Protest against murder continues


Sept 12: Bangey bazzar in Beldangi camp in Jhapa, Nepal was shut down yesterday protesting against the murder of social activist KB Khadka.

According to our Beldangi correspondent Arjun Pradhan, the security has been beefed up in camps following the incident. A large number of Armed Police Forces are deployed inside camps.

The camp management committee in Beldangi-II extension had urged for the closure of the Bangey bazaar to press the authorities to book the culprit to justice.

Police source informed the BNS that investigation were underway to bring the culprit to police net.

Late Khadka was stabbed to death on September 8 by two masked youths near Beldangi camp.


  1. Bhutanese people in the refugee camps are in the state of shock and horror after the ruthless murder of Khardka.People have to live in constant fear.Bhutanese folks sacrifised their land and property to save their lives and protect their children from constant threats from the Bhutanese agencies and were compelled to be refugees.After spending horrified life for about two decades in the camps the fear never perished.More people are being threatened by little known or not known underground outfits/individuals.At this stage whatever steps the people take must be carefully planned and should be given second thought before its implementations.I suggest the parties involved to be extra cautious,make sure that the innocent lives are not in danger when you use various means to pressurise the authorities.
    Ensure the safety of the folks and bring the culprits under the law at the earliest to give a sigh of relief to the families and individuals.