Resettled Bhutanese in Utah elect community leaders


The Bhutanese Community in Utah (BCU) held its second election of its executive board at a local church in Salt Lake City on January 22.

The five-member board received Bhim Kumari Sapkota, Dharani Adhikari, Hem Dulal, Kumar Acharya and Mukti Bhurtel for an official tenure of maximum two years. Altogether, 12 candidates filed their nominations.

Deseret News Women line up for donated clothing at the Evergreen LDS Chapel in Salt Lake City, Utah /Courtesy : Jeffrey D. Allred

The election proccess was observed by State Refugee Director Gerald Brown, Community Capacity Building Specialist and Community Mentor Joseph Nahas and Director of the Jewish Community Center Andrea.

The election committee chairperson, Tara Acharya, informed Bhutan News Service that over 83 percent of the registered voters participated in the election.

The chief guest Andrea and community members congratulated the elected board members.

The BCU was formed two years ago to facilitate activities to promote and preserve the ethnicity, culture, tradition, religion and build organizational capacity through case management, education, advocacy, mentoring, sports, collaboration and partnership.

It has been working to get every member of the community to achieve self-sufficiency and full integration into the main stream society.

Reported by Khem Kafley from Utah for Bhutan News Service


  1. Very good example has been initiated from Utah. I am very pleased with our community people from Utah for the integral working system to exhibit the model to other states’ community. I would like to congratulate to all the elected members and wish the afore days for the better, successful and prosperous promotion to the community. Please feel that in the name of community solidarity you are in number one. You keep ahead with the utmost transparency, clarity and sincerity, you will always be the leader of the other communities of Bhutanese in US. Friends, please do feel that communication is only the tool to venture the success. If anyone in the team got problem, do communicate with the team. If you develop the system of communication, all types of problems will have solution. The next important tool for the integrity is the inclusiveness. Do never underestimate of disregard in the team. Never make decision alone. If you could do these, I can say 100% that your tenure will be written in the golden letters.
    Once again, Wish you all the best for your tenure.