Refugees bid farewell to Fr Verkey


Oct 08: Speakers at a farewell program have stressed on need of the continual support of Caritas-Nepal in Bhutanese refugee education program.

Participants of the function including Fr Amal Raj and Father Verkey in front row. Photo/Arjun
Participants of the function including Fr Amal Raj and Father Verkey in front row. Photo/Arjun

In a farewell function to bid bye to Father Verkey, the field director of Sub-office of Caritas- Nepal in Damak, Jhapa today, speakers of the program said that the support of Caritas-Nepal was inevitable.

Camp secretaries of various camps including chairperson of Bhutanese Refugee Repatriation Representative Committee Dr Bhampa Rai, among others attended the farewell function.

At his last moment with refugees, Father Verkey, during the function, expressed hopes that Caritas-Nepal would be assisting Bhutanese refugees in educational sector. He also pointed out the need of qualified teachers inside camp-based schools.

Meanwhile, Caritas-affiliated Youth Friendly Centre has released an album ‘samjauta’ (meaning- compromise) during the function. Samjauta comprises lyrics and songs by young refugee artists depicting the talents of youths in camps.

Father PS Amal Raj SJ, former field director of Caritas sub-office in Damak, will again shoulder the responsibility for the same post.

Caritas-Nepal has been assisting the education program for Bhutanese refugees since the establishment of camps.

By Arjun Pradhan/BNS


  1. Dear Father Verkay
    Thank you so much for your tireless support to the Bhutanese community. YOu will be remembered in our history.
    Please let us know if you plan to visit Australia. We are very happy to host you as our guest.
    I was very fortunate to work with you in one small occasion to send the money to fire victims in Beldangi.
    All the best and our prayers for your prosperous and peaceful life

  2. Dear Father Verkey

    Thank you very much for the contribution that you have made to the Bhutanese at the time of need. Your tireless involvement with the education program since 1992 has made the Bhutanese Refugee Education Program the best Refugee Education Program all over the world and we all involved people are proud of it.We will remember you all the time.I pray for your good health.

    Thank you

    NP Subedi

  3. Rev. Father Verkey,
    Although, I am unable to attend your farewell program,but I feel myself so close with you. I would like to thank u so much for all the hard work you have contributed toward the betterment of the Bhutanese refugees in education sector in particular. Your help was immence.Your heart is pure and sublime which touch the mind of all the bhutanese refugees.
    I have’nt said this to any one till present but today I like to speak my mind for the benovelence towards the refugee community.Whenever we find problem specially in money matter, I know thousands approached to U including myself.You never turned down anybody empty handed.U have been hurting your pocket which is the rear phenomenon in human behaviours.
    I was lucky to get chance to work with you giving hand to serve my own community .Ifeel I was like a drop in the ocean working along the side with you to thrive the refugee community in Education sector. In down the line, I was continuosly drawing the inspirations and meaning of meaningful lives.
    You were not only the Boss of the team but you were the light and the Guru of all of us.
    My children and the entire family like to say a big thank to you for the tirelss work done to meet hopes and aspirations of all the people in the Bhutanese refugee camps.

    As Persu mentioned I shall feel priveledge to receive and host you in Tucson,Arizona.
    By the way would you send your personal E-mail ID so that we can keep in touch each other.
    Thank you
    DB Adhikari

  4. Dear Father Verkey
    my heartfelt thanks goes to you for good and fair support to the bhutanese society specially for the bhutanese students i assure you is that you will be remained in each and every students heart in our hole life.Now we are looking this beautyful world through your eyes.
    thanks once again.
    all t
    he best fo your future life.
    yours faithfull student

  5. Reverend Fr.Verkey,
    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts in empowering the refugee students despite severals hurdles.Your efforts in enhancing education to the refugee children will be remembered.Your immediate visits to the camps during both man made and natural emergencies ,counsolling the victims and sharing the pain therein is something more than what mere words can describe.
    Thank You Father for all your support and efforts to share the lights of knowledge in a very difficult situation like ours.
    My Prayers for your wellbeings.
    On the other hand “A Very Hearty Welcome “to Rev.Fr.P.S.Amalraj for being back in the community whom you know more than probably many of us.It is a challange for all of us in the present circumstances given the twists and turns reeling the camps at present.I wish Father P.S.Amalraj a good luck for his new assignments.I am sure CARITAS Nepal BREP will make best of Father’s expertise in continuing providing education to the children in the camps.

    Mohan Bhandari

  6. Thank you so much for your divine service for the Bhutanese community in exile.Hearty welcome to Rev.Father P.S Amal Raj to the community once again with full resources and beautiful ideas.It is awesome to have the Human Resource like You who built and will be building the bright future for the thousands of budding bhutanese children.I thank you both Personally for making my life more meaningful one with your divine services.I wish you Both the Good luck in Your days to come.I Thank Rev.Father Verkey for introducing Counselling section in the office for the community’s welfare which was,is and will be valuable in the days to come.
    Shiva Lal Adhikari
    New Hampshire,USA

  7. dear father,

    it is our pride to grant u a thank since u gave us a long term care facilities without any i m from USA missing u n all there.thank u father for giving me such good skills.thank u very much.n if u could visit to USA u r highly welcome in my heart.GOD BLESS U
    thank n regards
    khem mishra

  8. Dear Father,

    We r soo proud of u that under your kind consideration we had got a great knowledge with out any descriminatio. But its a very sorrowfull day that you are leaving our bhutanese society. Any way you are very thank ful to us. We will never forget you, you will always be in our heart.
    Again thank u very much for providing us the great skills and knowledges

    Tara Timsina
    USA Utah saltlake city