Religious practice sees new trend in Diaspora


Deviating sharply from the aged-old tradition of performing rituals, the Bhutanese resettled in Adelaide experienced a ‘new practice’ initiated by one of the families in the community here.

Ghimirey greets guests. Photo Courtesy/Jogen Gazmere

The guests began pouring in after 2 pm on the Friday afternoon at the residence of Gopal Ghimirey, the former Vice President of the People’s Forum for Human Rights, Bhutan (PFHRB).

Most of the invitees had no idea what they were invited for. “I think there is a meeting happening,” said one of the guests getting off his car. “I think there is a party,” another guessed. But, the confusion grew taller when they entered the house.

On one side of the room was a table against the wall on which sliced fruits, flower, rice grain and an unlit oil lamp (Diyo) were kept. Leaned against the cupboard above the table were the lists of Ghimirey’s ancestors while on the other side was the lists of his mother’s and wife’s ancestors.

In the middle was the name of his father, late Tula Ram Ghimirey. And, the event was named ‘Pitri Smriti Diwas’, meaning ‘ancestor’s memorial day’.

The programme began with lighting the lamp when Sushil Pokhrel, who had arrived all the way from Murray Bridge, some two hour drive from Adelaide City, chanted mantras. Welcoming guests, Ghimirey explained them about the programme.

Only then, most of the guests fully knew that they were invited to attend Shraadha (homage) ceremony of Ghimirey’s father late Tula Ram.

Following the schedule list, the guests observed a two minute silence for the peace of Tula Ram’s soul. Then, the family and the guests offered tributes. The formal programme ended with ‘Mangalacharan’, a prayer for the wellbeing of the planet and its components.

Justifying his initiative to jump into this model of practice instead of slowly moving towards it, Ghimirey said BNS, “It was a long dream, a dream of 15 years, and with the support from my family and friends, I have made it happen. First, we are in Australia where work matters more than our tradition.”

Further he added, “Anything we do should be justifiable and whatever I have done I can explain to my children and grandchildren. If we do not modify our tradition making it in line with the environment we live in today, I am afraid our children will completely ignore our culture.”

You have just seen my son driving off for his work and you can see everyone eating together on the same table as a family, he expressed, no one is stopped at the door because he belongs to the so called lower caste.

Saraswati Ghimirey, 84, widow of late Tula Ram Ghimirey actually encouraged her son Gopal Ghimirey to begin the new practice in South Australia.

“When one of my neighbours said she would not like to have tea at my house because we allow access to all castes people into our home, I felt that following their way meant committing an unpardonable crime against humanity,” she said with tears on her eyes.

On the discussion that followed the programme, all the guests unanimously supported Ghimirey’s innovative move and vowed to fight against any form of discrimination done to the members of the same community on the basis of their castes.

(Reported by Ichha Poudel from Adelaide, Australia)


  1. The homage rites of Hindus are based on a very ancient tradition of established practices and core beliefs. They are in some ways contradictory and remained more or less static over the centuries, except for regional variations, while the religion as such evolved a great transformation incorporating many new traditions, beliefs, practices and divinities. Death related practices are mostly centered on two worlds, Preta-loka and Pitru-loka. There are no reference to such paradise and clear affirmation of the belief. And interestingly, there is no clarification as to why the ancestors languish in such world for that duration, neither moving higher nor returning back to earth. Such perplex would confuse us and people are demanding for simple and understanding reflection of the practices.
    Evolution is must but we cannot do as we wish and like as it has to be more accommodative and universal practice. To be unique may be good at times but too dangerous also. We need thorough research based on empirical order and should adopt the user-friendly approach. To me religion, practice, believes are our law and order.

  2. This news writer, why did you write that Gopal Ghimray is making new syatem in South Australia? He is making new system in his home or family but not in South Australia. In South Australia there are more than 400 families and when this one family is doing religious and cultural/tradition in a deviated way from our timeless religion of Hindu,don’t think taht all will do the same. Dear readers dont think that every one will destroy themselves like that. Most of them will keep their religion and culture.It is not making something but it is breaking and destroying our religion and cultural practice because with out “puret” and without “bedi” I think there can’t to shradha.And Gopal Ghimray ‘so called(but not real) Netaa of refugee camp, is just like everyone else here. He is not lawyer or a Government to change systems. He can change for himself but for others,no way. So I think which he did was not real shradha but something else funny, I don’t know what.However, if their is typical situation then we can do such alternatives by getting decission from Pandits , but in this case it was not a need too do such drama. Whatever religion and culture is meant to remain the same. Eg. where ever they go , those class of Muslim womens havent left “burkhas” or their long gawn.Similarly in Christanity also they have nuns etc.
    Keep up our great religion and culture and tradition, dont be tooo silly to destroy them!!! They areour identity and pride.

  3. “Adelaide sees ‘innovative’ religious practice” This is totoally inaaprpriate heading you have choosen. so dear reporter and Editor could you think once before adopting such a articles. Gopal Ghimire, from no any point is suitable for representing the Bhutanese Nepali community of Adelaide. Thats not our culture and we are to protect and promote our culture and religion. In the name of highliting your name do not try to destroy religion and culture. who care what you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear reporter, I am surprised to hear about paying homage to late father from Adelaide.TO pay homage to late father is his duty and he can respect in his own way. I strongly believe that there is no point to argue abt this matter.Now regarding pundit and puret , why are they not sit on the common platform of humanity and socialism to discuss abt castism. I have been hearing that people in Adelaide have extremely sowed the seed of castism… so it is better to discuss on this matter rather than he does this and that….. Hopefully one day news may come from ur site regarding all men are created equal and the final truth of all human beings is death …. my logical reason is that birth, blood and death equalises all………….

  5. Good to hear about the news of progressive people. I wish all the best of luck to Mr. Ghimery for the challenges that he will face from now.

    @Shimrika – Who the hell are Pandits that decides what to do with the rituals. Its totally a personal decision and you cannot blame Mr. Ghimerey that he is a destroyed man. He is one today but you will see lots of Gopal Ghimery in future. He is just a glimpse of tomorrow and what he did was laid an easy path for young one to follow.

  6. Appreciate the innovative thoughts in continuing an old culture in a new way. Continuity with change is a timeless process. And our culture must evolve. The way of practicing some of our tradtional rituals should change. The Dhamis must learn to dance in a little bit of a disco and break dance posture. Otherwise, the entertaining effect of their dhami dance will interest no one. The ‘purets’ must change the way they do their business. Most of our traditional musical instruments and songs have been already replaced by other modern ones. We have accepted them with little lament. An unchanging culture soon becomes an endangered culture. Its isolation will lead to its final extinction.

    Casteism is another thing we need to do away with. It is the biggest enemy of the Hindu religion and it is not at par with the universal belief that ‘all men are equal’. I have always known Gopal dai for his strong reformative views on caste system. You prove that every day.

    Kudos to Gopal dai for leading the way. You are Bhutan’s Vivekananda.

  7. Dear writer it is disappointment to all Bhutanese community members that the way we are performing our religious ceremony has been done differently in a political leader house and you ………. mention that religious trend has change in South Australia . we will not let our culture to destroy like this. you may not believe culture tradition and values are our dignity and pride but we are proud of our Religion and we will do exactly the same as our parents and four father has done before. We do not believe in anythings done my Bhutanese Political Leader because it’s too much we left our country, we left our property, we lost our family members and now we do not want to loose our culture, custom and tradition. I fell to laugh when i read that “THE WORK MATTER MORE THAN OUR TRADITION”. MR.GHIMRAY CAN I ASK YOU WHY DID YOU START REVOLUTION IN BHUTAN.ISN’T IT TO PROTECT OUR CULTURE, RELIGION AND TRADITION. It would be better if u say ” MONEY MATTER MORE THAN THE TRADITION” because for political leader money comes first than the country, community, people and even family members.

  8. I am totally agreed with Mr. Thapa. What ever Mr. Gopal has done was his personnel right and he can do that by all means. He can pray for his father turning upside down. It is all upto to him. I don’t know why Mr Santi Ram and Shimrika are just making it issue. It seems that you people are acting like old wine in new bottle. Above all, Shimrika seems having personnel problems with Gopal Ghimery. She even doesn’t know what she is talking about. If I am not wrong than I think there was a puret in Mr. Gopal’s father pitri puja and he was Mr. Sushil Pokhrel. For you kind information Shimrika, Mr. Pokhrel may not be well know but he is well qualified pundit and done his panditgiri from Banaras. Hope you know the place and its value. You have raisin the issue of Muslim women’s burkha and Christan nun’s grown. In this whole news of BNS, I have never seen Mr. Gopal or reporter claiming or asking anybody from our communities to walk around without cloth. Than what is the point of saying changing the systems of hindu culture by giving this example? Shimrika let me clear you that in Muslim and Christian every one is allowed to read Koran and Bible and any one can do prayer for any body. But why in Hindu we are bond to depend on pundit only. Why can’t you do yourself also if you can do it? Ultimately, how is taking you across the river of so called baitarney, the pandit or those holy mantras. As per the way you think, it is only the words which flows from sri pandit’s mouth will reach to the ear of all mighty. Any way it is your way of thinking. I have no question on it. AS FAR AS CASTES IS CONCERN, ME AND MY RELATIVES AROUND ADELAIDE FROM SO CALLED LOWER CASTES, ALWAYS RESPECT YOU THE WAY YOU RESPECT US. REMEMBER, IF YOU DON’T ALLOWED US TO BE IN YOUR HOUSE THAN WE WILL NOT ALLOWED YOU IN OUR HOUSE. IF YOU DON’T EAT THINGS TOUCH BY US THAN NEXT TIME WE WILL NOT EAT THINGS TOUCH BY YOU. IT IS VERY SIMPLE. THE WAY YOU TREAT US YOU WILL GET IN RETURN. So for god sake stop all this rubbish and grow up. Remember religion and culture always teach us to remain together so never ever try again to make it part.
    Thank you.

  9. Fantastic and a very much innovative action. As Rousseau says “Man is born free”, an individual is free to perform what ever he/she likes to do But should have due regard for age-old ritualistic practices. I agree that castism is an enemy and a barrier towards achieving equality for all sections of our community.

  10. Congratulation Gopal Dai. That is the way to go ahead.
    I could hear the scream of ‘purets’ in comments of people like Dahal and Simrika.
    They will be out of job soon. To be frank some purets fear more than anyone with this kinds of acts. They seems to control the whole society. Telling people what they can do and what they cannot do. I have yet to find a moderate puret who is willing to change the way it is. This is the time of transition and we need to change our thoughts. It is an opportunity to carry on the good aspect of our culture and leave the darker/pathetic side such as discrimination based on caste, gender and religion.


  11. It is only a “Remix” saraad! Relax. “resham Firiri” ta remix bhai sakyo. Bitha ko jhyang jhyang.

    Do I see our bahuns getting all uppity about Mr. Ghimirey’s innovative approach to honoring hsi relatives? You gotta go towork like everybody else. Gone are the days when you would grow ‘rista-pusta’ by chanting meaningless mantras.

    In all seriousness though, it beats me why this is even a news item!

  12. A bounch of frustrated (rather unemployed) resettled Bhutanese can not change our culture and tradition. Change will take place only when entire Hindu communities in INDIA, Singapore, Bangladesh, South Bhutan, Nepal recognize for the same. Our tradition is based on Vedas and Puranas. Unless people mastered this holybooks and capable enough to bring reform….Nothing will happen. Laballing Swami-Vivakananda to Mr Gopal Ghimeray by RP Subba is just rediculous. Tell me one single quality of Gopal Ghimiray that match Vivakananda Mr Subba?

  13. As Mr. Rizal said, “Man is born free”, you have right to do whatever you want to do. Everyone can choose their own way. The system began by Mr.Ghimirey might be innovative for some people, but not for maximum elderly Bhutanese in diaspora.
    I might not be very knowledgeable in this matter like you, but I would say it is better to develop our culture than compromising it.
    My only theme is do not advertise this as an innovative idea, because 95% of the people will not follow this. They do not want to compromise their unique culture, instead they will promote, preserve and protect and keep on practicing it.

  14. Mr. Kirati Dharma is right..I like his opinion..Many people will not care about this individual change..@Bhotangey, who the fool you are saying meaningless mantras? Please spare some time reading books on those topics and you will get the answer.

  15. You whiners here….. You follow your culture as you see fit. Folks like Ghimirey will practice it as they see fit. Those who want to advertise it will advertise it as they see fit. So, if your culture is so great and tough and all that jazz, don;t worry – it will survive all innovations. If it is just a bad system set up by a host of exploiting upper castes, it might just go the Ghimirey way. It looks more like the latter, hence the outrage when a son thinks he can connect with his dead ancestors without the aid of conniving pundits and holymen who are anything but holy.

  16. A bounch of frustrated (rather unemployed) resettled Bhutanese can not change our culture and tradition. Change will take place only when entire Hindu communities in INDIA, Singapore, Bangladesh, South Bhutan, Nepal recognize for the same. Our tradition is based on Vedas and Puranas. Unless people mastered this holybooks and capable enough to bring reform….Nothing will happen. Laballing Swami-Vivakananda to Mr Gopal Ghimeray by RP Subba is just rediculous. Tell me one single quality of Gopal Ghimiray that match Vivakananda Mr Subba

  17. Om santi! Omsanti! Santa hunuhos balak
    jaihos balak Gopal ghimirey ko Jaihos nay partha Pitri Smriti Diwas’ ko

    ??????? considering them supreme is not our culture, it is the demolition of our culture. Vedas and gitas are not ??????? haru ko phawa but for entire Hindus.
    Vedas do not say ????????????? to discriminate other and consider them superior, it is there ??????????????????????????????????????????.
    What this so called high caste ????????? is doing in SA (and all over the TCR) is having alu and sag ko jhol and still looking malnourished and putting problem in the health system by visiting hospitals.

    There is no problem in the other castes except ????????? in our community. The culture in other parts of the world where non ?????? live has never been lost. It is the Centrelink ko ???????????????? Australia who continue sasg ko jhol and aluko jhol are the biggest problem to preserve our culture.

    They are violating the Australian law by burning live person, and underage youth. These ??????? should be ???????????? for the heinous crime.

    One example, they buy the same milk from the supermarket but if the milk comes to low caste’s home, they will not drink but they drink the same milk a litre from the gerkin in their home nonstop. What is the logic here?

    Now the time has come to set up a trust to continue the ‘Pitri Smriti Diwas’ initiated by Gopal Ghimirey.
    After all our community in divided already, so I ask all sewak of mine to launch a movement against ?????????? verus ?????????? all over the world for their treatment of non ?????????????.
    The action to follow:
    Stop ??????, use pandit like Sushil pokhrel. Ask ?????? what they have done for our culture in Bhutan and see what Acharya Sushil Pokrel has done who went to jail to protect our culture. While he was languishing in jail ?????????? enjoyed Kher ko dolha and looted innocent small ????????????????.

    Stop going to any social program done in ???????????? home and isolate them.
    There is a ????????????? in Tasmania telling people not to read in the house of ?????????????? and isolate them.
    The point mentioned above is not to tarnish our culture and tradition and Vedas but to tarnish the ?????????? of their heinous crime to others by their act of discriminating.
    Bhutanese Vivikananda to jai hos,
    Thank you
    Swami jat pat nasta

  18. Dear Fellow Bhutanese
    I thank the news writer for bringing the topic for discussion and salute Gopalji for doing the work that eceryone fear to do for centuries.I also respect those who share their views for or against the work of Mr. Ghimirey.Coz, those who speak at such hour are more respectible then those who keep silence-neither supporting nor opposing it. They are ‘double standard’ people who is always danger for the society.
    First, please understand Mr. Ghimirey practiced the way he found confortable. There is no need to shout at it. Next, we support the good work that benifit the is my analysis on the work of Mr. Ghimirey
    1.His personal initiative,not need to blame him for it. If you can, follow it if you find comfortable.Otherwise, dont criticize coz he has not forced everyone to do the same
    2. I think Ghimirey found Purets and Pandits responsible for creating division in the society-they didnt allow other castes people to study Vedas where there is not mentioned about discrimination among the creation of God(if you are not athis).That is what I have hear from Pandit Khem Raj Keshav Sharan Dahal in Beldangi.So, he did not incourage puret/pandit to do his father’s shradhha and become still reason of devision in west.
    3.Why you all talk of Gopalji only.Did you also read what happened to his 84 year old mother?was she also Neeta? please learn to feel shy la.
    4.As RP subbaji has written in his article somewhere that our festivals comes every week.And it takes long time to perform pujas.Do we have time for all that in west?will we get allowances throughout life?do we get all those holidays?be retional if you want to develope yourself.
    All those who comments against Gopalji talk about absence of purets and pandits. But, you did not talk about caste discrimination.why?
    Sorry, if i hurt some of you.
    Binod Sharma,Australia.

  19. EDITOR,

    NOTE: Use of soft and creative language matters a lot. We kindly request you not to post comments that attack certain group, castes. These are something very sensitive in nature. We again like to request you to post non-offensive comments.

    – Editorial Team, BNS

  20. World has been in a constant state of flux socially, culturally, economically, politically, religiously, etcetera. And the road to these changes have always been very tumultuous. Ptolemy, the great Egyptian astronomer, considered the earth as the centre of the universe. When Copernicus found and proclaimed the sun to be the centre of solar system – he met with great deal of resistance and was persecuted. However, the fact proclaimed by him has been reaffirmed by the modern science today.

    When Buddha stirred the very foundation of Hindu religion by giving birth to Buddhism, Ramayana in Ayodhyakanda defamed him saying “Yathahi Cora Sa Tathani Buddhas – Tathagatam Nastikamatra Biddhi.” Meaning, “Buddha is like a thief. Know Tathagata (Buddha) to be an atheist.” Today, we know Budhha, not as thief or atheist, but as a great spiritual leader who brought compassion and humanism back to our society.

    Similarly, when Mahatma Gandhi stood against the interest of British rulers to liberate the Indian people, Wiston Churchill criticized him as “half-naked fakir”. But to Rabidranath Tagore, Gandhi was a Mahatma – who ultimately made the colonizers to quit.

    Change is always painful and much similar to the mother’s labor pain. This pain is inevitable and no one can escape. Beauty of change will be felt most by those who have undergone this pain. Let’s get ready for the constructive change – as the count down has begun.

  21. Unfortunately the news article is already inflammatory with soft words but killing comments. So there should not be problem to say Black Horse is Black Horse.
    Any way tala chabi is in yor hands. What is difference between saying low caste, high caste and surkay and non surkay? That is the world we live on and we go to admit this first and solve the problem. Lets us not hide for another 20 years and provide a shock to our younger generations. Truth is bitter but is the reality

  22. HI guys stop supporting gopal ghimirey. He is an ??????. This time he tried to be an operator of our religion but went upside down.we all wait next time he will celebrate grief of his ancestors by inviting jumping doctor(dhami) instead of puryat. He did damage his personality but better if he doesn’t invit others to support his crime. How soon he has turned his poor old mother in to modern world letting her to celebrate grief of her own partner inviting gautam buddha instead of gautam baboi. if you wanna do it, do which ever way u prefer but do not involve whole community for entitlement of the scenario.

  23. Dear all
    It is a matter of great interest to read u r comments regarding this news being named in another way … If u really want to modify our tradition and culture then come with new ideas and transparent vision to seek justice through understandig and fraternity but u must not be hidden with u r names. Gopal Ghimirey has done what his old mother inspired him and I think it is his personal matter. So far Iam concerned he can fulfil his duty of homaging his father in his own way and the zest is that he did it by anymeans. Aren’t we coloring this news in different ways?? Transformation can be brought is a snail pace movement but we have to wait after all.Time will teach us to move forward according to it’s demand. Being in the dynamic world of different ideas and principals we should not play the game of child hunting for butterfly in the heaps of dust…
    This news has brought a new concept to those who are fragil enough to follow the religious practices being in Developed arena… and it is a Ruin to those who want to follow the religious practices as usual… But what we have to think finally is that we may have to modify our culture based on past history but this is not an apt time… I am preety sad why have u published this news as a major news in this site ?? I have seen people like Gopal Ghimirey performing sharda in the name of their parent in south Australia based on our own system but those didnot catch ur interest… Being in far far land of diverse knowledge and skills still we find people paying homage to their late parents like before.. But i dont know y those news are turned deaf ear to

  24. Dear all,
    Every one has a long discussion on the way that Mr. Gopal did his ‘Pitri Smriti Diwas’. But no one is talking about his 84 years old mother statement saying “When one of my neighbors said she would not like to have tea at my house because we allow access to all castes people into our home, I felt that following their way meant committing an unpardonable crime against humanity,” she said with tears on her eyes. What is your opinion on this particular topic? Also, Please be noted that “THIS IS NOT THE FIRST CASE IN ADELAIDE SO FAR. There are many such cases which have come to the notice. Let’s have a open discussion with very open and healthy mind without blaming or hurting somebody. What do you think? Is this a right tradition to keep it up and handover to our new generation or there should be some changes in it. If you think “No” than why, and if you think “Yes” than how. What are the steps you suggest we should take to stop this. As we can not give our new generation some thing in the name of tradition without any head and tail. We must be able to justify them. So let us come together and have a healthy discussion. After all it is the matter of our community.
    Thanks everybody.

  25. The problem is not with what has been done by Gopal Ghimirey.
    The problem is not with any caste or culture.
    There is no risk to our culture, tradition and vedas, Gitas in doing ones own preferred activity.
    The problem has not come from Bhutan or Nepal.

    the gist of the problem lies in our ATTITUDE AND THINKING.

    We have to live to change and we are changing no matter what anyone of you say.
    If you think that you want to have a culture of narrow mentality that we used to do in Bhutan and Nepal, then can you answer me the following questions?

    Dear Ichha Bhai, i hope you will kindly allow me to cite the recent case of your grand da. Thank you for this permission.

    How many of you went to the Malami of Ichha Bhai’s grandfater by carrying the dead body from his home to the river in Adeliade?
    Did you make a procession like you do in Nepal to go to Mai Khola or in Bhutan and walk in the road throwing dhan? You will say No. Did you take the dead body the next day of the demise? No. Why?

    Now this has totally changed the nature of the culture and tradition we were used to. Did anything wrong happen? I don’t think so. Has culture lost and Hindism finish there?

    Now compare this with Gopal Ghimirey did, it is nothing wrong.

    The problem we have is we have many ethnic groups and religions within us. They are Hindu, Vaisnab, not vaisnab, Parnami, Kirat, Manab Dharma, Khasi katnay party, Surkay party, buddhist group, christian party of different nature.
    We have bahun, jaisi, Upadiya, biswa karma, Darjee, chettri and magar, gurung, Rai, Limbu, Sarchop, Kheng, Nalong and many amany more.

    All through we never had problem in Bhutan and still not, we have become more of our own gurus in nepal and advocated to others.

    The main problem is not the culture and no body will impact in our culture and Vedas and Gitas. Nobody will steal or finish them. There were Rakchas like Ravana, and danger ones in the past, they never succeeded.

    The problem here is, some of us think I am super bramin than other brahmin, I put bigger tikka than other bhaun, I will read louder mantra than others and I know more than others and therefore I am the boss.

    The thinking my dharma is better than others is the virus sucking us.
    Unless we come together, unless we eat from the same pot cooked in one house, unless we respect the sano caste, this will continue.

    The problem I see is in few Brahmins who consider they know more than others who try to preach wrong message and not all brahamins or low castes are involved in this.

    Let us respect with dignity all and break the barrier by eating and drinking in everyone’s house. Imagine, we all buy the vegies and food from one super market, ther is no farm to have your own, we don’t know who sells us. The only difference is once the food reaches our home, it changes caste. Why?
    So please forget this and have party.

    Thank you

  26. Let me summirise all of above……..If ??????? and ??????? were not at Adeliade then So called “Remix Gopal” would not have practiced his father’s saradh in this way…Hope u got my point…Irrational Human Being..

  27. Australia is multicultural country? We should be free to practice our religion which we preferred. I don’t mind what process you applied but i strongly protest why its is posted in Google group. Mr. Gopal ghemeray might be innocent about this articles and peoples are criticizing him and his late ancestors.If MR. Gemeray have posted this article he is doing serious crime against other Bhutanese residents in South Australia because he is responsible for dividing peoples in two groups which he can’t. IF this Article is intentionally posted to divide newly established community into two group than Gopal ghemeray and and reporter Mr. ICha POudel should be ingonered from our community itself and should be band from posting articles for time beings.

  28. It is strange this simple puja has led to a rage of arguments. Mr. Ghimirey’s activities does not tantamount to a shift in his religion. And again rituals and reigion are different. And we do see it creating nightmare only among the conservative people.

    But if you do any thing different from the way, your own great grand ancestors have done – married, sang or danced – you have have changed. You are a butterfly today – colourful and beautiful. What is even more interesting is that you are adding colours every day and evolving more. That is the reality. But what you are saying is just the opposite. You are saying – I am not a butterfly – I want to go back to my past – a larva again – that is where I become like my ancestors – I wan to do things exactly like them.

    But as much as a butterfly may wish, it will never be a larva again. Its efforts at rediscovering itself in the past will only cause an unnecessary restlessness in the butterfly society. All said and done, it has to accept that it is a butterfly.

    Why use a guitar – use a ‘binayo’.Why the Hindi and English music – listen to to ‘jhaurey’ and ‘maruni’. Why the shirts, coats and pants -wear ‘daural, ‘suruwal’ and ‘topi’ in Australia. Why the air conditions, central heaters, and all the electronic gadgets – go and live in a mud house – for thats what your ancestors have done. Marry off your daughters or sisters at age 7 or 8 before they reach the age of puberty. Let your wife or sisters stay home and cook for you every day but not have a job or a school. Send them to live (locked) in a thatched shed during their menstural period so that they can’t see your face. Ask your ‘buharis’ to do ‘goda dhunu’ and ‘ang thichhnu’ every evening. Have grand ‘malami’ procession during funeral and a five day marriage party, a month’s puran in a river bank – yes, do all those. Your ancestors probably also did all those and you want to do them now.

    Change is a tide which cannot be repelled. We wish our friends who favor status quo more than they did in Nepal or Bhutan – good luck.

  29. I don’t understand why this Sharada of Mr. Ghimerey is highlighted. Is he significant personality among the Hindubad or is it to inform his cadre that Mr. Ghimerey, once upon a time was a Bhutanese leader who ……? Through this news only, I heard of this fanatic man and I never know his contribution and other personal inputs to uplift the community in totally.
    Otherwise, everyone in Hindu family who loss their parents do sharada once a year or if someone is more pious, will perform during Sorasharada period. When someone is away from the HOME, the religion permits to observe the day just the name in honor if there is difficulty in managing all the requirements to perform the rites as per standard. It is open. Home during the epic era refers to Bharatbhumi, Hinduism population territories ranging quite a huge geographical scale. If this is the issue then it doesn’t need any highlights and other mode of advocacy. Just understandable. But here the problem is the stigma of performer who has certain level of complexity. There are just limited and handful of religions around the globe. If everyone has their own style of religion, then there would have been as many religions as there are people in this world. This means we cannot do as we wish and prefer. I cannot put Tika of Dasai on December 21st as you are off on that day. It has limitations and essence in doing the things. Second things, Mr. Ghimerey has a community there, as the news reads, many guest came and were anxious. Looking at the picture, I cannot distinguish the image of the god, but it resembles more like Lord Buddha at the place where altar is kept. Happenings show that the man is trying to make fun of everything in the name Sharada. He is not having any resource constraints as Priest came all the way of 2 hrs driving. All he did is against the hindu aspiration which is a crime as per Hindu tradition.
    Another debate here is, there is a chain of links may be by some contemporary leaders of Mr. Ghimere like Rp, Jogen, Parsu and likes on one bench arguing the act by Mr. Ghimere is noble. If they write against his action or do not support his move, accomplishments will turn sour. How can he be religious reformer if he does not know the process of performing the saradha? And his sharada is the point of departure as if he got enlightened here. Gautam Buddha took 18 years to attain that and Mr Ghimere did within 1 hr. So ridiculous! When you all gave your reference to the immortal and timeless personalities of the world you should atleast compare and contrast with the qualities which are inborn and mostly through sacrifice. And as such the religion has never done anything bad for you all. The way you understood is the problem. And I don’t understand what Parsu is trying to convey to the community? And Mr. Jogen, your Mahatma Gandhi is Mr. Ghimere. May be you worked together and in gratitude you gave honorary title to him. It is a way of acknowledging. But who will recognize the title?
    Changes are inevitable and it has to be acceptable. It is time to work together and find a path that is unquestionable. Have a conference; discuss the available space in the existing Grantha and give the substitution.

  30. Say what you all want, but Gopal dai looks lot younger than he did in 1996! We been thinking of reducing the kriya-karma or whatever the final rites are called to just 3 days instead of the tedious 13 (or 16 if you want to show off just a little more). It is just in the final 3 days that the bahun earns his keep. Other days, he just shows up and we have relegate the kriyaputri to isolation when they most need the company of relatives.
    Gopal Dai… can you do that next?

    And why do the rest of you expect those exploited castes to preserve the system? It is a fight, and just so you know, those who think the existing system sucks will eventually succeed in reforming it. Those of you who think bahuns are the righteous owner of Hinduism, you will end up holding the bhaisi ko puchchhar.

  31. Mr Hari Acharya. I know you are a flixibile person. The way you changed from AMCC to BPP to YOB, you have also changed your religion from Hindu to Christianity. Therefore, you should limit your liberty to chriticize others religion ( ie Hindu). Stop defaming our ” Grantha” as Crap. It is a big insult to us Hindu and as well as your parents who are still Hindu. Bhaiseee ko pucharrr!!!! What do you mean? Can you elaborate further? And No insult to Bahun pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. See! No one can be superior by posting only the comment here. The thing is, one must dare to act upon that, as Mr. Gopal Ghimirey did. Thank you very much Mr. Ghimirey for taking this great challenge. Go ahead……many will follow you tomorrow. The people who talks about Grantha, I will ask them. Are there any division of caste mentioned in those dharma grantha?, which purets and pundits preached for so long and practised the wrong system in the society. Pundits should be able to go and perform the rituals to all the families of Hindus. Are they ready to do that?

  33. hahahaha Hari Acharya ji, are you sure you can imposed for 3 days to do Kriya. Doing Kriya is an emotional issue, a private affair of a family and external forces like Hari Acharya, or Gopal Ghemeray can not change. I can do whatever number of days I want to do it….12 or 16 days.

    Bottom line: If you dont like Hinduism, change to Christianity. If you dont like Christianity change to Buddism. Why to criticise our precision Hinduism. You have every rights to change to any religions.

    Jai Shreee Ram!

  34. hahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahhahaha

  35. The real Hari Acharya does not care much for any of it, and does not think religions are anything more than tools of the powerful to control people, as is apparent right here. But as someone mentioned, some ideas are catchy, and some facts disturbingly true enough to rankle those having some sort of power over others.

    And true, bairagi, I don’t care much for religion, and I leave a job when I outgrow it. My parents were Hindus. I wasn’t. But yes, I was forced to “be” a Hindu at home, a Buddhist at school, a Christian at other places. Hence innovative free ideas tend to have some traction for me.

    Way to go, Gopal dài, for your courage to try something new. And get a grip, you who are opposed, for Gopal is changing his faith and not yours. Faith is personal.

  36. Dear Hidden fellows who comment wrongly aganist me, Jogen jee, RP Subba and others,

    Many of who commnented aganist are so afraid you cannot show your identiy who you are.
    Please be assured that we are not dividing the community and will never.
    we are not aganist the Hinudu religion tradition.

    We have no political interests. You are still babies dreaming to run the political ideology by would be 60000 and 5000 thousand in USA and Australia. What most of us are doing is volunteering in the community. It seems you fail to understand concept of community work and political ideology.

    If you see in the past those people like Jogen and Ratan gazmer, Sushil pokhrel, RP subba has contributed by going in the jail and writing strong articles to protect Hinduism while most of you were basking.

    The guys said we are dividing the community in Austrlia and American Bhutanese live in harmony. did you check your facts?

    In Australia there is no ethnic parties formed, we all have is one community in one area. What about you in USA, forming and registering ethnic groups… Go to Atlanta georgia and check…

    All we are trying here is to stop discriminating people in the name of caste. Asking for equal treatment of all and respecting other person as equal human being is not destroying our culutre or Hinduism.

    In the name of religion, you cannot support that my race is big, I am bahun, I can only eat in my home and make my guest sit towards the end of my kitchen and use different plates, I cannot let you in my home because you are from lower caste. This is the problem we are facing, this is not religion but human rights dicrimination.

    Before you ask RGOB for Human rights, show by respecting the humann rights to your next door neighbour.

    Don’t prentend that you are okay in America, we all are ok in our place and come to each others home but we all know there are few who are fundamentals and mixing castes system in religion and confusion people.

    So here the point has started when the 84 years old woman was told by one bahun caste that they will not come and eat in her home because Gopal Ghmirey allows others to come and eat in there house.. How will yo answer this. THIS IS THE CAUSE OF WHOLE ISSUE-IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DHARMA AND TRADITION BUT HATING THIS FAMILY.

    Please refer and answer this question, please refer in the treatment of other people by so called high caste.

    This is the issue here , not the religion and vedas. They were there before you and me and will remain after you and me are gone but the caste we are practicing will in a matter of time create big problems and may cause chaos in the community. This has started already every where ibn TCR. we are being coward in hinding telling it our culture, it is not.
    Instead of blaming and attacking, start thinking the solution.
    Parsu Melbourne

  37. Dear Khatri,
    Please be informed that we have retained your comment as it was abusive and far from truth. We have audio-visual documents to support the authenticity of the news. Please be assured that we stand by the principle of ethical journalism.

  38. Dear friends,after traumatic life in camps we have now got this relief & freedom. So without affecting others and without harming and hurting others lets live peacefully.Lets keep our culture,tradition and religion as much intact as possible and, now no one can enforce any autocratic rule in democracy. Caste system will not go immediately, but with education, civilization and good manner it will fade away slowly without affecting anyone. Eg.kind of dress ur grandfather put and ur modern dress.Everything is changing spontaneously, so cast also change, but dont force it.
    Lets live nicely.

  39. Dear editor This is the correct information about caste system and history…. so it must be published…. I have given you right to delete the first information …. Thanks Gauri Sharma from Australia

    The Nepalese civil code Muluki Ain (1854) was written by Jang Bahadur Rana after his European tour. It codified social codes in practice for several centuries in Nepal that was rooted in Vyavahāra (traditional Hindu legal procedure), Prāyaścitta (avoidance and removal of sin) and Ācāra (the customary law of different castes and communities). These three are collectively called Dharmaśāstra. A traditional Hindu king was duty-bound to put these precepts into practice.

    Muluki Ain divided Nepalese citizens into two castes “the caste whose water is allowed to remain pure” and “the caste whose water is defiled”. Chiefs of the various castes were entrusted with sorting out issues related to their own castes.[1] The heads of Kamis (blacksmiths) and Sarkis (tanners and cobblers) were called Mijhars. Similarly the head of Damai (tailors and musicians) was called Nagarchi. Castes of the first (non-defiling) category also had their chiefs. In this way community members might not need to go to courts or government offices to settle minor legal matters. Mijhars and Nagarchis, however, added to injustice and exploitation meted out to their respective communities. They were obviously influenced by their masters’ natures.[citation needed] Like their masters, they never hesitated to do injustice against their own communities. No appeal was heard against them.

    From the medieval period onward, people could lose status through caste demotion. People considering themselves superior used caste as a pretext for exploitation. The lower castes were prevented from entering temples, receiving education, listening to high-caste people’s teachings, worshipping, planting Bar or Pipal trees, digging ponds, and participating in fairs and festivals. They could be exiled from the country for looking at a high-caste woman. If they encountered someone of higher caste they would have to step aside. They had to pay jadau (obeisance) to any higher caste person. They could be put to death for rebelling against caste rules. If someone from higher caste married a woman from lower caste, he was not eligible for legal intercession against jarikhat (adultery). A sacred thread-wearing or even non-thread-wearing person would need to be ritually purified if they were touched by an ‘untouchable’. Two-way conversation with upper castes was banned for them. These discriminatory provisions of the civil code were based on Hindu scriptures like Parskar Grihyasutra, Gautam Sutra, Manusmṛti and Shukra Niti[2][3]. There was no provision for lower-caste participation in the economic, social, cultural and administrative spheres. They had to survive on low-paid manual work such as playing indigenous musical instruments, sawing wood, leather-work, practicing music, art and dance, cutting stone, pottery, general labor, cleaning latrines, and washing clothes. This system prevailed till by law until Muluki Ain was revised in 1962.

    The present caste system derives from Shah dynasty founder Prithvi Narayan’s famous saying that Nepal was a garden of four varnas and 36 castes.[4] However this is only a rough estimate for the Hill region. The Newari community and the Terai community each has more than 36 castes.

    During the Panchayat regime Nepal was referred to as a ‘Hindu State’ as well. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal (1990) has also retained it. In Nepal, the only Hindu state in the world, thousands of people treated as untouchables have been undergoing bitter experience legally for centuries. History is replete with evidence that because of the legal system based on the Hindu religion lower-caste victims were given more inhuman and stringent penalty than higher-caste ones in similar crimes during Lichhvi, Malla, Shaha and Rana periods (except during kirant period). For instance, there was a legal provision during Malla period to cut Shudra’s penis, force him to eat it and get him butchered by chandals (‘murderers’) on charge of having sexual intercourse with a Brahmin woman. Similarly, during Rajendra Shaha’s regime, there existed a law decreed on (1893 ASHADH SUDI 7 ROSE 4 BS), according to which “if a person from Shudra caste like Damai, Sunar(Kami), Sarki, Balami, Majhi, Danuwar, Murmi, Chepang, and Kumal had sexual intercourse with his brother’s wife deliberately, he must be put to death.” Prior to the implementation of the new civil code of 1963–64, this legal provision continued. Moreover, according to it, higher caste individuals were given lesser penalty if they were charged with having sexual intercourse with lower caste women, but if lower-caste persons had sexual intercourse with higher caste women, they were sentenced to fourteen-year imprisonment. The civil code of 1963–64 has, no doubt, tried to establish legal equality between so-called high-caste and low-caste people in principle (according to recent amendment in the civil code) and untouchability is now liable to penalty. However, this community has not yet enjoyed equal accessibility to law.[citation needed] These unequal and inhuman practices will be discussed in detail later
    Although the Hindu scriptures and the Buddhist scriptures contain some passages that can be interpreted to sanction the caste system, they also contain indications that the caste system is not an essential part of the Hindu religion and not by birth[citation needed], and both sides in the debate are able to find sections in scriptures that support their views.

    In ancient times, one’s caste was determined by one’s temperament, talents and inclinations.[citation needed] Caste was not a barrier to the lower caste people, who rose to the level of the upper castes through their talents. This was the reason why Kshatriyas like the Buddha and Vishwamitra , became Brahmins or men of spiritual nature and why a Brahmin like Parashurama became a Kshatriya.[citation needed]

    This is also the reason why shudras or the so called low caste people like Valmiki, Vyasa, Narada, Karna, Thiruvalluvar were raised to the position of a Brahmin or Kshatriya, in virtue or their superior learning or valour.[citation needed]

    It was with the advent of the foreign invasions in India, that the caste system became rigid, and migration of people to different castes were stopped. Even then, enlightened masters from the lower castes such as Kabir, Ravi Das, Sri Narayana Guru were revered by the upper castes as well.[citation needed]

    The most ancient scriptures—the Shruti texts, or Vedas, place very little importance on the caste system, mentioning caste only rarely and in a cursory manner. A hymn from the Rig Veda seems to indicate that one’s caste is not necessarily determined by that of one’s family:

    I am a bard, my father is a physician, my mother’s job is to grind the corn.
    —Rig Veda 9.112.3
    [citation needed]

    In the Vedic period, there also seems to no discrimination against the Shudras (which later became an ensemble of the so-called low-castes) on the issue of hearing the sacred words of the Vedas and fully participating in all religious rights, something which became totally banned in the later times[15].

    Later scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita and Manusmriti state that the four varnas are created by God. However, at the same time, the Gita says that one’s varna is to be understood from one’s personal qualities and one’s karma (work), not one’s birth. Some scholars believe that,[citation needed] in its initial period, the caste system was flexible and it was merit and job based. One could migrate from one caste to other caste by changing one’s profession. This view is supported by records of sages who became Brahmins. For example, the sage Vishwamitra belonged to a Kshatriya caste, and only later became recognized as a great Brahmin sage, indicating that his caste was not determined by birth. Similarly, Valmiki, once a low-caste robber, became a great sage. Veda Vyasa, another sage, was the son of a fisherwoman[16].

    The varna system is a part of the organization of Hindu society as prescribed (not required) by the Hindu scriptures.[citation needed]Every society even today has intellectuals, scholars, priests (i.e. Brahmins), soldiers (i.e. Kshatriyas), businessmen (i.e. Vaishyas) and laborers (i.e. Shudras).[citation needed]The supposed purpose of the varna system was to ensure an efficient organization of society.[citation needed] It was misinterpreted by people, and that is why it is often criticized, because some people fail to interpret it correctly. The varna system was never rigid and there are significant historic instances of people moving from one varna to another. Some of the notable examples are Sage Valmiki; the author of the great epic Ramayana who was initially a wood-cutter and a robber, Sage Vyasa; the author of the epic Mahabharata, who was the son of a fisherwoman (who herself went on to marry a king later on), Sage Parashurama, a Brahmin who went on to become one of the greatest warriors etc. The greatest example is perhaps Lord Krishna, who was bought up as a cow-herd. He is depicted in many paintings as a young cow-herd playing a flute.[citation needed]

    The Bhagavad Gita which is one of the many holy books of Hindus mentions that every living being has a soul which is a part of God and has several references against discrimination between not just humans but even animals. Chapter 5, verse 18 of Bhagawat Gita sums this up by saying that

    “The enlightened and wise regards with equal mind a Brahmin endowed with learning and humility, an outcaste, a cow, an elephant, and even a dog”.The system of four classes incorporated in Righteousness (Dharma) is meant to provide guidance with regard to behaviour and spiritual practice to be undertaken in accordance with qualifications, that is potential and requirement, so as to acquire Bliss.[17]

    When India gained independence due to the efforts of Hindus like Gandhi, perfect equality was thrust upon the masses of India, no matter to what caste one belonged to, thus reestablishing and continuing the ancient tradition of India.

    Untouchability was outlawed after India gained independence in 1947. It will take some time for the deadweight of tradition of the rigid caste system to be removed from India. But as enlightened Hinduism and Buddhism, as preached by Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and others are reaching the masses, slowly these shackles are being dissolved.

    Paramahansa Yogananda also opposed what he called to the un-Vedic caste system as we know it today. He taught that the caste system originated in a higher age, but became degraded through ignorance and self-interest. Yogananda said:

    “These were (originally) symbolic designations of the stages of spiritual refinement. They were not intended as social categories. And they were not intended to be hereditary. Things changed as the yugas [cycles of time] descended toward mental darkness. People in the higher castes wanted to make sure their children were accepted as members of their own caste. Thus, ego-identification caused them to freeze the ancient classifications into what is called the ‘caste system.’ Such was not the original intention. In obvious fact, however, the offspring of a brahmin may be a sudra by nature. And a peasant, sometimes, is a real saint.”

  40. I am surprised to see such a very trivial issue blown out of proportion. None the less, with so many commentaries and annotations for and against, it is a reminder to us once again that we stand clearly divided as a race, as a community. Thanks to our holiest scriptures! Also, interesting to note is that Mr. Gopal now is impersonated as Swami Vivekananda!!! Is not this metaphor too big a hyperbole? I wonder!

  41. Firstly, Shradha is a family affair not a public affair. Why would Gopal make it a public affair.Secondly, changes in society can’t be imposed overnight, it has to come gradually which will be accordingly accepted by the society. Chhuwa chhut has been a part and partial of our tradition for a long time. It is so engraved in the society that if we try to get rid of it at once, there will be resistant. I am saying it is a tradition because Chhuwa Chhut is followed not only by Bahuns and others but also Tamangs and Sherpas who are Budhists.

    Over time we have noticed that there has been positive changes. If I look back how the people of lower castes were treated in the village, we have come a long way. I know most of the people of our generation welcome them in our houses and visit them in their houses, we eat together. We don’t treat them any less than any other people of our society. However, I can’t say that about my parents and grandparents because they have followed this traditon all their life, this is their belief. I don’t dare to ask them to abandon this tradition overnight for fear of hurting them. Whereas our children don’t even know that such tradition actually exists in our society, even if they know I don’t think they care. I am confident that over time such tradition will fade away because I know it is not healthy for a society.

    On one hand, I can’t impose my ideas on my aged parents because that will be violating their rights. Tthey have the right to invite who they like in their house. On the other hand, the rights of the other people will be violated if we don’t treat them equally.

    So, lets all work together amicably for the greater need and peace of the society.

    I hope I made some sense. We know it is a very sensitive issue . My intention is not to hurt anyone, if I did , I am sorry.

  42. Dear everybody who have commented on this issue (for and against) must know about how castism has been flourished till date. It is better to have a reason to support the statement. Without logical reason playing a hide and seek game is nothing and is of no value.I have read all the above cited comments and found the comment posted by Gauri Sharma well praised. I think it is better to go through this comment on more. Being a Brahamin I am impressived by her comment. I dont know how she has written but she has given us clear message based on research and historical reference….
    Thanks Gauri for the best comment among all…

  43. As Mr. Rizal said, “Man is born free”, you have right to do whatever you want to do.Everybody has right to comment and particiapate in the debate,but “u dont have the right to use others name to comment “As far as this discussion is concerned i am completly unknown that another Puskar poudyel exists or not but if somebody is trying to use my name inorder to get noticed than i would humbly like to request the BNS team to take necessery action againt the person who posted the particular comments using my name.As the technology has now almost reached its peak of devcelopment i suppose we could easily track the i.p address.
    I would really appreciate the BNS team if they could stop the nonesence from floating around.If it is not possible from BNS then could you please forward the email address to me so that i could go on leagely to try solve this problem as they are braching my personal identity issue.BNS could contact me in my email:[email protected]

    As far the the issue regarding Mr. Gopal Ghimirey is concerned he is personally my “THULO BABA” and socially he is a person whom i look forward as a visionary community leader who wants to see all bhutanese in diaspora living in harmony and a socially inclusive culture.HATS OFF THULO BABA. It is a huge social step by him inorder to make our community a social inclusive community.Without him i bet it would be imposible for us to make such a visionary community organisation in SA(BASA).
    I am very sorry that a prank of some stupid fool (who gave the comment in my name) might have caused caous amongst my well wishers.

  44. Dear Mr Gauri Sharmajee,
    It is good to quote the source of write-ups but you need to acknowledge the author for such contribution. If I’m not mistaken, while reading through the lines, I could see some clear cut hints that you have used the internet site for this very article. This is not your original write-ups. Plagiarism in literature especially in the internet source is a concern that has many negative consequences.
    Never mind if you have poor language, be original. People will respect others opinion. If there is sense, it is understandable.
    Hindu dharma is sanathana, no one is big or small by birth and it is the karma that determines the status. But during the course of time, this is misinterpreted by the rulers for their easy bread that turned to be irreversible process. Theoretically there are no flaws in the religion. They are source of wisdom.
    And Hari Acharayajee, camouflaging characteristic is very dangerous.

  45. i recon insulting to all Brahmans in name of the above topic or what ever is also also a crime. it is also crime to to say Hinduism as a crap. so Mr. reporter i would like too report some comments as a bulling and abusing. i would like to ask you is this website designed for abusing people. if yes please clarify? if no than please take strong action against those who are abusing.

    Thank you
    Hemanta Gautam

  46. Yes, what Gauri has produced is not his own. I remember reading the same thing somewhere. But his intention is good and for all the readers here it is a good information. He only did not acknowledge the source which he should be doing the next time he borrows some one else’s ideas to comment here.

  47. Bahun haru chai lastai darako ho la.
    @ hemant : it’s not discrimination against all BahunS, it’s boycotting those Bahun who discriminates.
    Remember Gopal is also a Bahun. Wake up bro u r in land of equalness. No more shitness.
    How would feel when a gora makes some discrimationary comments abt u or ur family.
    Ok let’s take this way, u are Bahun Ko choro, what if u were not. Timi haru gora lai ghar pans diney, ani aafnai samaj Ko manis lai pasna nadiney? Dhikkar cha.

    Anyway puret in Adelaide should start looking some stable job. We will nail u down at any cost if u donot treat all people equal.

  48. @ Mr. Suman who the hell you are? and what da hell you want to say yes i am braman and i don’t allow those people whom i don’t like what da hell you can do? its my home and only mine. For ur information if i don’t like Kevin Rudd i will not let him in uless he shows me a written paper to get in my house through authority. and now i would like to challenge that I will not allow those people who I don’t like what measure will you do?????? i warn you if you again abuse me and my family mind it??????????
    and i am not a coward like you Mr. Suman. if you think you are brave just openly comment and let me c ur full name. don’t play hide and seek. is that clear if you want to know more don’t forget to ring me 0421817461.
    what the hell do you mean by shitness? have you ever seen dictionary? and who da hell you are saying shit?
    i would openly like to challege those people and talk about if they think that i am doing wrong because i am not letting in those people i don’t like.
    Hemanta Gautam

  49. Hemanta I would be happy if you treat all the people same way. You are telling “i am not letting in those people i don’t like”. I completely agree with you. But be fair. Treat all people equal regardless of caste or creeds, whether it is Kevin Rudd or Mon Maya. That is only the message.

  50. Thanks @Suman for understanding me and my idelogy. I hope that one day we will certainly uproot the idea of castism from our society but i still diss agree that if we just blamed bramans. According to Guri Dai’s article it was not the bramans who classified peoples but it was some one different.
    so my dear friend we should be very carefull while posting comments in public if we are talking to uproot castism we should not say that bramans, mongolians, kami vaisya, bagayra bagayra but we should realised that its our own community or society or country that has classified.
    lets act differently and in a lovable way. lets convience our parents first, lets ask them if there is hdden reasons and try to know what they response. lets organise confrence and some activities rather than blaming and bulling and abusing. lets be a member of an organised cummunity. i am sure that one day we will convience our parents. if our parents were educated this castism system would already out of way from our society. So i would like to request all of you that first provide sufficent education to our people after that they will speak against castism so lets follow rite track to get good result.
    thank you
    Hemanta Gautam

  51. @Hemanta bro you’ve exactly shown an ideology, I respect it. Our community is now destroyed in such a way, we used to think we children will be able to catch up our culture, tradition being in western country we thought that all this heads of Bhutanese community will show us a way which is good but finally now it’s so offending, Instead of teaching good things, now we have got different feelings that has started ruining our mind, we know that Australia is Multicultural country so why don’t we respect it and go on same way instead of having conflicts, all friends who has been reading this article and posting comments and writer, I strongly dis-agree and I’m so sad that instead of having a best thing like a good progress of Bhutanese community published on sites why we are publishing this type of thing, whole world will knows this, what kinda reputation have we all made of our community, who we are, we are saying Australia is multicultural country but by knowing this why we are having this much conflicts. It’s absolutely disappointing article, as Mr. Ghimerey said he is scared that his children won’t be able to catch up our culture it’s absolutely not true and fair because he himself has done quiet upsetting things, doing this all and teaching same way which we are not supposed to go to. Yes we bhramins don’t let people inside we all know that, but what we can do when we have old parents and priests @home who strongly dis-agree to let everyone inside, it depends on people how much they will be able to understand, but a homage(sharadha, priests are great in Hinduisms, and everyone needs priests so friends priests are not hell. No one needs to show it to people and do like a party, if you feel sad u can stand @some where in front of temple or inside your house and pray to god for their soul to rest peacefully in heaven. I would love to say could we all now leave this all and say it let’s go on better way than having conflict with each other, by pulling each others legs nothing great is gonna happen, so please from now let this Bhutanese communities writers and all of them who are heads of community should now think once if they got this type of things there is no progress in Bhutanese community in Australia. If writer could delete this article it will be great!
    Thank you
    Well Wisher of Bhutanese community!
    Let’s Love, Give Life & Live! no more conflicts please!
    Tulsa Gautam!

  52. Gopal dai,criticisms in the opinion column is food for thought to the society. We know you since long. You are always for good of the society.Take a balance approach and go ahead.It is a matter of education and literacy in our society.Majority of the younger generation agree with you but it is the matter of time. Our society needs to be more and more educated.
    Since this is a social phenomena we should be careful from hurting anybody’s beliefs and sentiments rather we should contribute through action for transformation in the society.
    With time, we should do away with evil practices and retain only the good heritage in our culture. It might take generations. There is also no harm in picking up good practices from other’s culture aswell.
    We need to create a secular feeling in the community which is possible only through mutual respect and understanding.

  53. The above comments motivated me to riposte more than just once, but yet again I refrained from initiating it for the thoughts mostly in favour of the initiator and against those who argued for it, flowed in turbulence with little organisation. I do not wholly blame Mr. Gopal for making his family affair a little public, but I am afraid if this news media did not find any other issue to open up for debate. I do understand, Hinduism and Nepali culture needs a little reformation as some are against the very humanity itself. However, we must also keep in mind that we have sacrificed the most valuable time of our precious life fighting against those who attempted to put an end to our very identity of Hinduism and Nepalism. Sure, certain abstract beliefs must be researched and healthy and positive debates must be organized through the available resources at our disposal.
    History has proved that caste system was not part of Hinduism at its inception. As some Nepali sociologists say that caste system was institutionalized by Malla Kings, namely Jayasthiti Malla sometime in the 14th century. This was to make the rulers easy to control and maintain proper law and order in the Nepali society. Certainly, today Hinduism has many flaws which the educated and liberal people cannot accept. Again I do not want to hurt any community or person but the reality has to be accepted and a solution is bound to come sooner or later. The earlier kings and the elderly people instilled in the peasants and workers of the Nepali society the concept of Fatalism. This in simple terms was to make an excuse to accept the atrocities of the so called high class people on the so called low class ones. Today in the age of science and technology, a human being should not be subject to mortifying situation by another. The advocates of present Hinduism and Nepali culture must think many times when a Bhakta is required to prostrate on the feet of a Brahman. Once there was a puran in one of my close relative’s house. The pundits and purohits were provided a much expensive hospitality in the kitchen. I would not mind it but instead appreciate for the respect given to learned people. But when they asked me to prostrate on their feet after they put some tika, I would feel like revolting. Mao Tsetung at his early days in his school with his feudal teacher had started in similar situation.
    Sanskrit is not taught to the people of castes other than the upadhdhya and all the religious books are originally in Sanskrit. All are equal before God. Is not God common to all the believers? Do we need any middleman to express our divine thoughts and prayers? Unlike in other religions, our religion is totally centralized by our Brahmins. Hello, Brahmans sathi ho we want DEMOCRACY, WE WANT HUMAN RIGHTS, WE WANT DECENTRALISATION, PLURALISM, EQUALITY, LIBERTY, FRATERNISM, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ARBITRATION. So you need to be more liberal. Now we are so far away that many of us may not meet physically. But this society will keep continuing and let it be so formed that one does not see another through the eye of caste system.
    Regarding the caste system, analysts project the idea that one was placed in one’s caste by his or his forefather’s conducts in the society. The worst conducts were punished by putting them under the category of Shudra which also means to “improve”. They asked them to improve their social conducts. So dear all, let us start thinking in a larger sphere and not just a conservation of tradition, culture and religion but in a positive way that will result in a better and a just world for all human beings irrespective of their religions, customs, culture, traditions, origin, race, gender etc. However, Mr. Gopal Ghimirey’ attempt to express his homage to his father is his personal affair and he should be allowed to perform in any way he likes. What is more important is he pays homage every year but not how he does. Ofcourse this is also abstract and not practical.

  54. I think thats not the way to differentiate the people,though we are from the same pond but culturally different and lets make them concious and everlasting conciousness about their culture and tradition of each caste so that they can get relief in their mind.For eg we cannot make a cow from ox by washing right.

  55. The thought of converting 13 to 16 days satgati of geevatma in to 3 days is like to plant the fruitless plante in place of orange orchart . Please dont try to spoil the reality of the truth by bringing the untruth & unreail substance in the pure path guided by the greatest religion of the world .

  56. To modify our belif system & to convert all Hundis into Buddhist is the thought of, one of the autocrats of Bhutan before 20 years. The same cnncept is further developed by some antagonist to bring some poison in the pure path of Hindus. Please the right ot live & to stand for the reality is not undra anyone’s control. Dont think that money, corruption, & the crroupt mentality will be secceded in the Lend of Good hope & opporunity .

  57. It is not a jokes.I mean that one shouldn’t write his/her personal matter in this way.It is wellknown that we are the generation of our great fathers.We are brothers and sisters of the same culture and customs.We should not ignore anyone on any practice.We remember a true history of the past 90’s, that, it was only because of the castism the failures were on our hands , that made us to be away from our land.Still some people are writing such kind of things through internet, it means still the writer is a shephard.It is very important to see the world and support one another,create brotherhood in the community and exchange the sorrows and happiness to all.
    Lastly let us be one and try to be the sons and daughters of same father for the sake of new generations

  58. hey!
    Congratulations for transporting the practice of caste/its associated trouble from Nepal to Sikkim to Bhutan to Daejeeling, India and now to Adelaide, Australia. Please prove that (19-1=20)there and make the Aussies troubled.

  59. i am quite sure that Mr. Ghimire was sometimes a leader in Garganda where innocent Bhutanese people were victimised. I believe it would have been better if he could have prayed for those who have lost their lives under his supervision. Mr. subba, it is better to go through the principle of ” uncertainity” before providing a title of “Vivekananda” to Mr. Ghimire. Position and momentum cannot be measured simultaneously. I am always against castism but at the same time i am always concerned with logics and reasoning.