Resettled folks in Canada perform cultural show


Resettled Bhutanese in Canada performed a cultural program on Tuesday at nursing home of the Saint John NB. According to our contributing correspondent in Canada, the program was organized by the Young Man Christian Association (YMCA) and the Young Woman Christian Association (YWCA).

READY TO ROCK: Young Bhutanese artists traditionally dressed ready to rock floor with their performance. Photo/Damber.

As per the schedule of resettlement services, the program was organized to help the new immigrants assimilate themselves in the new place through the exchange of arts and culture and in order to welcome Christmas and the Happy New Year 2011.

According to the organizer, the major objective of the program was to provide refreshment and entertainment to senior citizens of the city who have been staying in the nursing home since long time back. Resettled folks performed Nepali cultural dances and songs during the program.

This is the second program in which the Bhutanese people participated in Saint John. The program was also attended by Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Colombian immigrants. In the program, participants sang the Christmas carols too. Senior citizens expressed their happiness for such an enjoyable program.

Damber /Raghu Osti contributed reporting from Canada.