset at all that is happened. Sarman and the Rais should think of what is best for the community. We could do so much together. Recently Chinmaya Mission had a picnic and many members of the Nepalese association of the Southeast attended. I belive the Nepalese immigrant community wants to be involved and seem willing to work with Indians. I proposed a meeting to Sarman to get all togetehr including all the volunteer leaders from CDC and Emory University. No response.

    In closing, I will continue to work with the many families I have adopted. I canot stand all the child like behavior. I shutter to think where we would be without Indian American help. The seed I planted with Ravi Sarma has led to a forest of trees-SEWA/BEP helping in so many cities.

    I have no ax to grind but I felt compelled to repsond. I cannot see Narayan who has suffered so much tragedy and our great Indian American friends maligned

    I am sure there will be nagative feedback and perhaps I will be threatened again but I need to speak my mind. I have been so involved with this community and I believe I have been objective and factual.

    Ralph Parker

  48. One more comment

    Can someone explain to me why certain members of the Bhutanese refugee community are opposed to help from the Indian American community? In my years of working with Bosnian, Kurdish,Iraqi, Eritrean, Russian Turks, Afghans and Burmese, only the Bhutanese have had cultural brothers step in and help, other than some limited efforts of the Turks in Atlanta to assist the Meshketian Turks from Russia.

    It is beyond belief to think that help would not be welcomed or welcomed under certain controls and conditions.

  49. It is great to learn that both OBCA and ABA representatives are attending a meeting shortly. I would like to make the following suggestions to the both:
    ABA- you have build a good resume with the ORR and other related agencies/stake holders. You got to convince OBCA and our community at large that ABA is able, willing to accommodate, represent and reach to all the Bhutanese in US across 50 states. You will be willing to restructure/amend bylaws if required and invite all youth/seniors to manage organization so that we have only ONE national organization.
    OBCA- convince ABA and all the Bhutanese community in US that you have vision and strength to meet the needs of resettled refugees. Prove that you have very dynamic and effective organizational strategies to provide services to all of us. Offer ABA to remain in local/state level and continue services in the location they are in presently.

    Two effective situation will be the outcome of the above suggestion:
    1. Will have OBCA as national organization where ABA will remain in state level-ABA leadership will come to OBCA management following the general procedures. win-win.
    2. OBCA leadership will have place in ABA, ABA will be restructured and strong to serve for all of us. OBCA chapter closed. win-win.

    Gains- No competition in a small market- Bhutanese in US.

  50. Ralph an American Volunteer self interested towards refugee for secret intention acts like a pure humanitarian service men and support hindus only to fight back christianity and Islam.
    He is not directly heading against other religion because he is a jews. so he can not tolerate christian and churches converting families of different other religions. He does hate help and services of christian and churches.

    He played a key roll dividing Bhutanese community in Georgia…He has political interest after our people once they are citizen of this country. He is always interested and thinks Naryan Katel and Birandra Dhakal are capable to be leader of Bhutanese community. In fact, Both are outdated and old mentality. Don’t have ability to move on by them self and always beg for help with outsider like Ralph.
    Ralph doesn’t like people with Maxican and orintal looks. He has hatred feelings towards people with different faces other than Hindu Bramans.Recently convention of SEWA was held for hindus only.It’s going to be a big surprise if his help has reached to a fimily othre than Braman and Hindu.
    Indians hindus are competing with Islamic folks and Jamath Khana.Indian also have political interest in long run.Please be aware of thes Indians.This resettlement has been an opportunity for this Indian to show the higer number of hindu population in Atlanta area.
    I am worried about the future of ABA partnering with Ralph,SEWA and Naryan Katel.
    Here is a strooy of a Rice cooker donated by CDC groups. Dr. Ravi gave a check of $100 dollar to a Bhutanese fimily,Ralph went to deliver the rice cooker to the same family,followed by Naryan Katel to collect money for the same rice cooker $60 dollar. Everyone can understand what is the game?????
    He talked about car donation ..I beat if any of the donated cars are running on the road today. Except the one Naryan Katel has in his possession.
    Bhutanese are mixed in culture,religion,language because of different ethnic goups and it’s the beauti of our own…which Ralph can not understand and Naryan and Birendra thinks Bhutanese community should be dominated only by Hindus. I don’t want to talk about Tulsi Ghimerey, He is a good man and he deserve respect in Bhutanese community.Tulsi should be the Leader of Bhutanese community.Tulsi knows what is good and what is not. But he is just watching the game and rolling ball.
    I know people do not support ABA because it ‘s formed with member base ideology.
    Ralph, people are not happy with Indian help but still do’t want to say anything. They think that finally you will stop offering.
    Ralph, it’s better if you leave this Bhutanese and divert your attention towards other community unless you have set some goal to be paid back.
    I predict a bad situation if you still linger around,support,oppose few folks in Bhutanese community.
    Everyone wonders why Ralph has to speak on behalf of Naryan and Birender.. Do they speak and write English?
    All the agencies are tired of you,technically all the doors are closed for you.
    Ralph…………NO..Noo Nooo
    Indian…..No …NOoo…Noooo
    Tired of all this craps.

  51. I guess, we are never going to learn through our past mistakes, seventeen years in refugee camps in exile wasn’t long enough to teach us life lessons. We know the so called leaders took us for a ride while they toured around the World selling us, 100,000 refugees.

    I agree ABA hasn’t been able to actively work for the welfare of the Bhutanese population in the USA which is increasing by the day. However, we can’t blame them for not being able to look after the welfare of Bhutanese all over the States because to run an organisation full time one needs to have plenty of time and resources in hand which most of us don’t have at the moment. All of us still need to hold full time job. With the close co-ordination of its members and volunteers I am sure ABA will be able to achieve these goals. Most of the members and post holders in ABA do have full time jobs. I hope ABA will reorganise themselves and with new members from each States should be able to take up the social issues faced by the Bhutanese in the States. I suppose ABA could include the social issues in the agenda of their forth coming convention too .
    I have one question for Kumar Gurung, did you ever approach ABA with all the social issues you have mentioned ??? why didn’t OBCA founders approach ABA with suggestions to bring improvement where they deemed it required ?? If you guys were genuinely concerned about the welfare of the people you would talk to ABA first.

    My honest analysis of the situation is —there seem to be division in caste in Atlanta from where the problem started. My suggestion to Kumar Gurung and others alike is — please don’t play this game, it will only consume your time and energy but will lead you nowhere in life. Don’t do this just to become leaders. You guys seem to have too much time in hand.

    I will wait to be bombarded now.

  52. Gyalmo,

    You damn hit right between the eyes. My honest opinion – some of the founders of the OBCA turned their personal dislikes into ogranizational issues. Taking into account the comments made by our readers in Atlanta, it seems definitely the people at OBCA are not even able to get their acts together in Atlanta itself forget about the whole country. They need to grow up and stop playing the petty camp politics.

    After what is being said about the true intentions and the abilities of the founder of OBCA , Bhutanese folks in US might have to give a second thoughts. I am not saying that ABA doesnot have flaws. ABA needs to be more inclusive and re-visit their strategies so that new folks from across the country could be the part of the process.

    Thanks to Ralph for speaking your mind.

  53. Both ABA & OBCA should be disbanded and we should all join SEWA. core leaders in ABA & OBCA are too far detached from the ordinary bhutanese folks and they are too concerned about raising their own profiles than coming down to groundlevel to understand & mitigate problems faced poor asylees. ABA is a family affairs, right form DP Basnet to the core memebers are know nothing but their vested interests. they never suffered! core group in OBCA are a bunch of radical disenchanted misfits & they have done enough harms amongst the ordinary folks with fear tactics and misguidance just like they used to do back in the camp.

    i totally agree with ralph parker about SEWA (although i totally disagree with him about birendra dhakal….coz birendra dhakal is jackal just like his brother dns dhakal. these dhakals are good at bringing all their family & relations (bhuts & non bhuts) to usa but nothing else.

  54. Mister NOname…. yes we should all join sewa or mebbe we should join you. You seem to say that you know everything and are capable of everything. Why you not form an organization which will solve everything? ?????

  55. I respect the response from No Name, howver my relationship with Birendra Dhakal has been mostly positive. For awhile, he got involved with BCG(OBC) but has seen what they are about. He has done some work for students and elderly and managed a small grant to provide medical interpetation skills. He has 2 beautiful daughters who had 4 year scholarships and one is in grad school. They are brilliant and I use them as an example in talking to teens. I have always heard different rumors,but I can only go by what I persoanlly observe. I can never speak in an authoritive manner since I am not Bhutanese, except deep in my heart, but I do believe Birendra is committed and a good person and that any animosity between him and others outside of BCG have been resolved. Please give him the benefit of the doubt!

    He even cosigsned the lease for Narayan when he came to Atlanta. No one is perfect and we all make good and bad decisisons. I respect Birendra and most of all I believe he does care about the community based on personal discussions we have had.

  56. Good News

    We learned last week that there is now emergency funding avaialable from the Federal Government for refugee families in distress. Up to $3000 is available per family as of June 1 and it will be administered in Georgia by the United Way
    It will provide rental assistance when a family receives an eviction notice, utility assistance if a family is behind or cut off and rental assistance with deposits etc when a family needs to move. Not all details have been announced.This is something that I have always felt was critical. I assume it will be avaialable nationwide. I still have concerns about families where no one is employable. There needs to a solution. We cannot have people coming here in units where no one can work. We are also losing a whole generation of smart young people over 18 who must work instead of going to school. It is a shame given the excellent English spoken. I can understand their anger and depression.

  57. Gyalmo;
    You are completely in favor of ABA. Your question to Kumar went wrong. You talked about the ability of OBCA founder. What have you seen with ABA founder. Everyone gives second thoughts for ABA ands OBCA as well.

    Your concerns who divided in Atlanta.(1) ABA (2) Ralph Parker..Do you still believe that our society should be dominated by Hindus and Brahmans? Frankly speaking ABA divided people in Atlanta…before that it was peace and all were corporative. if you don’t trust ask those folks in Atlanta.
    Old fashioned egos of ABA founders ruined the relation of Bhutanese in Atlanta.

    Do you all want to know why ABA did not have activities in all the states ? The fact is ABA founders thought once organization is established, bylaws is written,board is erected, all the responsibilities of Bhutanese refugee resettlement in America will be given to ABA …BUT things did not go the way they dreamt. They did tried to have dream fulfill meeting state department in D.C BUT state dept. send them back treating like babies are around. Rubbish dog got them once. Nothing other than that… Folks turned frustrated and didn’t even had little sympathy for new arrival in different states.. No activities in other states????????????????????????
    Gyalmo do you want to know why ABA is called member base and what is the benefits for members ????
    I think cast is the main problem in Atlanta..Birendre Dhakal, Naryan Katel along with Relph Parker never include participants in their program and events other than hindus and Brahmans.

  58. Mr Parker, think twice if i am mistaken here. You are just an oppertunist. You and your SEWA group is running after commission. Sewa in trying to cheat the refugees with their stupid used items and you are trying to justify who is good or not. Be like a general American. You have nowheere to poke your nose in our bussiness. Most of the Atlantians know about your capacity and your easy money making bussiness. Please do not try to pretend that you are serving the refugee community. Yes you are doing for few BUT WITH A SELFISH INTEREST..
    You did a great job for letting Narayan Katel attend the ORR consultation in June and I commend you for this. But at the end of the day, ORR stands for Office of Refugee Resetlement and MR. Narayan is neither a refugee nor had come through a resettlement program. What will be your answer if someone in the conference pointed that all so called asylees or self induced frontliner of the Bhutanese issues back home had betrayed all refugees and have forgetten them to the day when refugees from the camps started to enter Amnerican.

  59. I understand that Ralph Parker is a very shameless person, and for that matter Narayan Katel is his likeness. We know it exactly how much you have contributed to members of Bhutanese community in Atlanta, Georgia. When your contribution is as low as $2 dollars, you happen to claim $200. Bhutanese community members should spit on Ralph Parker’s and Narayan katel’s face for this shameless behavior. I have measured the heap of your shit(bull-shit). If you get out of the scenario, we know how to work with members of Indian American community. We have an exact record of how much in cash and kind they have donated to the Bhutanese community. You have time and again tried to expose me and my colleagues as Anti-Indian person. This motive of yours has not gained any place in our relationship with Indian Americans, except barring our communications. Instead you have geared us to become so Anti- Ralph Parker. I am sure you do not want to know how much anti-ralphparker we have become. We will not loose anything if you and Narayan Katel do not show your face to us. We will do better and be happier without your help, Ralph. Your malicious attempt to defame us has now crossed the limit, or gone beyond our normal limit of understanding and tolerance.
    Nobody has been coercive to convert the Bhutanese into Christianity. To bring one truth out, you and your wife have attempted to convert Narayan Katel’s wife Krishna. Due to her mental inconsistency you have failed in your attempt to do that. When I last saw Krishna she told me about Mother Mary. I could not make out what she was trying to tell me. She was not clear enough for that.
    One thing now I know about you fo sure is that You can’t stop lying. You have been trying to gain popularity in the Bhutanese community with some malicious breifings. Narayan Katel is usually at work, or at home. Ask if any one has seen him walking alone anywhere sometimes. He has a shy bitch’s nature. You have tried to push Narayn to lead and head Bhutanese community in Atlanta. But he has not been able to chew your candy. This is USA. Narayn has to personally earn that Degree if he would like to have it.

  60. Ralph,

    I think you are genuinely concerned about Bhutanese in Atlanta. We are sorry about all the adverse developments in our community at the moment.

    Regarding the youth having to work instead of going to School, this is the way all the immigrants do, they first work and try to save money to go to School or after earning some money they go to School part time. It is better to learn the hard way than easy way. Despite all the hardships some do very well and some don’t, this is the way of life everywhere in the World. We should be grateful that we were given chance to make our future in USA. Now it is upto us to make it or break it. Thank You for concern.

  61. Ralph an American Volunteer (He is more than simple volunteer) self interested towards refugee for secret intention acts like a pure humanitarian service men and support hindus only to fight back christianity and Islam.
    He is not directly heading against other religion because he is a jews. so he can not tolerate christian and churches converting families of different other religions. He does hate help and services of christian and churches.

    He played a key roll dividing Bhutanese community in Georgia…He has political interest after our people once they are citizen of this country. He is always interested and thinks Naryan Katel and Birandra Dhakal are capable to be leader of Bhutanese community. In fact, Both are outdated and old mentality. Don’t have ability to move on by them self and always beg for help with outsider like Ralph.
    Ralph doesn’t like people with Maxican and orintal looks. He has hatred feelings towards people with different faces other than Hindu Bramans.Recently convention of SEWA was held for hindus only.It’s going to be a big surprise if his help has reached to a fimily othre than Braman and Hindu.
    Indians hindus are competing with Islamic folks and Jamath Khana.Indian also have political interest in long run.Please be aware of thes Indians.This resettlement has been an opportunity for this Indian to show the higer number of hindu population in Atlanta area.
    I am worried about the future of ABA partnering with Ralph,SEWA and Naryan Katel.
    Here is a strooy of a Rice cooker donated by CDC groups. Dr. Ravi gave a check of $100 dollar to a Bhutanese fimily,Ralph went to deliver the rice cooker to the same family,followed by Naryan Katel to collect money for the same rice cooker $60 dollar. Everyone can understand what is the game?????
    He talked about car donation ..I beat if any of the donated cars are running on the road today. Except the one Naryan Katel has in his possession.
    Bhutanese are mixed in culture,religion,language because of different ethnic goups and it’s the beauti of our own…which Ralph can not understand and Naryan and Birendra thinks Bhutanese community should be dominated only by Hindus. I don’t want to talk about Tulsi Ghimerey, He is a good man and he deserve respect in Bhutanese community.Tulsi should be the Leader of Bhutanese community.Tulsi knows what is good and what is not. But he is just watching the game and rolling ball.
    I know people do not support ABA because it ’s formed with member base ideology.
    Ralph, people are not happy with Indian help but still do’t want to say anything. They think that finally you will stop offering.
    Ralph, it’s better if you leave this Bhutanese and divert your attention towards other community unless you have set some goal to be paid back.
    I predict a bad situation if you still linger around,support,oppose few folks in Bhutanese community.
    Everyone wonders why Ralph has to speak on behalf of Naryan and Birender.. Do they speak and write English?
    All the agencies are tired of you,technically all the doors are closed for you.
    Ralph…………NO..Noo Nooo
    Indian…..No …NOoo…Noooo
    Tired of all this craps.

  62. I am humbled by the overwhelming number of comments to this article. I had not thought that such an article would spur such a huge response from our public.It shows that people are reading and contemplating. The appreciation and the words of intellect reflected in your comments is a stimulus package that will drive me to do more. I would like to thank all the readers and those who took time off some important chores to write your views.

    Slowly but surely we have caught on to it. The comments are mostly fair – constructive and positive. We still have room for more objectivity and maturity. That is the culture we like to see develop especially when we comment in an ‘all can see’ open forum.

    More than anyone else, we Bhutanese need to write more, express more and learn more. We have to do more – of what we were denied doing in the days of yore. I hope you will keep posting your comments.

  63. RP Dai,
    Your article has brought both OBCA and ABA to the right track. TO my analysis, OBCA seems a little flexible than ABA. The step of OBCA to call ABA for the dialogue is the perfect step. OBCA has won the favour of the public doing this. I am watching how sincer ABA is to the public. If ABA denies or hesitates to respond OBCA on time, I would advise ABA members to identify themselves something other then Bhutanese. They will be no more Bhutanese….

    Deepak Adhakari

  64. ???????/ instead petty quarrel why dont you bloody all go door knocking & helping resettlement of bhutanese refugees. you all are bunch of nothing but petty ????? trying to ????? the poor asylees facing tremonodus hardship trying to make a living in a strange land. enough divisions were created in the camp leading to violent partisans amongst the refugees. the same situation is being duplicated here.

  65. Well I guess the readers will see all the nastiness from Atlanta about me. I can only say that it is all lies. I have spent 13 years helping families of all kinds and all the agency folks are aware of this. I have raised 40,000 over the years for emergency funding including several thousand dollars for the Bhutanese Emergency Fund administered by Jewish Family Services, One can check with them about my prior general funds for all refugee groups and the effort I made to raise funds for fire victims in 2002. I have been recognized by my employer for a Community Service Award which resulted in a nice donation to World Relief. I have helped so many Bhuatnese families and it is my belief that they appreciate and respect me. There is a smear campaign orchestrated by Deo and others. I am not a Christian and I am not anti Christian. My son is a very involved practicing Christian and I respect that, What I do not respect is overt or covert attempts to convert Hindus,Muslims or anyone No one has a definitive answer about Gods existence or the right path to God.

    We have provided factual information about rent paid by the Indians to landlords and agencies. This is a public record. The information regarding rice cookers is wrong, Dr Sarma gave $300 to a new family for rice cookers, I bought them and asked Narayan to get me reimbursed. As the cookers cost only $100, Ravi indicated that the families could keep the rest, Narayan was given a van by SEWA to help in his volunteer work.

    I make no money off helping. I have spent hundreds in helping, even loaning 4000 from my home equity line to a Burmese friend for a car I am not Christian and hav
    no bias against Christians or Non Aryan Bhutanese. I am working presently with a non Aryan Bhutanese family and was asked by another family for help.I hope you will see the veiled threaat in the recent post. I guess I will be taken a big risk by continuing to help and I might just stop. I rally do not need or deserve this treatment.It would be hard to walk away from the 7 or so families I have helped.
    I will have to consider this.

    As to religion, I grew up Jewish and do not practice any religion and I consider myself a Humanist and non deist. I believe we all have a responsibility to help others and we all need to b reaching out to those in need. Other than family, helping in anyway with a cause is the next most important thing.

    There is clearly some evil intent with Kiley and his friends I stand on my record.e

  66. The names surfaced on several comments above: Ralp Parker, Narayan Katel, Birendra Dhakal, DJ Rai , BM Rai and Sarman Samal with regard to division of Bhutanese community forced me to write this comments. People of all walks of life need to understand who these individuals are: Let me comments one-by-one:

    RALP PARKER: Resettle folks are basically confused who he is. He is a diehard supporter of Narayan Katel. He wants Narayan Ketel to lead an organization in Atlanta. He has supported some of the Bhutanese community members too. He always try to get involved in almost all the Bhutanese activities. He it seems a non-believer, but his American name Ralp indicate he is a Christian. I personally believe the way he writes email ( sharp comments) itself is the cause of Bhutanese division. I feel that indirectly he is putting fuel to already hiper-suspicious bhutanese community

    NARAYAN KATEL: When this person was seriously ill and indeed of support, Indian community people mainly Dr Ravi Sharma initiated helping hand to save him from financial misery. That is the reason why he established deep rooted trust and faith with Indian community and SEWA. Over the years, he started working with Indian community, and to some extent under his leadership he supported Bhutanese community members. He became a controversial man when he started not listening to other Bhutanese to make a SINGLE org in Atlanta in the initial phase. People allege him he is using Ralp Parker too much. Some started blaming him he is involved too much with hindu group SEWA. When competition surfaced between DJ Rai and Narayan Ketel as who can be a sole leader of Bhutanese community in Atlanta, Narayan Ketel declared another org called Bhutanese association of Georgia (BAG). DJ Rai has Bhutanese community of Georgia (BCG). After that they started competing each other viciously. He is one of the factors of Bhutanese community division.

    BIRENDRA DHAKAL: He is involved in ABA. He is a board director of ABA. He wants ABA to direct or lead Bhutanese in Atlanta. He wants to involve in leadership position in any organization in Atlanta. People who don’t like ABA for example sarman Samal , DJ Rai and BM Rai strongly oppose his idea. They don’t want Dhakal to be involved in community organization in Atlanta because he is a ABA. Even they did not allow him to be a part of Bhutanese community of Georgia with one pretext or other. Dhakal is involved with Narayan Katel BAG. He is involved with SEWA too. He does not have much hold in the community. His is a power crazy as he desperately wants to be involved in the community activities.

    SARMAN SAMAL: He has a deep rooted misunderstanding with some of the members of ABA. He does not want ABA to function in Atlanta. To counter them he master mind the formation of Bhutanese community of Georgia (BCG) and back DJ Rai to lead. He is a chair of Bhutanese Magar community of Georgia. He does not want Narayan Katel and Birendra Dhakal to suface . He is a pioneer of OBCA.

    DJ RAI: He got an opportunity. He took an advantage of Sarman Vs Birendra Dhakal/Narayan Katel fragile relation. He is ditto influenced by Nepali politics. He knows manipulating people …be it in the form of Resettled community Vs Asylee or any other………He is a pioneer of OBCA

    BM RAI: He wants his brother DJ Rai to lead a community in Atlanta. He got an opportunity too. He knows how to influenced people. For him, he does not care what ABA is doing. What he cares is his brother DJ Rai should lead a Bhutanese org in Atlanta. He too knows how to manipulate people….be it in the form of Resettled community Vs Asylee or any other……He is a pioneer of OBCA

    Deo Datta: He is a controversial man because of his assertion that Bhutanese should merged with Nepalese community. He does not want Narayan ketel or Birendra dhakal to lead an org. He infact want himself to lead a org in Atlanta. He did not get that opportunity.

  67. Dear FRIENDS,
    Bara barsha kukur ko puchara dungoro ma halda pani bhango ko bhangai, bhanay jasto bhayo, Hami bhutanese ma. at least ek araka lai respect garnu seiknu ni abaa ta. Still jaha ko tahi, no any improvement…. blame eachother and say lewd & acttack to other.Do you think? how respectful you are? And wht is ur responsbility? Ram….Ram…. RAM…

  68. Mr. Ralp, do continue helping the needy ones. I know that you are satisfied with the kind of support you have been providing to the neediest. Keep doing good, good people will only appreciate to you.


  69. RP Sir your article has spawned such an animated discussion and debate on the ‘unity issue’ amongst Bhutanese both within and without USA. Given the content of your article, it was but destined to create one. We are already feeling the impact of your article by the responses from the readers and the gesture from OBCA to ABA for a parley.

    As a resettled Bhutanese from another country, I am actually hesitant to comment on the issue pertaining to the Bhutanese in US. But having known closely most of the personalities in ABA and OBCA, I take the liberty to write down a few lines as food for thought.

    Not being judgmental, the comments made by Kumar Gurungji [OBCA] and Hari Acharyaji [ABA] are strong and valid in their respective ground. Both the voices represent institutions and missions endeavoring to serve the community through their respective means, approach and ability. Instead of indulging in mutual incrimination, the energy of such institutions should be converged to make the service more effective – helping the community to draw further benefit and remain cohesive. For the long term benefit of the Bhutanese, both inside Bhutan and resettled globally, it is extremely important to maintain our cohesiveness. And as the convention is drawing nearer, ABA and OBCA colleagues should now focus on strengthening and consolidating the unity and identity of Bhutanese, while embracing and celebrating our rich heritage and our cultural and linguistic diversity.

    However, we should not forget that we Bhutanese have myriads of inherited political, social and cultural problems that seriously demand honest and affirmative addressing. And in the post TCR scenario it has become imperative to address these “to keep our community intact and proudly moving in the right direction” as aptly advocated by RP Subba.

    [“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”]

  70. Dai, RP dai,
    I like your article and the honest and straight forward comments about the activities of the Bhutanese in America. You deserve round of applause. But people made this as a forum for attacking and counterattacking each other. And it is nasty to drag cast and religion while discussing the poise activities of the Bhutanese organizations and their development. I feel pity to hear the adverse comments from some of the honorable personalities of the Bhutanese community. This kind of accusation was culturally inappropriate and below the ethical standard.
    I think, Ralpj is not a personality that we gut to drag in this kind of unholy war of words. As far as my understanding goes the Jewish are the most helpful people and for your information none of the religion will force you to convert into their religion. The Churches will of course, approach you for conversion but, if you decline it, no body will force you to baptize.
    I think, we should be able to refrain from these kinds of allegations. I even don’t think Narayan dai n Birendra dai unworthy of leading the Group in Atlanta. They have the leadership quality and maturity, but I don’t mean other are useless. Why don’t you exercise your franchising rights? Any body can lead the group when he or she gets the popular mandates from the people through voting. I think the activities of goldhap camp have come to Atlanta. So far I didn’t see any qualm from other States and cities and infects, from other core countries where our Bhutanese brethrens are resettled. Jogen dai politely expressed his views and I immensely regard it. It is shame on us to show immaturity and leg pulling. Please try to be considerate and create rooms for flowing the good wishes of positive thinking on the entire humanity as your own brethrens.

  71. Respected Bhutanese Elders,

    I am in 6th grade in USA. I was born in Nepal but my parents are from Bhutan. So when ever my school teachers ask me where I am from – I proudly say – I am from Bhutan.

    I had started reading articles in this website partly because I see my dad writing articles and comments quite regularly. I had often asked why are you so interested in it? He says, it is one of the ways we can communicate with people in our community and be its useful member. My dad has taught me many things.

    With that I have decided to write. As I read the article and the comments by varous persons I understood that the Bhutanese community in America is about to break up. But disjointed groups cannot make a great community.

    “It may be sensible to want to see the community stand in unison than to see it break up.”- this phrase was most “calling” to me because no wants to see a comminuty break up and be diverse.

    OBCA and ABA are almost the same. They may be dfferent groups but they want to follow the same path. Will we be better if we have two or three organizations instead of one?

    To be honest I think this article brings the light in the darkness. Most people are blinded about groups – or age groups but with the coming of this article, one hopes that such mistaken beliefs will clear away.

    Aviyan Subba

  72. Dear friends,
    I think it is important to unite right in the beginning else it will be too late and you all will be having too many grudges each other which will not allow you to forgive and forget. You then will start spending a lot of time blamming each other instead of serving the community. Better unite and end the future crisis.

  73. I have read all the comments about me both good and bad. I can only restate that I have no agenda but to tell the truth.I really do not care who leads the Atlanta community.I just wanted to see one unified group and a cessation of all the personal attacks. Yes-Narayan is my brother and he has gone through hell and is still experiencing other issues. His passion for his people and his lack of ego is refreshing. Yes-I support SEWA. I never dreamed that SEWA and other Indian orgamizations would do all they have. Why do the Rais, Deo and Sarman have such hatred or jealousy? If the community is being helped, what difference does it make as to who helps.
    I have never maligned or hurt anyone by my activities. I truly felt when asked by DFACS and the State refugee coordinator for a nominee for the Washington consultation, that the logical choice would be Narayan. I now understand Sarman is going. I hope that Narayan and Sarmans will at least for this purpose work together and represent Atlanta in a positive mode

    I am not one to proclaim what I have done, but the attacks indicating I had a agenda have made me do so. I seek little recognition and getting accolades almost embarasses me since I do what I do from my heart. Yesterday as an example,we took three Bhutanese boys to a playground, provided new clothes for a non Aryan Christian family, visited with a Buddhist non Aryan family and provided a list of Buddhist resources/temples in Atlanta for them. I also created a flyer to hand out at the South Asia Market and other stores in Clarkston regarding the new financial assistance program from the government. I wanted all refugees to know that they would not be abandoned if there was a short term crisis.

    My point in indicating this is not to boast, but just to be factual and let readers know that I am sincere in my endeavors. I never should have gotten involved in community leadership issues even if to promote unity. In the past I just worked with families.

    I would be glad to communicate with anyone personally I have never felt so close to families as I have in this community. My Eritrean friends of 12 years visited families with me yesterday and commented on the great feeling they had after spending time with a family. As refugees there was such common bonds including cultural. It was amazing!

    I hope for the best and that those who seek to divide will come to their senses.


    I am so happy to see your article and honest request to all the Bhutanese elders in America.

    It’s very good to be one and move on. We do not gain anything if we are divided. But there is no such rules that everyone should stay together,follow what ABA says and not progress.

    There is a big difference between ABA and OBCA. ABA was formed by asylee and who came to America in Green Card Lottery Visa (DV). Certainly they have not been able to include all the needs of people who came now under third country resettlement. ABA is a member base organization, meaning ABA always support,address,and fulfill the need of organization’s members. We can not have member base organization because now we are to deal with thousands of Bhutanese refugee and their concerns and issues. We need to have community base organization. We need some changes as the time demands. ABA is registered in washington D.C and there is a small project in motion now.. ABA should serve as a local organization of D.C and it’s the responsibility of local Bhutanese people to make changes in bylaws or agreement. It won’t cost much to change the name and objectives of an organization. (maximum $125) There is nominal fees and few formalities.

    OBCA is formed by mostly people who resettled under TRC in America. People are facing lots of difficulties in different states and cities. OBCA is aming and working to solve the problem of people,promote the interest of people,preserve the culture of Bhutanese people,want to move the people facing adversity to wholeness,is working for peoples’ self-sufficiency etc. so this organization is formed for the people and by the interest of people from 37 different states where Bhutanese are resettled now.
    ABA, like your dad said experienced a jerk when OBCA announced their convention in Atlanta on 18th and 19th of june 2010. OBCA has been circulating message that representatives of all local organization and individuals have confirmed their flight itinerary and accommodation for them is ready in Atlanta. The convention of OBCA convention consist of large number of people of diverse sources and nature. OBCA is deeply going through the process of developing a trend of respecting younger generation and their leadership development as well.
    where as ABA aims to meet with same folks every year and confined themselves and don’t understand the creativity and talent of young people like you.

    I really appreciate your honesty and feeling towards Bhutanese community. I know your article brings rays of lights and keeps away darkness if both sides understand the benefits and welfare of community and give away personal ego and believes.
    Please ask your dad if he can play a vital roll to turn ABA into local organization of washington D.C. That is only a option for greater unification of Bhutanese community in America.


  75. Aviyan,this is politics, you will be better off concentrating on your text books and other curricular activities rather than commenting on this site. A time will come when you will be genuinely interested on these issues, don’t force yourself into this mess because of your parent’s pressure. Mom and Dad, please leave the kids alone from this, let the kids be kids for heaven’s sake. This mess is created by our generation.

  76. Ralph Parker has no bussiness to poke his nose in BCG formed after resettlement
    pr0ocess to look at the welfare of the BHUTANESE.I see no point barking around when we don’t accept his personality and is out of question to recommend someone to lead us ahead.the persons he supports most should be qualified among other BHUTANESE who are much morebroader minded to to the general mass.By now these people should understandn that they should join the young folks and come to a compromise.I am quite unsatisfied with the guys who are unidentified and put their comments ahead.They should keep their good names.NOnames;Yesnames are all fakes.The commentsnput forth by them are to conasidered invalid and are meaningless.I don’tthink there is restrictions in giving our opinion.Even if you hide your identity we know who you are.Another comments entitled(Bramans vs non bramans)is rediculous.the writer should write his name in capital letters so as to know that you predict good.Keep all some funny comments and make the upcoming convention a grand success.

  77. I was asked to nominate an attendee because of the hundreds of hours I have spent since 2007 with Bhutanese families and because I was the one who made the initial contact with the Indian community. I never expected the amount of resources Indian organizations and individuals came forward with. What is so wrong with their efforts? SEWA has an international record of help regardless of religion. They have helped with Katrina relief and in Haiti amongst hundreds of projects

    Why is there so much jealousy of them? This makes no sense. The outright lies and crude talk about me is almost libelous. I have been accused of profiteering, trying to convert someone to Christianity (I am not Christain) I have been accused of not liking Non Aryans and yet I am working with one Non Aryan Christian Bhutanese family and one Buddhist Non Aryan family. If I did not like dark people how do you explain my 12 year relationship with an Eritrean family and my speaking at their Independence day celebration. As a matter of fact I introduced a Eritrean family to a non Aryan Bhutanese and we all sat together and talked for an hour on Sunday

    There is such animosity and I have only tried to help. Is it because I am an American that is causing this? I served on the Georgia Advisory Council for Refugee Resettlement for 4 years. I am well known in the community. I have both good and bad relationships at times with 2 of the agencies because I am emotional and passionate when I see families not be handled right.

    I only ask my critics at BCG, some of whom I worked with on problems in the past to think of the ethics of what they are doing to people who only want to help. It is obscene to act this way when there are so many needs. Old vs new, Aryan vs Non Aryan, Indians etc-these should not be issues. We need a Bhutanese Community Center in Atlanta for everyone with input from all parties.

    This cannot continue. I hope that the people wo have lied about be cam sleep good at night because it is obvious that truth does not matter. Whatever their religion is, it does not condone doing this to build ones own empire. I do not want to be self righteous but I know what I am and it is not a liar and I have demonstrated compassion and caring.

    I hope that people will come to their senses. I would invite those who struggle with who I am to call me for a dialog. It would also be nice if they respond to this to use real names. Why hide-are you embarased to come forward?

  78. Dear Ralph,
    Please ignore the comments of Killey and Wangchuk Dorji. These guys studied in remote part of Bhutan for many years and their thoughts are remote too. You are doing a wonderful job and your service to the general Bhutanese community will be written down in Golden letters. By now you might have guessed who these Killey and Wangchuk Dorji are. They are related to each other in te sense they have the same attitude, and they have lived their lives criticizing others. They have eyes, yet they are blind; they have ears, yet they are deaf; they have tongue, yet they are dumb. These guys want easy money. They are the dividing force, they are the ones to create a Berlin Wall between the communities.
    You have been a great friend to the Bhutanese community and do not get disheartened by the ugly comments coming from the ugly minds of Killey and Wangchuk Dorji. Their selfish motive and vested interest will never allow our community to move ahead and everyone is realising this fact.These guys would have been happier if SEWA had given them a few dollars for their pocket money. They will keep on barking until they get a bone in between their teeth.

  79. DJ RAi, SARman, AND BM Rai vehemently protested whe Biren Dhakal was elected the Board member of Bhutanese Community of Georgia. The arguement put forth by these Trinity was that Biren is already a Board Member of ABA and he cannot be the Board member of BCG. Bahadur Subba had to resign from BCG for the same reason. SArman and DJ told Biren and Bahadur to resign from ABA and join BCG. The bylaws of BCG says that you cannot be a Board Member of two organizatins.
    But this BCG bylaws does not apply to Sarman, DJ and Pabitra Rizal. Sarman is the Board Member and President of MAG-Magar Association Of Georgia and he wants to be the Bord Mamber of OBCA. DJ wants to be the Board Member and atleast Vive-Chairman or General Secretary or the Excutive Director of OBCA. If his dirty politics works, he wants to be the President of OBCA, anyway that is his goal within 2 years. Pabitra is the President of Bhakti Samaj and DJ wants to nominate her to be the Board Member of OBCA. BM rai is personally not interested to be a Board Member of OBCA but wants to see his brother realize the dream of OBCA Presidentship. Poor Deodatta was nominated as Board Member of BCG by DJ in place of elected Pingala Bhauju. Deoji wants to be the Chief Advisor of OBCA.

    Going by the bylaws of BCG made public by DJ Rai, all the above people should resign from BCG immediaely after the OBCA Convention. The bylaws automatically disqualifies them from being the Board Member of BCG. What do you guys think ? Do you think the bylaws should apply only to ABA members and not to you?

    There will be then New BCG minus those above dirty polluted minds.

    May be then after, Damber Timsina, Guru Siwakoti, Parangush Subedi, Pashupati Timsina, Pashupati Regmi, Raman Dahal,PM Thapa, Santosh Ramdan,Khem Regmi,Michael Magar, ete. should form a new BCG provided anyone of them do not join either of ABA or OBCA.

    Any comments, Killey and Wangchuk Dorji?

  80. Hi Ralph,
    You always thought you have done good,been good with people for these many years. You said 13,14,12,4,bla bla bal..I don’t know what many years exactly you served or did like you were serving. If i were you i would not have talked all these non sense and taken credit from people in silence. You don’t have to talk such in public or media if you are a true humanitarian volunteer. At this hours what ever you have done till today is swallowed by all the total amount of negativity you mentioned.

    Now you understood the main issue and you are showing now by helping non aryan and people of other religion.. Number should be always 50 and 50, aryan and non aryan…if equality is something you respect. Your eyes are open now…




    Keep doing what you like,serve the people if your heart really say so,but do not talk about what you have done. There are people who have heart,rationality and education to evaluate your work. Never just support a single group.Try to go with diverse people like education,culture,religion,cast,etc. Please do not just support Naryan katel and Birendra.These two folks are old,had job in Bhutan when they finished college.RGOB never evaluate their ability and quality of leadership.People do not disrespect,but they are the worst of all. Never lived in the refugee camp.An opportunist who flew to America and never look back.Their family and them is only room in their heart. Please do not shoulder them, you will be tired very soon. Check in general what you did by nominating a faith base leader Naryan advocate of Hindu and Aryan in national consultation of ORR. I don’t think ORR is a place for any faith base leader and organization.. SEWA is a good place and a box for Naryan Katel.


  81. Ralph,
    Walk away..let the chips fall where they will. Throughout American history Refugees and immigrants have come here and before resettlement agencies did very well as American history proves. As the old saying goes “if you keep doing what you always did you will always get what you always got”. Old behaviors will not produce new results…It just won’t happen…
    It is my experience that the Bhutanese community does not trust (and with good reason0 They do not understand the concept of team work and prefer to function within their own community viewing outsiders with suspicion. as long as they are going to try to put old wine in new wine skins the results will be the same let them try they will realise in time that it just doesn’t work.
    Part of teaching people how to be independent is to allow them to fail or succeed, people will not change until the pain is greater than the desired results. I’ll be honest with you I do not think that any of the Bhutanese are as concerned with the betterment of their community but are more concerned with the rumors of ORR grants and other Grants available(easy Money?) to the refugee communities or a position within their community (The old caste system).. And I think they are all going to be in for a big surprise. Rumor has it that the grants that have been let out so far are going to be scrutinized and audited. Capacity grants are far and few and are spread out through the different cultures not just the Bhutanese..
    The other rumors floating around the United States are that people paid to be considered refugees in order to enter the United States when in fact they were not refugees but had a relative in the camps, this also is from what I understand going to be investigated.
    As an American I have the option to help and make suggestions as many Americans do out of the kindness of their hearts, they have the option to accept or not to accept. Starting a 501c is not the answer although all the communities seem to think its the answer to all their problems their problems are much greater in scope many are trying to run up the stairs and skip steps while the person who walks up the stairs will get to see the whole view and prosper because they have taken their time to learn along the way and not make the same old mistakes that keeps people in bondage. these will be the people who will contribute to the American and Bhutanese societies, the people who will be productive.
    You are being made a scape goat and are being disrespected (In case you want to read something good it’s called “The Doctrine of Conspiracy”) The light will always shine and the agendas of others will surface. You all know who these people are and I believe you know their agendas. I am always intrigued by people who use others as puppets for their own gains; these types of techniques are what keep people in bondage and dependant on others causing anger and crime. Because the refugee population is ignorant to the social skills, modern technology and advanced systems of an advanced society they are manipulated and preyed upon by so called good people and people within their own communities, much like the Black and Spanish cultures were and still are today, and what the Burmese are going through at this very moment is disgusting. The Bhutanese community is not exempted from this sick and destructive behavior and it has taken root in their community and continues to grow, facilitated by so call good people who want their pay check. The refugee community is a commodity. This may be harsh but it needs to be said.
    I will venture to say (and I am sure there will be backlash)that various refugee agencies within your communities are behind the diabolical of associations to keep cultures dependant on them beyond the 6 months. Ignorance is not a defense.
    Ralph, While I do not know you I am sure your intentions are honorable, and I applaud whatever you have done to bridge the American culture and make people feel welcome in the United States, what is going on in your city is happening throughout the Bhutanese communities and is a good indication of why they failed in their own country.. as long as they want to do it by themselves…let them.. To disrespect American people who are trying to help their communities settle and start a new life and give them a Country that they can call theres… to bite the hands that feed you is shortsighted and will have a backlash that will ripple throughout the United States.
    Move on to another community or culture that will appreaciate your talents and your insight. Its not worth it until they are humble enough to see their shortsightedness and then it may never happen. The Bhutanese people are survivors they will survive. Some will do better than others its a fact of life. If you really want to help them teach them english so they can swear at you when they slander you.

  82. Bill Wischmeyer,
    You expressed your own feelings and your judgment seems can gain lots of support from Bhutanese people.
    I appreciate the way you advice Rlpah Parker..He has to make decision to move to another community. volunteerism is same everywhere. His intention is not bad but he support some and oppose others. He should stay away from paying support. Everyone is same for a true volunteer.

    PADAM KUMAR,…Not a big surprise. Your comments,question,suggestions and statements do not hold a valid reasons why you dislike the same folks you used to hang around with. It doesn’t look good when you oppose people after you left. You talked about bylaws of BCG and Birendra,Bahadur not entertained in BCG.You are still too young to learn about this pitty politics. Even Pasupati Timsina and Guru Chhetri hesitate to tell about it.

    The new BCG you purpose won’t last long.. You are the one who just have left BCG,Radio and now with ABA convention team. You don’t have place there after convention is over. A chap with lost idiology. Ask yourself or Guru and Pasupati or ekbhutanisuvachintak. Internet is not an ocean and e-mail,articles posted on are not fishes there in.

  83. Dear Maya aunty,

    I respect your comment but I have to say I am writing this with pure will. My mom and dad are not bugging me. They have given me the knowledge about Bhutan and what has become of our community.

    I study, I have after school activities, I am into music – I play violin – I am part of my school’s orchestra team. I also play my games with my friends. I still have time to do something for our community. I will write because that is the most I can do for my age. When I come of age I will participate in many meetings and continue to write.

    I am already genuinely interested about my community. It is because the future generation will need to learn to know. I want to see how many people interact here so I can use it to learn about them and about Bhutan. I gain anyways.

    Yes, a kid like me will be a kid (until 16) but it is not too early to begin learning about the community I belong to. I hope you understand why I am into this.


  84. Dear Mr. Global,
    It’s good that we heard your grudge and prejudice. But let me be honest to share some of the basic facts which you should consider them.
    During 1990 -93, Bhutanese refugee comprises of 92% of Hindus, 7.99% Buddhist and 0.01 others (comprising of Christians and Muslim). But in 2006 census jointly conducted by Govt. of Nepal and UNHCR showed 6% of the Bhutanese refugee population were Christian. During 1995 -1998 there happened to be revival of Kiratis in eastern development region of Nepal and our Kiratis friends also launched MAGURALI movement and termed as revival of their race. To certain extend they began to look other Hindus in a negative ways. It will be too ridiculous to name the persons but such figures mislead most the illiterate folks and developed a situation of disharmony in the community. When I began to observe the pattern of conversion from one practice to other I found that such MOGURALIs are volatile and changing fast. But considering their family composition, enlightenment and other social dimensions this group is more backward. Are they doing by self-realization or some other is trying to take the advantages of their innocence?
    Now my concern is, Bhutan directly or indirectly tried to convert all Bhutanese into the main line practice. They too have declared many benefits and privileges for opting for their interest. Had they been to Bhutan they wouldn’t have wasted such long time for such changes. After all they preferred the change. What % of such convertees actually understands the pros and cons of other practices when they even don’t know their indigenous practice of birth? How can you trust others of complete new identity when you don’t trust yourself and originality? Are they not running for mirage of someone’s greed for immediate needs? Self at the present stage is life time achievement and how easy will be to loose such identity with such span of time. We need to rethink, evaluate our values and then decide the worthiness.

  85. the comments written by Padam kumar is fantastic coz every bhutanese should have the chair to lead the community ahead.We should not depend on so called higher level doirty politician.Damn it, a few heads shown are almost all nonsense.They are crazy opportunists.Give a damn.If they really want to uplift the community they should give importance to all.There might be handful of people coming from other states in the convention.they might turn around if they come to know the real situation of Atlanta.We must be clever enough to give our initial beforeit getstoo late.Everyone should be aware to elect clean personnel to lead the org.coz almost all in in the screen are defamed ones.If atall they want to form national org.they should have the representatives from all the 50 states orelse it gonna be semi-national convention.some of the BHUTANESE in some states have not heard of this name of the game.

  86. Padam Kumar is the dirtiest politician in Georgia. BCG, why didnt you make Padam Kumar a board member? His opinion seems post crazy. Mr DJ khaling, if you give your post to Padam Kumar, he will then stop his game and start praising BCG. The dirtiest man in Georgia. shame shame… But dont give to him….he will put BCG in the dustbin.

  87. Melarapa,
    While I appreciate your comments about volunteering there is quite a difference in the styles in which one volunteers and the scope of their service. I believe what Ralph is doing is community or culture development acting as a bridge or connector within the Bhutanese community and because of the lack of knowledge of systems and processes within the United States by the Bhutanese people he can be a great asset to your community by being a teacher and advocate. However, herein lies the problems Old behaviors are hard to change, and the lack of knowledge of how business and society is run in the United States by the different cultures at times… can end up being a difficult task, since the different people want to continue with what they feel comfortable with and know or are familiar with this doesn’t always work within the confines of structure in the U.S.and volunteers do not always understand…they just want to help.
    And while American people who help the New Citizens mean well, sometimes we interfere with their development by making them dependant instead of independent
    I believe everyone starts out to help people foster independence and become productive citizens but for whatever reasons go into the opposite direction and do not realise it. I know that from experience its at least twice as hard to teach people independence than to just make them dependant Its easier to think for people than to help them to think for themselves(so like water we tend to take the path of least resistance)Do we make mistakes? sure we do that’s why forums and communication is important. As an American we can easily fall into a trap and think we are doing the right things and the fact that most New Citizens(refugees) are charmers and charismatic in nature(they had to be to survive in some cases)and the bleeding heart syndrome (poor people look what they had to endure) adds to the dysfunction and dependence.
    While I cannot figure out why the Bhutanese feel the need for a National Association. Its still up to them to struggle with the way they want to be represented and why they feel the need to be a voice and represented its not up to me I can only make suggestions they have the right to accept or reject it.
    I mean if it is a problem with law we have lawyers to handle this. If its a problem with civil rights,landlords,jobs,medical,etc there is already in place avenues that function very well and if you feel that they are not functioning for your community then help to make them aware that’s what a productive citizen does…. help to make change…but they do not just talk they show action by helping to make change.. Now if it to help preserve your culture and traditions than that’s a different story. I have seen alot of lip flapping but very little action on the part of the Bhutanese community. Why? I have to believe that they just do not know how to put into action what they think, never had the chance and to be truthful that’s why you are refugees(of course there are other reasons also.)And that is why we have all the services to help you as a community and as individual.
    The United States has Many Cultures but only One Community Some cultures mature more than others the ones that mature and become successful are the ones that take advise and don’t depend on the government for handouts and grants They will seek out people who know not people who pretend to know.. The immature culture will depend on the government to solve their problems and flap their lips and do nothing but complain how unfair everybody is to them They will commit crimes and milk the system, and have no desire to improve themselves or their situation. They have a victim mentality. The United States doesn’t need this kind of culture nobody does it is counterproductive to growth and prosperity. As I have stated before . I am always intrigued by people who use others as puppets for their own gains; these types of techniques are what keep people in bondage and dependant on others causing anger and crime. Because the refugee population is ignorant to the social skills, modern technology and advanced systems of an advanced society they are manipulated and preyed upon by so called good people and people within their own communities.
    Work within your communities to help make change, be a voice for change but also so action, volunteer within the many agencies and organizations throughout your communities, Dare to step out of your box and intermingle within the American culture, Do not be afraid of the language barrier embrace it and stand tall. You have alot to learn and the journey you have chosen is difficult but certainly not impossible. Embrace the person who desires to help but remind them that you have rights and responsibilities ask if they are helping you to be independent and how they are doing this.

  88. Hi Tortola,
    You carried up some basic figure of 1990s. Statistic differ because of certain circumstances due to political changes,exchange of education, history,fact of past.etc. The changes you witnessed is in your time so you feel ridicules and you are not comfortable to. But think about this.. turn the wheel of time back to many years and look at the history of different time… Check closely what had happend in Nepal and in Gangatic plain of India. The percentage you came up of different religion necessitate me to write this down. The country Nepal (whole nation) was the country of KIRATS and Buddhist. Hindus from Indian Gang tic plain and Kashmir area landed in Nepal as refugee of MOHAMMEDAN,which means Muslims in India chased away Hindus in religious conflict. People got converted to Hindus in the time of ONE OF THE EMPEROR FROM SOUTH INDIA WHO RULED SOUTHERN BELT OF NEPAL.


  89. I want to say that the constitution or the bylaw is above everyone. Even the President of America cannot go against the Constitution of the US. So, BCG guys should respect the constitution written by themselves. All Board members should resign if they join OBCA or ABA. New generation, especially high school students should take over the leadership of BCG.
    The comments by P.K., I mean Padam Kumar is valid though it is not digestable to Dasho Melarapa who is the contact person of Bhutanese Community of Georgia.

    Dear Bill,
    Do not feel offended by the comments of Melarapa. All Bhutanese are not Melarapa. Please continue helping the Bhutanese refugees not by giving them the fish but by teaching them how to fish. Our people have stayed in the camp for long and they have a tendency to lean on others rather than supporting others. Our people get and forget very fast.

  90. Dear Deepak Uncle,

    I am happy to receive your great advice. Thank you.

    I am a second generation refugee. I do not know much about Bhutan. I do not know about the community. For me – it is getting new ideas and a new learning about the Bhutanese community. I will engage here and take way the good things only. My generation has to learn every thing new through the books to know about our history. I hope that our generation will receive proper guidance and the right examples from our elders which, is very important for our own future as a community.


  91. Dear Bill,
    I agree with you on many thing u wrote about the Bhutanese people. But I am offended by some of your comments which don’t apply to all the Bhutanese. For instance you told:
    “ what is going on in your city is happening throughout the Bhutanese communities and is a good indication of why they failed in their own country.. To disrespect American people who are trying to help their communities settle and start a new life and give them a Country that they can call theres… to bite the hands that feed you is shortsighted and will have a backlash that will ripple throughout the United States”.
    I am much offended by the above saying that we failed in our own country. It is not that we fail but it is the RGOB who developed hatred to the southern Bhutanese because we were hard working sincere and dedicated to the given work and they saw prosperity in proximity which results in happiness with in our reach.
    We don’t fail but it is the external forces including the Indian government who failed us. There was no one who rescued or supported our cause that time which made the RGOB more confident to handle the situation with the heavy hands. The southern populations were unarmed and unorganized to face these challenges, orchestrated by the Government. It is not that we were insincere toward the country; it is the unnecessary suspicions of the govt. that the Lhompha (Southerners) will take over the government.
    You further said that the Bhutanese are doing these sorts of drama all over the US, I strongly object your unilateral and biased comment commented without understanding the real situation in other states and cities. We in different states are doing a great job and we are on the path of prosperity , from surviving to thriving. We have or some states don’t have any organization. We are happy with the leadership what we have and we are not tailgate the community.
    I as an observer also felt like Bill about communal activities going on in Georgia. At this point I fully agree with Bill that the people in Georgia are becoming crazy and are now not able to differentiate what is good and bad. I think the community should give applause to Randalp but to my surprise I saw all the adverse comments about his volunteerism. On top of this, some of them like Kelly and Milarapa (both with the fake names) are making the cheap comments which forced Bill to come to that extend to criticized the Bhutanese community. Bill, I also feel the same like you when I went through, few of the comments but at the same time there are people like Padam Kumar who respected the work of Ralph. The people in Atlanta are crazy driven and are trying to divide the beautiful community in the caste line. I realized how danger and communal in nature that they are now. It is shame to those people in Atlanta because they are dividing the community in old caste system, taking about the Aryans and the Mongols.
    I feel proud and prevelidge to have an opportunity to call this great country my qwn.To get the lost citizen again is like getting a second life. I lost my citizen of Bhutan the day I was forced to flee the country. I feel it is the greatest honor for me to give the lost citizen of this great country – land of opportunity. Therefore, plz don’t conclude that all the Bhutanese are ungrateful for the help we are consistently receiving from our valued American friends be it Atlanta or Alaska.

  92. Dear Kalpana jee,

    Your sentiments and feelings are great! The person like you should come forward from male dominated society like ours. Here we find every institutions run by females. As Napoleon Bonaparte said, Give me good mothers, I’ll give u good nations,” likewise, our community too needs the leadership or the commitment of well-educated females like here in America but may need to be updated and trained or skilled.We deserve quality but not quantity for the good reputation and progress in the community. Comments and criticisms comes but we must adopt the principals of universal brotherhood, purity in heart, utmost understanding and love towards all with organizational visions, strategies and leadership qualities.

    (Commitment, control and challenges- these three are tools for progress)

  93. Kalpana,
    I am sorry if I offended you or any others it wasn’t my intention. Just to clarify There are many communities doing a great job becoming independent and preserving their culture and traditions. I do However have communications with many communities throughout the U.S. and there are alot of the problems with what I had stated.
    I also know there are other factors that affected your community in Bhutan and Nepal and I stated this and also mentioned or qualified my statement.
    I did not say that the people in Atlanta are crazy and are not able to differentiate between good and bad I do believe that old habits and old behaviors are affecting various communities.
    And now These are the hard facts: there are many Americans who do not like refugees They believe that refugees take jobs and milk the government and cause problems for them,they make comments like if they are going to live here they can at least speak English(like the moment they step on our soil you magically speak English ha ha)I can go on and on but quite frankly I am ashamed for my country for these and other types of comments and mindsets, but they are real.
    I do not know Ralph but I will go to the ends of the earth to support someone who as an American is trying to help the refugee communities. Your community as well as all refugee communities are under a microscope whether you like it or not
    people are watching and judging and will formulate their opinions by what you say and do. You are the newcomers. And by the way I do not think the Bhutanese people are ungrateful quite the opposite I also have a tremendous respect for many and enjoy my friendship and fellowship. I do believe many are being manipulated and controlled by unscrupulous people and organizations and power hungry individuals.
    Again I am sorry if anyone is offended. But I will stand on what I believe and observe and at the same time I will stand corrected and be the first to apology if I made a mistake. Thats what friends are for.
    “Many Cultures One Community”

  94. Bill Wischmeyer,
    You have laid down the truth in a simple way. NO matter what KALPANA,BHUTANESE,AND SUBASH (ALL FAKE NAMES) said, you have hit the right target. KALPANA should no way feel offended when your mind speak out.
    Iknow, our folks are still way behind and it takes time to understand all this mambos and jumbos.
    Broadways shows in America,marshmallow,macadamia,oreo,chocolates chips,etc. are not what our folks want to know about now. Forget about who is Vanderbilt and Rockefeller. Bill Gates is bit familiar only because new free different operating systems are distubuted in developing countries. NASCAR,motor speed ways,Jeff Gordon,etc. are all additional to their vocabulary.
    So what is important and what they want to do is keep their identity. Preserve it which means pass to future generation.
    K 6 Bainee???? I can tell you don’t like ABG,BAAG,BAG(artist)BCG,BBSOG,MAG,GAG,NCOA, and ABA is your heart. You are the life time member with out any input and making difference in community. Let ‘s try where can we impact and make difference atleast for mouth sake. Oh! your ABA annual membership fee is over dew for 2009. You did not make payment in 2008,fortunately to save a member ABA waived fees for you and it’s time for renewal again. Please kindly make payment before july 4th, so you can participate and be reelected in upcoming convention or socialization. Pleae don’t forget to tell that people in Atlanta are communal,divided by cast system.

    subash kafley ji,
    I think you are a man of literature,comics,news media,different languages and i can tell you have multiple personalities. I can also evaluate your capability. You deserve a respect in our community, but how come you got betrayed by BCG guys.
    Are you sure BCG guys are unaware of their own bylaws and you have requested for quick resignation.? I have a option,, why don’t we all call for a meeting and ask these questions… Is it possible??? We can do ourselves, please don’t involve Ralph Parker and SEWA international,art of living,and refugeeadvocateinclarkston, etc.

    Editor’s note: BNS kindly requests you to refrain from posting offensive comments. let’s be creative and constructive while posting any comments. Thanks!

  95. Dear Friends,

    First of all I would like to congratulate RP Subba for bringing out such a thought provoking article that the Bhutanese community in America can reflect and make use of it when challenged with such a moment of growing disunity among some factions. My observation of the agendas people bring forward for discussions are diverse and intriguing. I see this as a great opportunity for the Bhutanese community to come together in spirit and action. It is not a time to let the sentiments and actions go in diverse ways. We all need to think about “Unity in Diversity” and look at things from a broad perspective. We all are different but when it comes to certain major issues we have commonality and make efforts to come together.

    I would also ask people to think about what they are saying, unless you have solid facts behind what you are saying, discussions based on opinions have hurt and will continue to hurt more people including people who had been supporting the newcomers in the early years of settlement. We should not be discarding people and their many years of genuine service to the new Bhutanese arrivals in America and other countries with our moments of emotion.

    The western nations are based on freedom of speech and we are free to express our opinions. But there is also a high degree of responsibility that we carry as individuals when exercising our freedom and we need to exercise that responsibility in our actions. To build community goodwill we should refrain from talking negatively about each other. It is not only a discussion among the Bhutanese but whole world is reading the comments and discussions here and we are branded based on what we say and do in the public.

    Although I do not know enough about the principles, philosophies and missions behind the formation of these two organizations I would like to request both ABA and OBCA work together with the community as stakeholders to find out what the needs are and what can serve the needs best. I am sure with the common vision and goals we would be able to come to tables and negotiate what would be the best organization, who would lead and who else would be involved.

    Wish you all the best in your effort to unity and working together.

  96. Tikaram Adhikari,
    Well said and real clear. Also,”Unity in Diversity” very powerful words and statement. I think if everyone(refugees and Americans) meditates upon this phrase they will come to some common ground. Also to clear the air I am not offended by anyones comments I look at your community and all new citizens as going through growing pains… its expected…And you are so right about being judged by what people say and do. All the so called refugee communities are under a microscope and the way you act is going to reflect on your culture that’s just a fact of life newcomers are watched and judged. Tikaram, With your permission I would like to use this phrase, ,”Unity in Diversity”

  97. Dear Bill,

    Thank you for your kind words and sharing your thoughts. Please feel free to use the phrase and I was meaning unity even among the Bhutanese and of course with the American public at large and huge diversity the county holds. There are tremendous things that Bhutanese can do for themselves and contribute in nation building in the land that has given so much hope. My main concern was the way people are wasting their time on these negative things instead of being positive and trying to learn how we could be of help to each other. When I mentioned about the people who have been providing service to our community I was meaning to American friends and the Bhutanese of course. All have contributed a lot and we should not be forgetting years of dedicated service. We should salute them and learn from what we have been provided.

    Once again thanks for the support to the community and would appreciate if you can help our people more build more support and network in the country.

  98. Thank you Tika Sir for sharing your thoughts. We need your input to be able to move ahead. This is the initial phase of transition and there are bound to be some differences. I hope we can have one healthy and productive organization.

  99. Editor BNS,
    I think this topic grew up in a pond of new organization(OBCA),existing ABA,neutral individual. Questions arose why there is need of second organization when existing one has not function well,can not give coverage to the whole Bhutanese population in the United States of America. Today their controversial debates and communication divested the rest of population’s hopes and aspiration. Particularly our elders who have not had the privileges of schools and English language back home and in Nepal won’t feel any good to know about all this fraction and division among us. Dose anyone knows what to do just right for better tomorrow and unification of Bhutanese. I see our folks are falling apart in exponent manner.
    I accepted your request and i went to review the post i made,some of them are found offensive,but i did all that for unification purpose…I think truth should be revealed. So all who have made mistake can have an opportunity for correction. No any individual come forward with bad intention in the community. News media like BNS should be always be fair addressing the concerns and issues of community people.
    There are so many volunteers,advocates,and critics as well in our community. Let’s respect their contributions and bring up their activities in the news forum as they appear and exist in the community and help everyone stay away for wrong doing. I will be happy to know your thoughts.

  100. Thanks for branding me as ABA member Milarapaji, but for your information I am not a member of any of the group so far. I don’t have any intention to join in any of them in the near future. Having said this I don’t think that I have to explain about the membership fees and the wavier etc.
    However, I saw lots of negativity in your and other comments and that forced me to pass some judgments but not the professional of course.
    I think we Bhutanese should be able to refrain from indulging our self from the negative works and words.
    As Bill said, we are being watched by the government agencies. We are undergoing series of tests through the government. It is not just the 3 hours test but it takes number of years to come to conclusion and announce the results. We all are in probation period; the better performance of today will bring better results for tomorrow.
    Therefore, it is high time for all of to engage meaningfully to see the hope of light and the secure future of our new Bhutanese generation tomorrow.
    Bill, literally I don’t mean the people in Atlanta are crazy, but I mean some of them are acting that way, which I though would bring bad impression on the Bhutanese in general. Our work history and the past records are all excellent. We are friendly and hardworking people.

  101. Dear Editor,
    I read this piece and its well written. Honestly some of the commentators have really crossed the limitation. Some of our fellow Bhutanese friends have offended foreigners in this site, which is not good. Those foreigners should know that one or two Bhutanese do not represent the entire Bhutanese community. Please kindly continue your support to Bhutanese community, in whatever ways possible. We are always by your side.

    Congrats to Mr. Subba and appreciations to BNS for bringing such articles to media light. This is really an “eye-opening” piece of article.

  102. Dear Shanta Kumari Gurung,

    I know we can contribute in the formation and running of the organization. First of the organizers have to discuss with community colleagues what do we need the organization for and what the best form for it. I think there are people who are willing and knowledgeable in helping us to move forward. The problem comes when people seem like sick with talking negative things about others just for the sake of it. I know we have talents in our community and we need to discuss but with a right frame of mind and with a purpose in mind. North American society is a productive society and people do not have time for things unless their efforts is contributing to some good cause. People come and help when we know how to ask for help and approach. Volunteerism is a big part of this society’s culture.

  103. Kalpana & Bhawani Shankar,
    I know both of you want to say there are some bad apples (Bhutanese)in a group of many apples(Bhutanese).My sincere request please do not count and get in yourself into the good basket of apples. First of all let others judge what percentage of your brain is contaminated. Look at the general public and ask their views and act as per the need. Don’t just say you have provided services. Try to find out what is the outcome at the end of the day. There are diverse intention involved for the services rendered regardless of nature,quality and amount.
    Having gone through your statements: I can guarantee that you are encouraging corruption, anti-social activities,broker, bussiness entrepreneur in the community, and others related anti-social elements.
    What is so bad about comments in the forum. Why should we stop passing comments? Dear community members please do not stop writing the fact that is happening in the community. If anyone is mistreated by so called volunteers and agencies employees,community base volunteers please come forward and post comments with pictures if possible. I know we can prevent lots of disgusting activities of so called leaders by this kind of steps.
    Those who discourage comments and post in forums. They are the one who commit crimes in the community. This is the act of intimidating others towards silence.

    Let’s closely judge the development of past weekend in Atlanta. Can’t we understand what is the intention of so called leaders. It’s nothing and just he wants to touch the emotion of innocent folks. Please be aware of those thugs. We lived in the refugee camp without them and their trivial helps and support makes no big difference in our lives.

    RAJEN ji,Thanks you for looking for the real Melarapa. Thanks again for reading the comments. I hope you enjoyed the truth.

  104. I wasn’t going to respond again because really in my opinion the comments should be about the content of the article of which Mr.Scubba did an excellent job. It appears that their are alot of issues that could be voiced about resettlement and how people are doing in their new home. Problems with Jobs, the elderly and much much more. There are also some great success stories that have taken place throughout the various communities and should be shared. So as a concerned person I saw a need and came up with a possible solution. If anyone would like to share their stories I have created a blog for this purpose. The link is below.
    This is not a cure nor is it a place to slam others but a venue to discuss and maybe a place to come to solutions and share with other refugee orginazations and agencies.

  105. Dear Editor,

    Please delete all the comments that directly slander any individual. Names,remarks or comments that identifies an individual and portrays a negative image of that individual should be deleted as soon as possible. This is not only unethical but also illegal!

    As far as I know, it is against the law to make any defamatory remarks against any individual, especially in a public forum where everyone has access to such information. If the defamatory comments are not deleted soon, then above “defamed” individuls may file defamation charges against the website as well as commenters. Additionally, since I closely know all the individuals mentioned above, I feel immensely offended on behalf of all of them and feel the need to bring the lawsuit myself.

    While it is ok to express opinions, the commenters should be respectful of others’ opinion and also refrain from taking names or insulting anyone. Any insult against individuals will not be tolerated!

    Again, please delete the defamatory comments!

    Thank you,
    Ms. A

  106. Ms A,
    I think you shouldn’t feel offended if i request you the following few things.
    Could you please identify yourself clearly in the forum?
    Let everyone judge your credibility and make sure you are not one of the barking dog beside your master.
    These days there should be a valid reasons for people to suddenly stop anything they are already doing.
    Anonymous command has no meaning and it’s bogus, unless you come forward with your real identity. If not, the other folks may feel the need to bring lawsuit against you.
    I welcome advise and suggestions, but i intake only from people with true and real identity.

  107. Mr. Melarapa,

    You are not understanding the implications of slandering a non-public figure on the internet. Please google “defamation charges” and consequences for verbally assualting someone. There are several examples of consequences for defaming someone on the internet. In this situation “defamation charges” may be filed for the following:

    Employers and hiring managers regularly “look up” their employees and interviewees on the internet. If they happen to come across above posts, which they most certainly will, then the chances of that person getting the job or keeping the job is very slim. Thus, based on this situation the “defamed” individual may file charges against the website owners as well as the commenters. This is just an example of legal aspect. There are several other ethical concerns that one needs to be aware of.

    I hope you and others understand what I am trying to say.

    Ps: Once again and for the last time, I request the editor to delete all the slandering comments.

    Thank you,
    Ms. A


  109. Ms.A,
    I do understand your point,but look at the cultural aspect of the Bhutanese people. This website have been serving an important need of our people. Hundreds of information are shared everyday. Here we need to forget about the defamation charges and consequences only for the welfare and betterment of the community. The issues is of community not an individual. Corrupted evil mind should be washed out if we really like to see an advancing community tomorrow. Iam personally against the folks who are taking advantages of the situation.
    You all of a sudden appeared for protection and rescue the folks who are under allegation. I do not understand the line of your advocacy. Are you related,friends,good body to them???? If you are not, please explain in detail why you wish a better lives of those individual who have contributed negatively in the community?
    Tell this forum why their names and respect should still remain intact forever?? Please do not encourage evil in the Bhutanese community.
    Your advise is still bogus,unless you introduce and identify yourself. What is the biggest harm to introduce and speak out our mind if you are a real well-wisher of this community.

  110. Dear Meralapa Khalingjee,
    Why you need to skew you tail during the thunder if you feel of taking the leadership of complete Bhutanese community (as you claimed) at US? People evaluate person as per their write-ups, comments, criticism and approach. All these aspects weigh the capacity of individual and such things should be constant or stable for a person who feels of taking the leadership. Your comments and poking the nose everywhere seems immature and below the standard.
    You couldn’t digest the statistics that I mentioned in the earlier comments and you claimed yourself as a comfortable changed person. What was harsh in my write-ups when I mentioned that the immature leadership created disharmony in the community? I did not mentioned whether your renaissance was good or bad and is not my concern also. And you are not the one for clarification which I did not ask for.
    You somehow tried to educate me with your cohort background but you need to study history and cultural civilization to accomplish for quality comments. There is nothing wrong to mention the chronology and it happened. Nothing will happen if someone is from the minority or some other sects. Let me highlight where you wrote as per your wish that seems childish to us. Who told you that Nepal was Buddhist country and Hindus came later? Do you know who founded Buddhism and where was he born in? Was this man who got Buddhatwa initially Muslim, Kirat, Hindu or others? Accept that Hinduism is the mother of all the religions. You are talking about 12th C era, but Hindus were there at Nepal since Gopala dynasty and before that counts somewhere in 3500 BC. You may have been confused about the Lichhavis who came to Nepal but that too on 2nd century and not during Mohammadian period. Lineage of Lichhavi as per Dr. Harka Gurung (Social Scientist of Nepal) resembles more of western Nepal Thakuri community and not the Chhetris of Eastern Hills. So be precise to comment. If things are not at your favor, they are not wrong and they shouldn’t be twisted and manipulated as per you favor.
    Hope you will correct yourself and approach the community for the undertakings.

  111. Hi Melarapa,
    U have been using fake name n u are not showing your own identity and who are u to ask the identity of others?First be the light /example for others. Don’t throw stones when yourself is staying in the glass house.

  112. Hi Phurba,
    It doesn’t matter if my house is built with glasses. You have no rights to ask me such question because you haven’t interact with the issues that i am dealing with the folks here. Please don’t ask me such question again. If you are bold enough come forward with your full name,address,phone and detail.(true identity) I steps won’t stay back when time demands my real identity.

    My argument is with those who are advocating wrong doing in the community. Tell me this why you think names of those who contributed negativity should be erased from the forum? Why should those thugs get a good job and recognisation after they messed up the community? Why you think people who run this website and commenter be under the lawsuits???? No one should be threatened or pass warning to anyone. Laws are made for all and it doesn’t differentiate anyone. No one is above the law.

    My point is very simple “GOOD FOR GOOD, BAD FOR WORST” And my goal is to educate,get education and pass information

  113. Phurba must be either the same Ms.A crow calling its own name by itself or a bird of the same kind which does not make a nest by itself and also does not allow others to do it. It is envy,man.
    Mr. Phurba, after reading a lot of comments and write ups in this blog, I’ve inferred that Melarepa’s group is all set to begin a mission by declaring their organization from the national convention. Atleast, they are trying to go with it after adopting some commonly accepted democratic means and procedures. I could say this as they are making their reach out in larger number of cities and states, in my state as well, before they announce their program officially. As I think they are putting an attempt to activate, may not be able to cover all, strengths and resources that emanate from the community for the community. I think Mr. Phurba, our(you, me and all) duty now should be to be the next number, say 100 if 99 is already in place. We can do this easily when we have enough time like this to waste on passing unhealthy comments.
    Or, allow Melarepa and his counterparts kill their thirst because you and me are not going to lose or gain anything from the war of words between them. Mr. Phurba, we also came to know from their comments that the existing problem between them can’t be resolved by you and me now. It might have been in existence since time immemorial. So please let them be alone in the field.But watch, who is doing what. But still if you do not allow, then, as I mentioned above,you must be the same crow with black both in and out.
    Sorry for the comment but I feel this is the reality.

  114. This is “Bhutanikoo Nango Nach.” Youths please do not get carried away by this tug of war but plan on your life, prioritize STUDIES and help communities as we learned sharing rice and chini when needed.No joke, this was what kept us united and community help. Bba kasa ko ash garnu hunna. move ahead and study.

  115. Phurba,
    Why should Melarapa show the true identity? You have also used a fake name. Melarapa is doing a great job by keeping this discussion alive with his persuasive writing. He says he is championing a cause for our people. He has felt the need for a new National organizaion and is sweating day and night to make this convention of OBCA a great success. He is personally visiting families in Atlanta and distributing fliers about the OBCA Convention. He has arranged accomodation and food for visitors from other States. He alone can lead us and he wants to make the headquarter of OBCA in Atlanta. Are you jealous about it?Like BCG, OBCA should be registered in his name only. Who says he is staying in a glass house, he is living in a bullet proof house. People from atlanta say he has done many things for people in Georgia and is leading the fragmented Bhutanese Community of Georgia. Phurbaji, jas lay mha katcha, ushlay hath chatcha hai.

  116. Khagen & Phurba,
    You understood my goal. I creat awareness and educate so no monopoly breath around. Not only in Atlanta else where in the US where Bhutanese have resettled. Your time is nearing to the end so you took diffrent option to critized and insult people. You are well known for fishing around the Bhutanese people and feel you and your family is superior. Time has gone, we are in America, forget about Gaylephu,Chirang and Guwang.
    Do you have anything for us from Vermont GNH conference?? How you got such couragte to implant disrespect and insult to our leaders.
    Don’t talk about OBCA now. Keep on watching.

  117. Dear valued readers,
    We kindly request you to refrain from posting offensive comments. Let’s comment in a civilised way. It is always necessary to note that personal attacks-driven comments actually lead us no where. Let’s establish a trend of respecting other’s opinion while we shoot our comments.

    Thank you very much!

    Editorial team members
    Bhutan News Service

  118. Good Luck to everybody. Thank you very much for teaching us good lessons.We juniors are learning a lot from seniors. When times come, we will also start the same thing.Thanks once again for your preaching.

  119. BNS,
    Thank you for turning the key around. You clearly know who is doing what? I aways watch my words and actually sometime I don’t find suitable right and rude words for someone who act smart here.
    Refined language is not helping to keep these folks away. It might sounds impolite and odd, but bullets are out right off the hips on time to the target.

  120. Tortola,
    Your target is wrong.Do not stone in dark.You can not see if target is made at you from the there is higher risk for you. You addressed a wrong person. Melarapa is not Khaling. so first of all your leadership got at the dead end not even at crossroad.Looks like you don’t have enough time because it took you a whole week to write me back.
    And you talked about stander which is not done in the forum here.You are at the wrong place.
    Your statistics is limitted and within yoursefl. Keep it up and you are also a part of disharmony and division of this commmunity.

    My small comments regarding religion is a test for you and it’s based on Encyclopedia.And you can not challenge the Encyclopedia period.

    Licchavi dynasty ended in 9th century and you don’t need to know more about king ASHOKA and Buddhism in Nepal if you think the histroy you have been known to is your futrue path and your energy further.
    You have no idea about Neolithic tools of 9000 years ago and Kirath’s history for about 2500 years.
    Hinduism is often referred to as Sanātana Dharma.Bhaktaman the first king of Gopal dynesty and Yakshya Gupta the last king of the same dynesty.Their time was 500 to 621 years. Please update your history if you feel that information you pass should be correct.
    There are people who wish to be at your service if you ask for help regarding Nepal,religion and ect. Please do not jump blind.

  121. Namaskar tortola jee, khagen jee, Phurba jee and others,
    Please, for Gods sake, I swear that I am not your Melarapa, if you think that Khaling jee means DJ Khaling. But if you have some other khaling jee other than me then I am ready here to take back my humble request. A very simple information for BNS and all above mentioned jees, I have not posted any comments or write ups in this blog so far in my whole life.(Under duress, this has become my first comment).
    But if you have anything to talk/discuss which is related with me, please feel free to meet me in person, call me or shoot me email directly at [email protected]. I will share my phone number in e-mail if you wish to talk over phone. Let me repeat I am always open for healthy discussions.

    I feel this is the best way how we demonstrate our leadership skill to resolve any issue or problem if at all we have in existence.
    BNS, many thanks for providing this space and for all jees, please belive me and my sincere request.

    DJ Khaling

  122. having read all these dirty comments I feel quite embrassed to call myself a BHUTANESE REFUGEE RESETTLED IN THE STATES coz everyheads seems claiming in two to three different ways.To be free and frank I have no concern with any of the so called NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS.Does it make sense.Sure it does for we have rights to live with the principles that he is with.I do condemn that guy who dared to quote my name where I have not at all given my consent.I never accepted that sort of bogus comments.I only accept ONE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION not multi with multi-heads.We were interviewed in DHS that we are not to bring any confusion in the country where we are resettled.commem folks will not excuse if there comes the situation that we are deported to the uninhabitted islands.The dirty game in between the BHUTANESE should be stopped so as to welcome the ultimate mis-fortune.
    anybody can comment but with proper identity.I damn carethe fake names aned is shameful to comment on fake names.If you guys are doing good work then it is meaningless to hide your name and ceaate confusion in thousands.I never expected that this sort of dirty games crop up within sort span of time.Finally I support only a game with many spectators not a game with no spectators.

  123. Dear Youths,
    I was just one year old when my parents had to escape from my motherland. They managed to escape to Nepal through the Assam and the West Bengal borders. I also started living the life of a refugee with my parents. I did not how to speak, how to fight,etc. The only thing I knew was to smile and cry. As I grew up, my parents taught me to be honest and sincere, and confess all my wrong doings. Sometimes, it was very hard for me but still I used to muster all my courage and confess. My parents used to forgive me. They were kind and forgiving.

    Can we youth also forgive these people? Some people keep on writing using fake names, some people deny that they are not using fake name and say they are writing for the first time, some people are falling into their own trap.Some of you have commented against the US citizens who are helping us, some of you are blaming the US govt, some of you are blaming the resettlement agency that has taught us how to walk in America, some of you are blaming the Christians and Hindus and Indians.

    The US govt. is watching your drama. Your every action and reaction will affect the resettlement process of the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. American people, schools, resettlement agencies, etc. are watching our daily activities.So, I request all the youths to stay away from the politics of National conventions. Your involvement will affect your families for generations. we don’t want 4th country resettlement. We should focus on our studies. When educated, we can serve our community in better ways. I don’t blame any of our present leaders. They are educated and have educated us in the camps,they have learnt politics in Nepal, they have degrees in political science, sociology, economics,management, etc. Everybody will try to do what is best for him or her.
    We don’t need any orgn. if we are really committed to help our people. we have friends who always help community but they never blow any horns or beat any drums.
    I know some of you are guilty of writing comments, some of you scared that people may know your true identity.People can know from which direction the wind is blowing. People know your thoughts,people know your attitudes,and people know what you speak. When you express you thoughts in writing, people can easily conclude who you are even if you deny thousand times. God forgives those who confess their sins. No one is perfect on earth.

    I hope I have not hurt anyone. Please allow us space to grow. let us re-invent ourselves, let us re-think unity, let us re-define our attitudes, let us re-polish our behaviour, and let us re-discover love for each other.

  124. Very glad to see Aviyan ‘s comments. Aviyan babu there is no any limitation for acquiring and expressing any kinds of wisdom for anyone. We are so reactive that is why; we encourage you to be better proactive. We were brought up in such a way that, we never taught to analyze bad things to be a good one. That is why we are upholding greater degrees of qualification with lots of confusion.
    I only ask one question to “Maya” sis. If the sense of unity even in this small kid is the politics which he would better be isolated in this age then, why we taught them to pick and hold any stuff with their five fingers rather then one finger?. Why we taught them to say this is my family, society and country?
    “I am in 6th grade in USA. I was born in Nepal but my parents are from Bhutan. So when ever my school teachers ask me where I am from – I proudly say – I am from Bhutan.” Dear friends make sure that, we taught this thing to our kids. The way we see the things might be different but the wisdom never. So, it would be better to insulate our kids from bad things instead of encouraging them to be isolated. We have the responsibility to advise our kids but not to make them the victim of our deception.
    “I had often asked why you are so interested in it? He says, it is one of the ways we can communicate with people in our community and be its useful member.” I think the above part of Aviyan’s comments would be the very vivid and alarming assurance for our “Maya” sister’s concern to Aviyan’s carrier. This also clarify how clear insight and motivation he is with.
    Let’s comment our kids being in the periphery of our decorum. Otherwise we will be contemptible. I would suggest all of our friends to keep the following things in mind before suggesting them.
    1)Everything that you know right now you have learned from someone.
    2)What you have leraned so far is not everything there is to know.
    3)Some of the things that you know are not true.

    At last, I would like to thank Aviyan’s parents for being a very cautious, aware and responsible parents . And also highly suggest Aviyan to do keep in touch with these kinds of activities as you are the part of our community since you stepped in this world.

    L.B Subba
    Dallas, Tx

  125. Hello Melarapa,
    First of all, I am not Khagen and Phurba. Your assumption is totally wrong. I don’t care whether you educate people in Atlanta or elsewhere in USA. That is none of my business. And I don’t believe such a hollow assurance from person like you who use fake identity. For your information, I or for that matter Bhutanese people did not come USA thinking Mr Melarapa will educate me/them ultimately. To educate someone, you need to be well educated first. 21 century is for Meritocracy and not for people with little knowledge.


  126. Dear Parangkush sir,
    Melarapa is very contovarcal charaktar,always acting smarte and he think he know evrything. He think he is only good, other are bad.He is attaking evrybady.He is dicktrator and what he say have to be right. You people did good thing, he canot digast. He is know only BCG and OBCA. He act hero, but he is zero. He always say bad of people who leave BCG and who not join OBCA.He is jelouse you are in Emory collage. He talk bad about you because you quitt BCG and did not folow his idea. All is know his charaktar now.
    Don’t gat distub by Melarapa. No one like his atitude. He keep late Suk Maya money giving by Nepali Asocation in his bank. How much money, he is not giving to suk maya father Motilal mongar when he ask.

    You shoud read and finis collage. He call evarybody kids and only he is big. he call othar baby politican. He is dividng socity.

  127. Parangkush jee,
    People in this forum have gushed their views and shared information in various methods and ways using different names. People who concealed their own identity doesn’t mean that they unnecessarily bother others. I haven’t hit anyone so straight like you said. Only the thing i can say is, your assumption is wrong. I would say, a University Graduate student do not get involved in dirty activities .I haven’t said that it your business and may be the things i have shared in this forum is not of your choice,so you said you don’t need education. But think for others.. We don’t have all lucky people attending graduate school in America today. The need of community is not solved when you are in the school or finish school and achieve a degree. The deal is not personal and for yourself only. Please extend the limitation and save up your reservation. Try to come out of the box if you have heart for others too.

  128. Bikash, Well said, from what I see the youth are doing the appropriate activities to bring awareness to your community and they are doing a tremendous job, From educating the public about your culture and traditions to excelling in our educational systems participating in sports and music, art, and drama etc. I have had the privilege and honor to help form the Bhutanese Youth Club of Rochester, this club is run by the students (the Adults do not have the time to invest in the youth…Jealousy,pride or arrogance I do not know their motivation)But The adults are making a grave mistake and to not work to develop programs for their senior citizens another grave mistake…How you treat others is how you will be treated. Plan for the long haul and do not let shortsightedness blind you. The youth will be your leaders tomorrow and the senior citizens well lets just say the way everything is going right now they will be considered a lost the generation(what a shame to let all this wisdom and knowledge just fade away). To all the Bhutanese youth keep up the good work… You will always outshine the adults because your agendas are pure and well thought out. I know that I am proud of every young person I have met throughout Rochester and the country as well as the many who email me from around the globe.

  129. I just had to respond in favor of Aviyan and I really hope I offend some people.
    All you lip flappers who down play Aviyan for his interest in his community should hang your heads down. You talk about voicing your concerns yet when a young man who has a concern and wants to express it you try to stifle him and downplay his contributions to this forum. In my opinion from what he has written he has alot more insight and maturity than most of the commenter’s here, he doesn’t hide who he is and he doesn’t respond to negative feedback with an attack against the attacker he just clarifies his position. Aviyan, keep up the good work, learn all you can about your culture and stand with your head high I look forward to many more of your insights and hope I am around 10 years from now because I am sure you will be a powerhouse for good.
    Keep it up and ignore the lip flappers, that’s all they ever do they haven’t matured enough to walk the talk.

  130. Melarapaji,

    I know PK ji for sometime now. It is interesting how you think he should come out of the box while I think he is already out of the box. Tapai po baru organization khulaudai salam thapdai byasta hunuhuncha. Indian valley apt ra aru tira gayera sarba sadharan manche lai sodhnuhos kati ko PK ji le help gareko racha hamro manche lai (bises gari kam lagauna). It is with his caliber and hard work, he made it to Emory and we all should be proud of it. sahayog garna ko lagi organization ko nai jarurat pardaina melarapaji. Hamile dekheka chau atlanta ma k vai rako cha. I just could not stop from writing this. J hos. tapai pani ramro bichar dhara liyera baru hamro manche lai help garne tarfa lagnus..kati yesarai ek arkako khutta tanne.

  131. Hi RP and his yes men,
    Before you write stories,poems and advise somebody,write an apology to the mass for the mistake you have comitted in the past, show commitment that you don’t repeate it in future and after you may write in the way you have written now otherwise you should feel shame to show the path to others when you yourself are out of the path.For example why should RP lunch the party GORKHA and what is now RP and Gorkha doing?

  132. Atlanta ji,
    Now the question is who saw first and who was know to whom first? I am sure Pk ji,saw you first and you knew him later. May be at home you see him out of the box, but other rest see himself boxed in.
    Hu ti tuw lay akash tha may jas tai ho Pk ji, lay kam ma lagako.
    I wish he has ability to find jobs for all the Bhutanese in America.

  133. Dear Editor,
    Am extremely hurt going through the comments by the so called the educated resettled refugees. I think they derived the courage to jot down their comments with the aspiration that they would some day be asked for an opinion for improving the lives of refugees in america.In a way each one has the expectation that one day he/she would like to take the reign of the so called national organisation in america.
    yes i do agree that Mr Subba has written a very good article.when a doctor advises a patient not to smoke he himself being a chain smoker he is still saving the life his patient.I hope this is more than enough for you all learned readers.
    coming to the comments written by few of the pundits of the bhutanese movement am extremely ashamed to call myself a bhutanese refugees.few of the friends have reached america almost a decade back and rest of the folk too have atleast spent a year a so there apart from the time they have spent in Nepal, India and may b some other countries, but its really sad to see the level of maturity they have as their comments go.if i may coin a phrase this is typical tashi yangshi mentality my friends that u have exhibited.
    i am surprised to the comment of Mr Jogen Gazmer here.Is he not ashamed to write about this movement still. the whole of this fuss began with the vested interest of these breed of leaders who wanted instant name, fame and power. let me tell you, every thing was going on fine back then in bhutan had these hopeless people(gazmers, budathokis, pokhrels, rizals and so on)not teased the sleeping lion. Hari Acharya would have been a big engineer today back in bhutan with big Dasho tag enjoying his life to the fullest damn caring wat would become of ABA. why am i telling this is that-by the first aniversary of TCR all those so called leaders who ruined the life of hundred thousand refugees have already settled in different country leaving behind the uneducated people back in the camps.Is this wat we expect of the LEADERS??? this is not all, all the second rung leadership of the bhutanese movement have also safely taken shelter and they are very happy writing big article and forming yet another organisation. so do u think these people are really going to lead you to wat you aspire to be in life. if u ask me its a BIG NO.NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, REST you think about it.
    this is a scenario that we already have two competing organisations claming to be the national organisation(correct me if am mistaken) and i do believe that one such organisation for all would serve better in this condition despite the common belief that competition enhences efficiency.but my real concern at this juncture is that who is going to lead this organisation when every one in the market is simply talking about reaching to the magical chair the organisation still languishing in the dustbin as the real refugees in the camps.
    here i would also like to warn some of you that, if you continue to fight so shamelessly like street dogs over a bone you guys are surely hamperly the resettlement of so many refugees back in the camps.please keep your egos with yourself for sometime till TCR is over, I would love to wish you best of luck for your ego fight after that.
    Mohan sharma

  134. Bhutanese Bhutanese and Bhutanese!!! I am fed up of hearing this term repeatedly from no people of Bhutan who’s sole purpose seems to be to disrupt the peace and tranquility of that tiny yet peaceful country deep in the himalayas and it’s citizenry. It’s high time for all the people to get a life as provided by so many generous donors because at this rate the lives of the true people of Bhutan will be without doubt an upheveal.But well, this is the main objective of all.

    Remember this- The Bhutanese people will never accept the comeback of the fakers. Even if you do manage to make an entry the people of Bhutan will not sleep till each and every one of you are shown where you actually belong.
    Just imagine… If a fibber can defend his lies with blood the artless will without doubt defend their country with lives, be it theirs or others!

  135. Bhutanese, Bhutanese and Bhutanese!!!, yes you may be correct when one sees the evolution of the Bhutanese refugee issue. Its also true that one does not enjoy being caught-up by a sudden and unwanted situation imposed by someone overnight for non of one’s conducts. If you were thrown out by your rulers out of your country of birth, out of a country where you knew nothing but only about your country, which you believed and rested all your faiths, what would be your reaction? Would you just commit suicide? Leave aside the conducts of your rulers – what would you do if an external force of magnitude much larger than your country’s would march spontaneously to your motherland? Being a citizen of a tiny country, supported by another in every walk should not speak the way you have done above. Do you know that in south bhutan, despite all the possible discriminatory laws and extra burden given to Southerners, they would leave the northern bhutanese long behind them in everything. Many who have left bhutan do not long to go there, but strive to bring your rulers to justice. Even if your people want the ousted people to reconcile and come back many will just say politely ‘Thank You”. You should start thinking and seeing things through universal brotherhood and a network of human relations irrespective of origin, race, religion, country etc. Thanks

  136. oi Thuji Chen:

    The Bhutanese people will ALSO never accept being deprived of their right to citizenship. Does that somehow mean something to you or the adamant saucient stubbornness applies alone to you? You talk as if YOU are the ONLY Bhutanese. Wake up, sleepyhead, and look around. The world leaders and their people, by resettling us in their own countries, has given us more recognition as Bhutanese than they have to those of you naysayers.

  137. Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based upon on the same subjects you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my readers would appreciate your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.