‘Bhutanese have rights to get their crimes identified’


Businessman-turned-writer YN Chamlagai said resettled Bhutanese have their rights to get their crimes identified by the Bhutanese regime. He is a businessman based in Damak of Jhapa district.

According to Chamlagai, these people are innocent citizens of Bhutan, who were forcefully expelled from their homeland and they must get their crimes identified from the Government of Bhutan.

“They may be in Nepal or elsewhere. Their family might have been separated. But, Bhutan must identify their crimes they have committed due to which they were expelled from their country,” said Chamlagai, who has recently published a novel titled Sachhi documenting early arrivals of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal.

On behalf of the Bhutan News Service, journalist Binod Dhungel has talked to Chamlagai regarding various aspects of the Bhutanese refugee issue and about the novel.


  1. That is exactly what I always thought about. We the Bhutanese have right to ask Bhutanese the then Monarch(4th King) about the ethnic prosecution. Why we were not allowed to ask for freedom and basic Human Rights? Why our friends and fellow Bhutanese were tagged as terrorist and sentenced to prison when they initiate the movement for equality and justice for minorities ?

    Bhutanese government must be accountable for the injustice and its act of inhumanity. Just keep on saying -“some school were burned”, would be ridiculous.

    It time for our 5th king to make matured and serious decision. Other wise, image of Bhutan government and monarchy system around the globe would slowly but steadily get diluted.

  2. prasna sodnu taa thikai ho hajur,,uttar khoi nee?? manish jee..yo prashna ko uttar shahid aba ko 100 barsa pani sambab chaina hola mero bichar maa?
    Ani Y.N. jee Hajur Nepal ko PM baneraa po khojidiney ho kee,,,,,kitab bikaunaa garo cha ho aba ??

  3. I solely agree the points that raised by YN, every resettled Bhutanese should ask the question “what was our crimes?” to the govt. of Bhutan. Make the petition to the govt. of Bhutan and to the international communities.

  4. Monarchy was stable in Bhutan and Bhutan was stable with Monarchy when the kings of subsequent generations ruled as SUPREME over the people and the nation. The Most Beloved in the memory of the common Bhutanese was the third Druk Gyalpo His Majesty late Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. Fate gave us bad time taking him away prematurely. We were however fortunate to have his heir to inherit our late King taking care of us and the nation. The Nation quickly revived from the SHOCK and TRAUMA of the loss fixing the hope of continuance of being looked after by the young heir.

    The Monarchs were loved and respected by every Bhutanese and many shunned CRIMES out of love, loyalty and dedication to the hard working Sovereigns rather than out of DREAD and FEAR of punishment. We had no need to worry for anything as the Kings thought and acted in the best manner for our good in every respect. There was no alternative thought in the Bhutanese as second or alternative choice to the beloved Monarchy that we were genuinely confident and proud of. Their fame had gone from home to abroad with sweet fragrances!

    But something suddenly happened at the top and from 1985 onwards there was visible change in tone and tune of the hierarchy. The development did not stop at some stage but flowed down to the lower level where even the common man began to witness the undeniable changes in the midst of controversies. Everyone was caught in the process in the state of confusion.

    Viewing back to past events now, bold steps are openly displayed in the Planned Development Works of disowning and dispossessing the unsuspecting citizens of the nation and subjects of hitherto benign King. The people could not believe such changes in the process to be wary of for precaution against evil developments that culminated in the present form where the king is seen as hero of Community Advocacy rather than Benign Ruler of the Sovereign Nation!