Pratap Subba honored in California


The Bhutanese Community in California (BCC) honored senior singer Pratap Subba amidst a cultural event in California, Sunday.

Rajen Giri honors singer Subba
Rajen Giri honors singer Subba

BCC Chairperson, Rajen Giri, presented commendation to singer Subba for his contribution to Bhutanese Nepali music industry. Artist Subba has recently arrived in the United States opting the third country resettlement program.

“The program was a great success with huge turnout of community members. The Bhutanese musicians from New Hamshire, Utah, Arizona and Texas joined the local band to add flavor to the festive mood,” stated BCC in a press statement.

The organization hoped that such a kind of program would foster brotherhood, tolerance and inculcate sense of  rich cultural heritage especially in the young generation.

The program was a cross cultural rendezvous  with representatives from different  faiths, non-governmental organizations and community groups.