Prediction hits Bull’s eye in Bhutan.


Amongst lots of predictions made so far in the history of the world, very few have turned to be nearest true. Believe it or not, one of the (said) controversial and anonymous web-sites believed to be banned, yet running from inside the Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan- Bhutanomics has surprised the world. On its Facebook page dated July 12, 2013, the Bhutanomics predicted the result of the second general election which was due on July 13 as shown in the picture.

Predicted Pie-chart (Photo: Bhutanomics Facebook Page)
Predicted Pie-chart (Photo: Bhutanomics Facebook Page)

Surprisingly, the outcome of the much awaited National Assembly Elections result appeared to be exactly what the Bhutanomics predicted.

This has raised the eye brows of lot many people in Bhutan regarding the authenticity of dozens  of controversial issues pertaining to the outgoing Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley led government in Bhutan.

It was the very site that initiated the debate alleging Jigmi Y Thinley having promoted of protecting   Jigme Tshultrim as the speaker of National Assembly and Minjur Dorji the Home Minister of the Kingdom.

The duo were alleged by the Bhutanomics as the main convicts involved in Gyalpoizing land scam. Later, Mongar District Court passed verdict reading the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Home Minister be imprisoned for two and one and half-years respectively.

In response, the government forced Bhutan Infocom and Media Authority (BICMA) to ban Bhutanomics starting March 15 this year. The prediction hitting the bull eye is something to guess that Bhutanomics is playing an insider role.

Inspired by the prediction people have already started flooding social media questioning the truth behind numerous allegations made against DPT president and his government.

Education City Land Scam, Diluting Indo-Bhutan relation and Jigmi Y Thinley’s statement dragging King to the controversy are likely to spur debates in Bhutan.

From Bhutanomics Facebook Page:

Jampel Doji: I wonder how the Bhutanomic’s prediction of election result of 32:15 before a poll day has proved exactly true even after the poll day……..

Now we realize that the Bhutanomics had been writing the true things till now. We will support you today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow and forever for a cleaner government, free of corruption and approachable government afcourse.

Bhutan GnhBhutanomics, you deserve kudos for standing firm in informing people of this Kingdom even when the Government and its all departments were hunting you pole to pole. Now your prediction has proved that what ever you have done so far are all based on truth. Now, you still remain firm and untried to force the new government to dig out the truth behind all the matters you have let people know so far. Still nation is not safe and the culprits are moving free.



  1. I love our outgoing PM JYT because he loves our nation, its sovereignty and security and works for its protection desiring to keep them intact for all the time to come. He may have shortcomings as a human being like all the rest of us for which we do not see him different from rest of the best of statesman that fail in some point. Or else we should have to WORSHIP the man as PERFECT, ascribing him the quality of the CHRIST. He never demanded it from any of us to that level so far and we are content to accept him as he is, with love and respects. He will continue to guide our nation and its affairs as OPPOSER to the government from now to 2018. That should not diminish him to a villain, vainly. He will not oppose the good of the government pointlessly, making himself its enemy to fight against it but will stand against evil that might move the government at times, to save it (and consequently the nation) from falling into corruption and evil.

    It is a biblical truth that democracy and democratic exercises has the nature of bringing instabilities and uncertainties to the people, their elders/rulers and the nation. DEMOCRACY as such is looked down for inherent weakness in its nature, by people of ideology that love stability and are committed to it with loyalty to the national order. The sane Bhutanese never wanted to have Democracy over them and may again turn back to the GRANDSON of THE FATHER OF MODERN BHUTAN, if things do not favour the Bhutanese, forgetting the goodness of the originator and imposer of this order.

    The present form came into place on account of failure to address the simple issue of Southern Bhutanese, to the best of knowledge. It was deliberate will of the Sovereign to give away responsibility rather than addressing minor issues none of which were new, and accepting them as BHUTANESE… They were conquered and maltreated in the place they called their country and home, despising their loyalty and dedication to the nation as a thing never needed or owned! There is hope still to turn back to the dynasty of Gongsar Ugen Wangchuck for possibility of peace and stability, remembering the goodness of PEACE AND STABILITY that prevailed in the nation for 8 decades (precisely 1907-1985) to all the Bhutanese and to Bhutan. The present unpredictable order is direct result of the policy favoured and developed in 1985 that began to hunt our honourable statesmen after it first inflicted traumatic conditions to the commoners…