Refugees in Seattle call on US Congressman


A delegation of resettled Bhutanese from Seattle called on the US Congressman, Adam Smith, and briefed him about their concerns on Jan. 21.

Hari Niroula, Kedar Niroula, Laxmi Rizal and Rabi Banstola of the resettled Bhutanese community in Washington met and handed over a memorandum to the Congressman.

Bhutanese delegates with  Adam Smith.Photo/Hari Niroula
The delegates with US Congressman Adam Smith
(Photo courtesy: Hari Niroula)

In a brief meeting that took place in Renton District Office the refugee delegates also apprised the Congressman of relevant issues like the question of dual citizenship, repatriation of some refugees, who are not willing to be resettled, continuation of the federal benefits for the elderly who cannot obtain citizenship and a few more.

According to Hari Niroula, the purpose was to advocate refugee issue on behalf of UNHCR, which as an Ambassador of UNHCR from Washington state, he accomplished.

Laxmi Rizal apprised Smith of the citizenship issues while Rabi Banstola raised the point of flexibility of naturalization test for seniors. Kedar Niroula requested for the continuation of federal benefits to elderly, women and children.

The Congressman attended to the points raised by delegates with passion and assured that they shall be taken to White House for discussion in the congress.


  1. Individuals nominated by State Refugee Coordinators to represent state in the refugee congress are called Delegates as given in the website @ I met with two delegates at state level conference recently and both of them introduced as state delegates to the refugee congress. Mr. Niroula submits memorandom as Ambassador of UNHCR for Refugee Congress. Who appointed him ambassador, does he nominate himself in hyper anxiety or is he so ignorant that he doesn’t know the right use of word.