Hunger strike continues on third day


Asylum seekers, absentees of official registration conducted in 2006 and registered exiled Bhutanese, who have been waiting for their identity cards or whose rations have been suspended due to various reasons, have continued their hunger strike on the third day.

Participants of relay hunger strike at Sanischare camp/Jagen Gautam

They have demanded prompt registration and refugee status before conducting the elections of Camp Management Committees (CMC) in various camps.

Over a dozen of such Bhutanese have been carrying out their protest program in Sanischare camp since Monday.

They have displayed various placards with slogans – what is my identity?, ensure my food, shelter and identity, etc.

The agitating folks have also warned that they wouldn’t allow conducting CMC elections if their demands are not met.

The group leading such people has been claiming that around 3,190 are in need of their refugee status.

Reported by Jagen Gautam for BNS from Sanischare camp


  1. Its nice to see people are doing hunger strike; all this is happing because of useless govt of Nepal….they are people, who are facing problem now and it should be solve immediately. I was there last summer and i met few of those people…they are true Bhutanese and suffering for long time with out any identity.
    I would like to request fellow country man and women to raise this issue around the world. your all little voice can make big difference in their life.
    Suppose, we are in their place, how we would have felt; of-course, most of us now live in 3rd country but we need to raise this voice.
    I would like to urge all fellow leaders like Tek Nath, R. kinley and others to take this matter serious; rather then talking of useless topics.
    My question is, why cant they register? and for what reason they delay? its very easy is to verify true Bhutanese; more ever they are not much only around 3000.

    All the best

    Best Regards
    Roshan, NYC

  2. I think the corruptions depend upon the individuals and the values he /she perusing as a public representatives. I know many camp representatives including Camp sectaries are honestly discharging their duties with honesty and integrity. But many wear the mask as the public representatives and became the deadly extortionist.
    Whatever may be the case, the illegal people should not be considered for the resettlement. I feel third country location is for the Bhutanese who were forced to be the refugees by the state regime .Lately I am hearing that some Bhutanese people who were dwelling inside Bhutan are bribing the Nepalese officials to get the refugees status, which finally paved the way for the settlement abroad. These were the actual people who thought that the refugee tag is the stigma in their names and looked down the rest of the refugees as low grade people. Now the same groups of people are trying their best to get the refugee tag to get into the resettlement process.
    But I know there are many genuine Bhutanese who have been denied registration by the government (Nepal) ,and my heart goes for them. Such people should be registered at the earliest possible and expedite their process for the resettlement.
    DB Adhikari