Quake death toll rises to dozen, prayers observed


Sept 22: The death toll in earthquake, which rocked southern part of Bhutanese soil on Monday, has mounted to a dozen by today.

Five people, including three women and a two-year-child, were among the dead victims found in the Monger. Three other dead victims were found in Trashigang district. Meanwhile, four Indian workers were also found dead, whose bodies were recovered in Samdrup Jhonkhar district.

A scene of road obstruction due to earthquake. Photo/Kuensel online
A scene of road obstruction due to earthquake. Photo/Kuensel online

Officials have confirmed that as many as 20 people sustained injuries in the earthquake that had left affect to even some of the Indian states.

Meanwhile, the country has observed a special prayer in the capital city Thimphu to mourn the death of fellow citizens.

Rescue teams fanned out across the country today to access the details of damages reported large scale devastation in six eastern districts – the worst hit being Mongar, Trashigang and Samdrup Jhonkhar. Various reports say, more than 100 houses and monasteries have been damaged. Several roads and schools and government offices are also damaged.

Roads have been block and access to eastern districts has become difficult. Thousands of people in the eastern districts spent the night out in the open.

By Sangey Oendray/BNS
Thimphu, Bhutan


  1. It is a sad thing to hear that many fellow Bhutanese back home are affected by the earthquake.I express my sympathy for the victims whose houses and properties are damaged.
    I express my heartfelt condolence to the families who lost their near and dear ones.Also my prayers for those who are undergoing treatment for their speedy recovery.

  2. To dear Bhutanese
    I too send my prayers and wishes to the Bhutanese people for this devastating loss of lives and property. I pray let this not happen in our motherland again and let the residence be blessed all the time.
    Very sorry to hear the loss of prpoerty and inoccent lives. If the system allows, I am ready to assist in any form on humanitarian ground.