Resettled youths missing WA


Three youths resettled in Washington are reported to have been missing since June 11.

According to Tanka Dhital of the Bhutanese Community Resource Center, Krishna L Dhital (21), Dilli Ram Bhattarai (28) and Krishna Dhakal (17) have been missing.

The boys, who were said to be in one of the parks in Spokane when they were last contacted, have remained out of contact since 9 pm of the Saturday evening, informed Dhital.

According to their family sources, 5.2-feet-tall Dhital was wearing a jean pant and white t-shirt, and Bhattarai is 5.7 feet tall. The family do not have exact information for the description of the third at large.

It is also learnt that Bhattarai was on a black Acura LP 933ZGH, 2003 model car.

Both Dhital and Bhattarai hail from Tukwila and had travelled to Spokane for a family visit on the same day.

The family awaited their return until Sunday evening and reported to the police. According to the Spokane police, the search has been underway. According to Dhital, the families are in deep sorrow and have no clue on how to precede the search.

Contributed by Yug Dabadi from WA for BNS

Editors: If anyone has any kind of information about the missing boys, their families can be contacted at 206-372-8969 and 360-918-4869.


  1. Its really a very sad news “MISSING” our Bhutanese family from Spokane since June 11.2011. Lets pray for them all return back soon and safely. I hope “GOD” help them find their way back to return home.

  2. Hello , all senior and responssible person of Bhutanese communities in America this is the right time to be serious about the matter of three[3] boys missing from WA.If all r sleeping this is the time to wake up and get them back.God bless them and hope to get them back sooon………….

  3. **IMPORTANT**PLEASE READ::Dear friends, let’s continue, as we all wiil, to expect just straight forward, safe and early return of the missing Bhutanese youths in Washington; BUT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN LETS START THINKING AND ACTING LATERALLY TOO! By now, matters like this should gain everyone’s concern and attention in USA. We are enough of any more abduction & persecution; hope not,but it potentially looks like the case this time too. We don’t want to live fearful life. We want to live and let live in peace.
    I most humbly call the attention of all Bhutanese organisations in different parts of the US to act immediately and actively with the police authorities (Federal, State & The Local Council) to find the missing ones, and for the security of life of the resettling Bhutanese there. Think what those missing ones’ and their families’ expectations are like. Act now,GO! No more delays please. Every single second counts and could make a difference in their lives!! Better safe than sorry!
    God bless the missing boys and their families and us – the welwishers, for the bundle of joy they bring us with their early and safe return!!
    Kindly……-Bala (Australia).