Resettlement figure approaches 73,000 mark

Exiled Bhutanese boarding IOM buses in Beldangi before their departing to various resettlement countries

Altogether 72,846 exiled Bhutanese have been resettled through the ongoing third country resettlement process overseen by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Exiled Bhutanese boarding IOM buses in Beldangi 

Of this, the United States alone has resettled 61,692 individuals. Similarly, Canada and Australia have accepted 5,022 and 3,679 persons respectively, a highly placed source at the UNHCR mentioned.

Resettlement figures in other countries included 709 (New Zealand)  625 (Denmark), 538 (Norway), 324 (Netherlands) and 257 (United Kingdom).

Still, three refugee camps in Jhapa and one of Sanischare continue hosting some 35,000 Bhutanese refugees.