Refugees to see food aid shortage


Oct 15: World Food Programme (WFP) has said that the UN will cut food aid to thousands of refugees from Bhutan living in camps in Nepal due to severe food and funding shortages.

The WFP said with the “rapidly” diminishing food stocks it needed $4mn from donors to prevent additional cuts and continue feeding the refugees through to January 2010.

“We are extremely concerned about the consequences of reduced rations on the health of the refugees,” Richard Ragan, WFP Nepal chief, said in a statement.

“Without their full ration, the most vulnerable refugees will be forced to eat fewer meals or decrease portion sizes, leading to reduced nutritional status,” reads the statement.


  1. Now, IOM must increase working hours to expidiate the process of refugees settlements faster, which will reduce 70,000 in camps.
    I would appeal some other countries in Europe and Australia should increase intake make process faster and UK , switzerland must take also some to reduce burden on US.

    I am pleased and honoured with decisions of western world leaders to relocate. We assured you, these refugees are most peace loving, hard working and productive people on earth. They will never let down the host countries.
    We will prove the propoganda of Bhutanese regime we being dis-honest a propoganda for ethinic cleansing.

    There seems to be no problems as of now with any refugees settled, except some issue here and there, every one has become active and working hard to bring the dream of becoming self sufficient,dignified and childrens are making good progress to become professionals in all part of world after 18 yrs of beggar life in camps.Bhutanse Refugee received the most beautiful oppurtunity to build their dreams. The world for Bhutanese refugees have become like small Village.Many of people in last 6 months have purchased car for own conveyance, and many are in process of buying, this is good sign of progress.Many have dream to have home of their own homes, and many have managed in Austrailla, US. Congratulations to those who managed, and we encouraged to have one of their own those who try to buy one.The dream of returned Bhutan had not worked well, but remain as dignified humans has return to every Bhutanese Refugees.We can show leaders of world and future generations of Bhutan, we were victims of few feudal egoist leaders who were jealous of our progress in Bhutan. I request with deepest heart to other remaining unwilling Refugees to take up this oppurtunities for thier future generations and childrens.We will not regret.Neither we will look back. we will progress and progress and progress, because we are honest to mankind.