Quake victims may not get all insurance


Nov 18: Earth-quake victims who had not insured their houses have now begun to face challenges in building new houses as support extended by the government is not enough to carry out the work. 

In other cases, the Royal Insurance Company after a field visit announced to cut down their insurance compensation rate for some of the families hit by earthquake saying most of the materials can be reused. 

People have begun to worry whether they will be able to rebuild their house with the compensation from the royal insurance corporation. 

In one instance, the insurance company paid only Nu 180,000 to one of the family who had insured the house in 2004 for Nu 800,000, paying an annual premium of Nu 8,888 specifically against earthquake. The house was built in 2000. 

The RICBL has already announced it cannot provide total compensation to the victims despite the victims had insured for it some years ago.